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Lotus Track List Revealed

Pre-order Lotus on iTunes October 30th, available everywhere November 13th, 2012. Click here to pre-order on Amazon now.

Get the first single, "Your Body" on iTunes today.

01 Lotus Intro
02 Army Of Me
03 Red Hot Kinda Love
04 Make The World Move feat. CeeLo Green
05 Your Body
06 Let There Be Love
07 Sing For Me
08 Blank Page
09 Cease Fire
10 Around The World
11 Circles
12 Best Of Me
13 Just A Fool with Blake Shelton

Deluxe Edition
14 Light Up The Sky
15 Empty Words
16 Shut Up
17 Your Body Martin Garrix Remix

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  • jamescrown947 07.01.2013

    Fantastic! I can't stop listening to this duet! Such a lovely collaboration and, wow, the technique Christina showcases in her voice! Looking forward to the music video!

  • goodbattery168 11.14.2012

    <a href="" title=""></a>
    <a href="" title=""></a>
    <a href="" title=""></a>
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 11.11.2012

    VOTE : Christina 48% and Demi 52% on Fuse Top 40 of 2012 Music Video. Vote for Christina <a href ="">HERE</a>
    Make Your Body number 1!!!

  • AllaneZ 11.08.2012

    NEWS : Christina Aguilera is nominated for AskMen #Top99Women of 2013. Vote <a href ="">HERE</a> to get her on the list

  • AllaneZ 11.07.2012

    VOTE : Christina won the poll against Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Now vote Christina against Demi Lovato at Round 3 of fuse Top 40 of 2012 :<a href ="">HERE</a>

  • AllaneZ 11.04.2012

    People don't forget to vote for Your Body against rihanna's song on fuse Top 40 of 2012 music video here <a href="" title=""></a>

  • wiram aguilera 11.03.2012

    Come to Mexico

  • katharinelvr54 11.03.2012

    Please Come To Cleveland Ohio When You Tour!!!!!

  • katharinelvr54 11.03.2012

    Seriously Cant Wait For The Album!~ I Wish She WAS Releasing A Vinyl With The Fan Edition! Loved That With Bionic!

  • Chris_jc_xa 10.30.2012

    So the remix is definitely in... Couldn't they just add the explicit version of Your Body? Why the bad remix?

  • AllaneZ 10.30.2012

    Fans in US now can pre-order Lotus Deluxe Edition on iTunes <a href ="">HERE</a>

  • Klewerllon Gomes 10.29.2012

    People are seriously going to let a little aside other polls and let us concentrate on this one! it costs noda we take a little time for us to vote too, are "Fighters" and we have to live up to the name!! Please'm serious! The vote will elect the Fuse Clip of the Year and will be great to influence others on Your Body!! And If you have any Prize will be nice to see Chris getting!

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Andy66 10.29.2012

    Idk if someone else is but I'm excited about the track just a fool with Blake Shelton!!!! Still I'm looking forward to this album gotta love the QUEEN XTINA!!!! Laughing out loud

  • Alena Bionic 10.29.2012

    Cant Wait Xtina <3
    Iam so excited right now!!

  • georgmadeleine 10.29.2012

    I am wayyyyy too excited right now

  • Tom Fighter 10.29.2012

    O O O ...Yeaah!! Can't wait!!

  • Russ12283 10.28.2012

    November 13th . . . can you BE any slower?! :/

  • xtinarox1113 10.28.2012

    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manon.vD 10.28.2012

    I already pre-ordered this album, can't wait!

  • DanaChristin 10.28.2012


  • r0bi 0n ic 10.28.2012 copies of Bionic Deluxe Edition are sold @ Odyssey SM Megamall at that time, I have one. Smile

  • AllaneZ 10.28.2012

    Vote for Christina Aguilera against Katy Perry here:
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Rosane_Xtina 10.28.2012

    OMG!!!! Can't wait for this album!!! But I just hope that the deluxe edition comes to Brazil!!!!
    Love ya Xtina!
    We (fighters) will be the first ones to buy Lotus!

  • purplecharm 10.28.2012

    i just hope and pray and pray again that the deluxe version would be available here in the philippines... it didn't happen to bionic, so i'm keeping my fingers cross to grab a copy of the deluxe edition..

  • feelingsoalive 10.27.2012

    I can't wait to hear it!! It looks like hit album!!!!

  • Alexandre Soares 10.27.2012

    I hope that the launch of Lotus does not delay much in Brazil

  • kaatieekinz 10.27.2012

    What about the dirty version of Your Body? Is that gonna be on any special album??????!

  • FrankLotus 10.27.2012

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR LOTUS! I Love U Xtina ♥

  • Xtinaismyidol22 10.27.2012

    Can't wait of this album.Love it already.Also can't wait for Circles to tell them haters where to go and who owns the throne.

  • Richdancer 10.27.2012

    So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't believe it! I wanna see it <3 !

  • lukehendersonnn 10.27.2012

    OMG SO EXCITED I Love You Xtina!!!!!!!!

  • alexs3105 10.27.2012

    so excited!!!!

  • AllaneZ 10.27.2012

    Can't wait!!
    Love you Xtina Sexy

  • peytonbak 10.27.2012

    So Hot!!! peytonbak

  • ricofernando88 10.27.2012


  • FashionGargoyle 10.27.2012

    Can't wait for this great magnum opus!! Smile

  • Anika_ 10.27.2012

    Can't wait! <3

  • James 10.27.2012

    cant wait to here Circles, aka Fighter 2.0!

  • rhettye 10.27.2012

    cant wait!!!

  • khin.creative 10.27.2012

    i'm waiting creation something like 'beautiful','the voice within','hurt','you lost me'...etc

  • safaripoet 10.26.2012

    Can't wait! Pre-ordered the deluxe edition Laughing out loud

  • Josue 10.26.2012

    im so stoked!

  • AllaneZ 10.26.2012

    I'm not into remix. Didn't like it at all..
    Btw, the titles are sounded great
    Can't wait Laughing out loud

  • Mauricio Segovia 10.26.2012

    I love you Xtina!

  • Chris_jc_xa 10.26.2012

    Why the generic remix, isn't that a waste?
    Any of Listen Up, Show What You Got, Kimono Girl, Easier To Lie (if any of those are real, complete or easy to complete-especially Kimono Girl since there's demand for it now and again), or the video for Your Body would be amazing, or perhaps no 17th track is even needed.
    But ending the deluxe on a remix? And actually that remix?

    Anyway, the album will be brilliant, even the titles are amazing. As is Your Body.
    Can't wait for the songwriting/production credits to be revealed as well!

  • XtinaFever 10.26.2012

    OMG !!! Cannot wait !!!! Laughing out loud

  • EDUARDO IBARRA 10.26.2012

    Muero Por Tenerlo YAAAAA! Laughing out loud

  • Ronipp 10.26.2012

    I ordered the deluxe edition already!!!

  • VStilldirrty 10.26.2012

    Fighters follow me on twitter @VCorralizr #fightersfamily

  • I love you so f***ing much! i hope some day you and i can talk and slap some b****es.

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