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Live Twitter Q&A Next Wednesday

Christina has just announced that she will be hosting a live Twitter Q&A on Wednesday, September 12th at 2PM ET/ 11AM PT! Follow Christina on Twitter @TheRealXTina and post your questions now using the hashtag #YourBody. Be sure to spread the word.

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  • AllaneZ 09.12.2012

    6 hours and 30 minutes to go!!! Get ready FIGHTERS!!!

  • alexandriaalain 09.12.2012
  • 09.10.2012

    Beautiful like always I love u so much I can't wait to see u on the voice Team Xtina all the way!!!!

  • yuliyan 09.10.2012

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  • eirianna 09.09.2012

    Excited For Xtina's Q&A Next Week !!!! Next week,MAN!!!!It's gonna be the best week EVER!!!!!

  • TesticleVomit 09.09.2012
  • angel dreamer 09.08.2012

    god you're wonderful I love you're a special person, beautiful and bright

  • _heeymath 09.08.2012

    i can't wait to talk to my girl <3

  • SebastianBorja 09.08.2012

    Excited for new era!!!! I love you!

  • wiill aguilera 09.08.2012

    sos lo mas hermoso de este mundo te amooo =)

  • KleaHoxhallari 09.08.2012

    Your beautiful.

  • Xtinaloversonly 09.07.2012

    lookin beautiful as usual xtina! love you such an inspiration!!! Smile)

  • Ricky dance 09.07.2012

    One amazing talent I've never seen such a fantastic performance on DVD breathtaking Christina xxxxx

  • patrickloja 09.07.2012

    I cant wait I love u Xtina...:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MarBarr 09.07.2012

    Oh my gosh!!! This is AMAZING..... but i don't have a twitter account :'(

  • Noah_x 09.07.2012

    Jesus Christ!! She looks simply amazing. I lov that 90's vibe. Aw, Christina, you make my heart beats so fast. <3

  • AllaneZ 09.07.2012

    This pic maybe from Your Body MV set.

  • candeetwo 09.07.2012
    twitter is going to crash
  • AllaneZ 09.06.2012

    Can't wait!!!
    Xtina you are so beautiful on that pic Sexy

  • TheTwaz 09.06.2012


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