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Lotus Album Cover Revealed

Available everywhere November 13th, 2012. Get the first single, "Your Body" now on iTunes.

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  • AllaneZ 11.11.2012

    Add a commentVOTE : Christina 48% and Demi 52% on Fuse Top 40 of 2012 Music Video. Vote for Christina <a href ="">HERE</a>
    Make Your Body number 1!!!

  • AllaneZ 10.30.2012

    Fans in US now can pre-order Lotus Deluxe Edition on iTunes <a href ="">HERE</a>

  • Klewerllon Gomes 10.29.2012

    People are seriously going to let a little aside other polls and let us concentrate on this one! it costs noda we take a little time for us to vote too, are "Fighters" and we have to live up to the name!! Please'm serious! The vote will elect the Fuse Clip of the Year and will be great to influence others on Your Body!! And If you have any Prize will be nice to see Chris getting!

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Absent_Tone 10.26.2012

    Beautiful. A true goddess.

  • ADOLFO 10.25.2012

    LOVE...... XTINA!

  • JoeMusic1 10.23.2012

    Love this coover!! Christina, I love everything you have released this far in your career. I am sure this album will be just as good, if not even better than your last four CD!! Love you, and hope you do tour for this album! Smile

  • AllaneZ 10.21.2012

    I dunno the album will get Grammy noms for 2013 or 2014.. I mean the release date not belong to this next grammy.

  • Rosane_Xtina 10.16.2012

    I just can't find words to say how beautiful Xtina is in this album. Us fans expected to be an extraordinary album with great and "sticky" songs that we can't take out of our heads, the single Your Body showed us this. It's really a wonderful song in which we just can't stop listening to it. Of course, I can't count how many times I saw this music video on You Tube, and I hope it happened the same with u guys!!!
    All that I can expect of this album is another hit, another success like her other album Stripped. Our Christina is back!
    We (fighters) will be by ur side 4rever, Christina!!!!
    Love ya!!!
    Another grammy award!

  • Alex Sixx 10.16.2012

    That's a really awesome cover i can't wait to buy the CD Laughing out loud i bet it is going to be amazing i heard her say that this album is a "Stripped 2.0" so it's going to have a few pop songs in it just like "your body" but it's mostly going to be ballads and heavy R&B songs just like "Stripped" was which is really good because her voice suits ballads and R&B more than pop.

  • Sara F 10.15.2012

    I will be the first to buy LOTUS! ♥
    Xtina I love you: you're just perfect!
    Please, make one of my biggest dreams come true and come to Italy!


  • THATAH 10.13.2012


  • BionicFred 10.13.2012

    really excited to have a copy of Lotus fan edition box set!!! where's the pre-order, please???

  • omerr 10.12.2012

    I'm sure you will be as stunning as recycling you looking forward to the Turkish Fan Power. I Love You <3

  • georgmadeleine 10.12.2012

    This is gonna be so unreal. Love you long time Christina. xxx

  • candeetwo 10.11.2012
    I like how her tattoos show up so nicely. it's like 'I'm different, but still me, lighter, stronger, but still me.'
  • MaryTale 10.11.2012

    Wow!!! This is stunning! You look like a goddess, Christina!!!

  • XtinaFighter99 10.10.2012

    Xtina your amazing!!! Us fighters will be with you until the end!!

  • born to die 10.10.2012

    this not beautiful,is so simple.sorry

  • Ayotitla 10.10.2012

    I Love U Xtina Greetings from Cancun !!

  • trinity08 10.10.2012

    Christina you look amazing Cant wait to hear the album I know its going to be incredible.

  • baileyNstephens 10.09.2012

    11/13/12 CAN'T WAIT Lotus

  • StarJ 10.09.2012

    In Love! please like my page on FB
    <a href="" title=""></a>


  • that is a very name to your 7th cd louts LET'S GO TEAM XTINA BEAT TEAM ADAMA TEAM BLAKE AND TEAM CEE LO

  • Baby Jane' 10.07.2012

    Beautiful Too , I love you so much ♥

  • szri4249 10.07.2012

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • xtinarox1113 10.07.2012

    I LOVE it!!!!!! This is gonna be a great album!!!!!

  • mariorz88 10.07.2012

    Hermosa flor ;D

  • Gustavo gonzalez 10.07.2012

    esa portada del cd es bellisima guuuaaoo

  • candeetwo 10.07.2012
    jan drake bakke, do not post that link anymore, you are spamming, from this point on any post you make with that link will be deleted.
  • oliver18 10.06.2012

    amei parece uma capa q fiz no <a href=";set=a.301828049932146.73356.202405036541115&amp;type=3&amp;theater" title=";set=a.301828049932146.73356.202405036541115&amp;type=3&amp;theater">;set=a.3018280499...</a>

  • Andy66 10.06.2012


  • Aibri66 10.06.2012

    LOVE IT!!!! It's just beautiful like always THE QUEEN IS BACK!!!! Smile

  • Jan Drake Bakke 10.06.2012

    Hi Christina, just to let you know about <a href="" title=""></a> we are a group of healers and psychics and artists.
    Check it out!!!xoxoxo

  • alexandra1992 10.06.2012

    I LOVE IT! SO BEAUTIFUL...Now You Just Need To Release Tour Dates! I'm So Anxious To See You Live!

  • FrannkBionic 10.06.2012


  • Russ12283 10.06.2012

    Beautiful! I love it! I see The Goddess of Beauty, or a Mutant Chick teleporting from another world. November 13th . . . can you BE any slower?! ; )

  • Martin_Aguilera 10.06.2012

    AMAZING !!

  • bionic_f 10.06.2012

    Fantastic, pure perfection!!! <3 U Xtia!!! :***

  • Sunglow911 10.06.2012

    An Angel sent from Heaven. Brrrrrilliant album cover and the contents will be equally brrrrrilliant.Smile))

  • Wee Muckle 10.06.2012

    Stunning! Even after all these years she still surprises me. Looking forward to hearing the album. Love #YourBody Smile

  • arylacee 10.06.2012

    Ancient Greek beauty has reborn. (not for every taste)

  • oldman 10.06.2012

    I'm 64 years old, I've never heard a more beautiful voice. Proof again that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  • Tazz1166 10.06.2012

    Would love to be able to find this album cover as a Wallpaper for my laptop. Your Body has reached Marilyn Monroe status. FABULOUS!!!!

  • emory 10.06.2012

    OMG!Love It! This so represents the spirit of lotus, an unbreakable flower.

  • VanityLuv 10.05.2012

    LOVE the cover of LOTUS Xtina..!!! NOV.13,2012

  • AllaneZ 10.05.2012

    Shock OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! My Sexy Goddess Sexy

  • safaripoet 10.05.2012

    Beautiful cover!

  • jagsqueak 10.05.2012

    great cover

  • yimmimegue 10.05.2012

    I love it!

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