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A Message About The BIONIC Tour

Dear fans,

I made the decision to move my summer tour and I am truly sorry to those of you who had purchased tickets and have been disappointed by the news. Immediately after wrapping production on Burlesque, I went directly back into the studio and then quickly started the promotional process for Bionic. With both the album press and film press I am booked the entire summer and need time to focus on the work at hand. After reviewing the schedule with my team, I realized there was not enough time to put together and rehearse for a proper show, one that is at the caliber you expect from me or at the level I would present to my fans. In addition, my album has not even been released as yet and I would like for you all to become familiar with the music before you hear it live on tour. Again, I am sorry to have to move the dates but I promise to come see you when the time is right!

I look forward to seeing you all on the road soon enough to get BIONIC…

With love,


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  • Kevin N 10.03.2013

    I was happy to discover this website. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing this great article! That is very interesting Smile I love reading and I am always searching for informative information like this.

  • jamescrown947 07.01.2013

    Really very impressive.

  • rickysss 12.17.2012

    You should come to spain, we all love you here so much.

  • robertVon 08.24.2012

    The bionic is a advanced technology where in future we can espect all our dreams come true thanks for the nice post

  • Xtinaloversonly 04.30.2012

    Give ol' Chicago some real xtina love!!!!!! <3

  • Xtinaloversonly 04.30.2012

    Is the tour in 2012? I really want tickets for a meet and greet but I cannot find any ;( I love you soooo much Christina and even though my generation can be lame...Smile I am only 14 going on 15 and I LOVE YOU!! Turns out that some of us teens have actual taste in music haha hope to meet you <3

  • Ashman 04.27.2012

    Christina Aguilera has delayed her trip, scheduled to start this summer, until 2011. Declared only two weeks ago and scheduled to start September 15, the Northern American trip contains 20 times with Leona Lewis starting.

  • markasd4 04.26.2012

    I consider in attendance determination be unrestrained community reminiscent of it, of itinerary, I be single of the them. I experience this piece of writing elevate my sympathetic.

  • Ameli444 03.09.2012

    Oh, I was really really looking forward to seeing you! I’m from Taiwan and I am spending my summer in the states, and I planned to see you for the first time! Christina I love you so much!!
    Please then consider coming to Taiwan on your world tour! There are so many fans here you won’t even believe it!

  • Come to nyc babygirl <3 i love you christina aguilera!! you are my hero! my idol! i love how your looking nice & thick now yummy =} jaja love you

  • do you know when you will go on tour and i hope you can come to wisconsin

  • saimcarry 10.24.2011

    it is exactly that which i need

  • TeamX-tina 08.08.2011

    I can't wait for you to go one tour! Hopefully you can come to TEXAS:) well take care Christina MUCH LOVE-xo

  • annie12 06.14.2011

    it was extremely disappointing that the entire first section of the Verizon Wireless amphitheater in Irvine was not available for purchase by your fans using the pre-sale code.

  • EnvieJ 06.06.2011


  • odette1000 03.06.2011

    come please to the netherlands!!

    love your music<3

  • Mellie 02.17.2011

    Add a comee to London pleasssee Laughing out loud xo

  • sexybooty0569 02.08.2011

    Please come to BALTIMORE!!!!!

  • xtinarox13 02.07.2011

    please come to northeast ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lindsay 01.28.2011

    Add a comment Hey Christina is there any chance that you will bring your boodie and that fantastic bionic tour to Cape Town South Africa please please.xx xx xx

  • AlvaroMore 09.30.2010

    Christina ven al sur de España! Por favooor! Pleaseee Pleaseee!

  • rawrcelle 08.05.2010

    Please come to HAWAII Christina!! PLEASE!!!

  • Cant wait to see the consert nxt year hope fully u come to miami and just to say Bionic is a awsome cd i love all ur music ur the best

  • TiagogaiT 07.18.2010

    Christina PLEASE come to Portugal we would love to see you for the first time ! and i'm sure that will be AWESOME! please como to us!

  • ramireag 06.22.2010

    I can totally understand your decision to reschedule your concert. You have to be focused on one production at a time. I cant wait for the Burlesque film to come out and to hear when you are ready to start your Bionic Concert. Wishing you all the best. Always Andre'

  • kirstyfarrugia 06.14.2010

    Hopefully, next year I'll be flyin' to England - I hope it doesn't get cancelled again :S

  • Igarc003 06.08.2010

    That is all fine and dandy. There's just one problem. You didn't deliver what was advertised in the fan package. The only reason I really bought that package was because it contained a code that would enable me to buy pre-sale tickets. I hope that you have something worked out for all your fans that purchased the fan edition with that expectation. In addition, it was extremely disappointing that the entire first section of the Verizon Wireless amphitheater in Irvine was not available for purchase by your fans using the pre-sale code. One more thing, your album was released today and I have not received the album. I don't even have anyway of tracking the delivery. No phone number is posted on the site. I love YOU, but this site and its management SUCK.

  • jreid88 06.05.2010

    Do we get our money back, i'm in the states when you were supposed to tour and i obviously can't fly back for your concert. Sad

    I think you made the right decision though!! I want to see you at your best and if i have to wait i will wait as long as it takes

  • xtofer 06.02.2010

    te entendimos "Chris" por eso te amamos

  • jimbolv 06.02.2010

    Love you Xtina, but who should I talk about the price I paid for pre-sale pass code? & will I have to pay again for another passcode when you reschedule. I've heard nothing back from your website, nor did I have any delivery date with my VIP Collector package. Can someone give me a telephone number to speak to a live person? GaGa answers her telephone. Thank you

  • Xtinarocks 06.01.2010

    Please include Latin America in your tour!! We love you here X! Te amamos muchísimo en Latinoamérica y nos encantaría verte en vivo! Don't forget Argentina, please! Love you a lot, Mariana ♥

  • Katrina 06.01.2010

    I'm so disappointed. I spent 50 dollars to get a code. I dont have money to waste but I love her so I got it get better tickets. Then the tour gets canceled so that purchase was a waste. Now the album has been out for days and I don't even have the CD. Super glad I'm such a valued fan.

  • DeborahJ 06.01.2010

    Oh, I was really really looking forward to seeing you! I’m from Taiwan and I am spending my summer in the states, and I planned to see you for the first time! Christina I love you so much!!
    Please then consider coming to Taiwan on your world tour! There are so many fans here you won’t even believe it!

  • Sarah2 06.01.2010

    Christina i completely understand You!!!!! You need your time and That's right ... As you said in Candyman ... " Good things come for boys who wait " ... You are fantastic and in Italy we look forward to seeing you on Tour in Milan or Rome ... Please come!!!!!! Italy needs you!
    Love you more.

  • brokencage 06.01.2010

    I was crushed when I read the email alerting me of the canceled tour and I said WHHHYYY!!! NNNOOOOOOO!!! I just got great seats and all but did wonder why a tour was ensuing so fast when the album hasn't dropped yet. So After letting Facebook know of my disappointment I said Christina needs to take her time and live her album first not just in promotion and then pull a show together that will make me need another tissue lol. But when I read the BS of ticket sales and billboard #s i said Christina is first an artist then a business woman so if the world is not ready to receive her wisdom then its their lost but don't try to belittle someone because they want to perfect a show by canceling average.

  • Kruegerite 06.01.2010

    I'm glad You want to be on top of Your game Christina, and be the absolute best for Your Fans !!! Now Maybe since the Tour is NEXT YEAR I can afford a meet & greet package Smile

  • daigo 06.01.2010

    Quality before quantity. You work hard one by one. I would like to see you in Tokyo again.
    From Japan xoxo

  • FierceDiva 06.01.2010

    What fees are you talking about because I got the full amount I paid back! Did you request a special mailing or something?

  • vannah0112 05.31.2010

    im glad you wanna be the best you can be for your fans!!! thats why us TRUE fans love you, it also gives me more time to save money for better seats! would love to see you in tennessee! i've waited this long and would wait as long as i have to. especially to hear the most amazing voice GOD created, Much love xoxox

  • Disappointed 05.31.2010

    I already bought my tickets with a presale code, and I am very disappointed. Thank you for making ticketmaster a little richer, because the fees are not refundable.

  • john1112 05.30.2010

    All of us Christina Aguilera Fans. Let's support her music by calling to the local radio stations and buying the album jun 8th, lets bring "Not Myself Tonight" and "Woohoo" back up to the first positions on the charts, They are not playing Christinas new music, so us fans need to step up for her, she delivers to us good music and great performances lets do this for her. Call or Text to request for her new hit singles on your local radio stations (pass this message on to all the fans)

  • JoeMusic1 05.30.2010

    I am a little disappointed with this crazy news. But look forward to see my girl live fot the first time very soon. Smile Love ya hon!!

  • kencokamo 05.30.2010

    I completely understand! I thought the tour was too soon anyway. As you said, it'll give us a chance to fall deeply in love with your music. Plus - you hadn't released UK tour dates yet!

  • XtinaArmy 05.30.2010

    I completely understand her. It's a good decision. Christina, I love you. <3

  • XBOYC 05.30.2010


  • loisxmariex 05.29.2010

    Arhh so excited for the album!!!
    Hope to god she tours the UK! Smile

  • Fabiomota 05.29.2010

    I would love to see you in Brasil.
    Would it be so wonderful !!!!

  • musicgirl2891 05.28.2010

    You are amazing and I know your show is going to great. Even if it is pushed to next year I will look forwared to it all year and don't care what anyone says. I'll be there!

  • thehottloser 05.28.2010

    come to lousiana please!!! the only person they want down here is gaga...even though shes nice...this album blows her out the water! and im a big fan of both of yall! i will drop what im doing and go to your tour rather than gagas because you have been round more in my life than she when you do make your tour, please come to either baton rouge, louisiana or new orlenas, lousiana we would love to have you and show you our southern hospitality ^_^

    ThE HoTt LoSeR

  • Edcordoba 05.28.2010

    Come To Latinamerica !

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