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My thoughts on Etta James...

Etta James was a force to be reckoned with. A true gift to music and a woman of great spirit and courage.

Her raw tone and the passion she put forth on a record spoke to me at a very young age and has continued to influence and inspire me throughout my career. She will NEVER be forgotten, her voice will forever live on and she will inspire talent for generations to come.

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  • Nico2348 02.06.2012

    I have some of Miss James songs, and I also thought she was one of the greatest ever.

  • ChristinaBSITW 02.02.2012

    Christina, I am sorry for your loss. I know how much you love Etta James. You have always sung At Last on live shows. I love hearing you sing that song. You sing it so soulfully and very well. Always belting out 'For You Are Mine'. Miss Etta James will be dearly missed by everyone who knew her brilliant soulful voice and I hope this will make you stronger as we cannot wait to see, from you, what is coming next. Love always, thoughts with you always, your biggest fan now and forever, Daniel xxx

  • CHINOFELIX 01.30.2012


  • Laura_Ann_Cox 01.28.2012

    God Bless Etta James a true Legend that will never be forgotten.

  • God bless Etta James for being such an amazing inspiration to an amazing singer like you, christina! may she rest in peace!

  • I_love_Aguilera 01.27.2012

    Christina you are a wonderful person and Etta James also you two will always be the inspiration for many people and will not be shaken by the death of eternal Etta James now raise your head and move on giving us music fans many inspiring as you always did!
    I Love You

  • Kadaj 01.25.2012

    You are beautiful in every single way, your music has been an inspiration to me and I feel a close bond with you and all that you do I've grown with you sence the beginning, so keep doing what you do best!

  • Xtine 01.25.2012

    Etta will always be missed! x You've done so many tributes to her, just a little clue from your fans: we never get tired of those precious moments, never stop doing them once in a while <3

  • AllaneZ 01.25.2012

    Christina, you have to do a tribute for Etta James on this Grammys!!!

  • NelRocks 01.24.2012

    Well said Christina, well said! NJ

  • nealjr88 01.24.2012

    you introduced me to her music on the stripped tour with at last and you inspired me to find more i became adicted to her music much like yours it became a drug and whan somthings got a hold on me and tough lover showed up in burlesque i was thrilled she was as much of an inspiring artis as you are but nothing beats my #1 which is you! Smile thank you for introducing me to her though

  • VickyRnb 01.24.2012

    Por siempre, Etta.
    desde España, te queremos Christina Smile

  • lesperkins 01.24.2012

    Can not wait to see your Tribute to Etta at the Grammys, your new song, and I love the voice and you. Keep supporting the Gays they are your biggest fans:-)

  • staciz123 01.24.2012

    My 12 year old daughter's tribute to Etta....
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • YessikahAguilera 01.23.2012


  • xtina is legend 01.23.2012

    @GeorginaAvilez thats a genious idea!!

  • GeorginaAvilez 01.23.2012

    I saw your introduction to the entertainment industry at the Four Seasons performance and since that day, you’re the only one I know that can interrupt Etta James’ spirit . . . I wish you’d record a tribute album to Etta with the Roots Band . . . You’d introduce Etta to a new generation just like you did with Burlesque.

  • Ale. 01.21.2012

    I'm really displeased .. rest in peace Etta!

  • xtina is legend 01.21.2012

    R.I.P Miss Etta James. Christina showed me your music and you inspired me. rest in peace . from Holland

  • XtinaBraveHeart 01.21.2012

    LOVE U XTINA! R.I.P Etta

  • AintNoOtherGirl 01.21.2012

    The voice of the one and only Ms Etta James will continue to live in the hearts of many. At Last may be her most recognised song to the mass public, but there are so many gems that when I hear my heart flutters in a way so few singers have ever had the ablilty to have such an impact on someones emotions through song. When she sings the line 'I would rather go blind...' you hear something that is so often missing from many of the 'singers' of the charts today. The desperation that she feels is echoed in her voice, it's magical to say the least! And who could forget the deliciously sexy 'Just wanna make love to you', the upbeat and charming 'Seven day fool' or the flawless 'Sunday Kind of Love'? My prayers are with Etta she's in a happier place now and I will forever treasure her as being a gift from God. I, since the tender age of 10, had wished desperately to see this woman live and it, honestly, hurts knowing I never will. RIP to the legend that is Etta James. I love Etta like I love Christina, who will carry on her passion and legacy, and will miss such a beautiful person dearly, the world has lost a prodigy and a legend. RIP Ms Etta James.

  • xtinasexy 01.21.2012

    XtinaForEttaJamesTribute @TheGrammy RT pongan esto en Twitter. para que el tributo a Etta lo haga Xtina, por que es su mayor fan y se lo merece. nadie como ella sabria expresar ese sentimiento

  • xtinasexy 01.21.2012

    Lamento profundamente la muerte de Etta james, nos a dejado una artista de los pies a la cabeza, una voz unica y una idolo de Christina desde pequeña que ya cantaba sus canciones. Una autentica lastima. siempre la recordaremos

  • candywang 01.21.2012

    Don't be sad。She just become the angle to sing in Heaven.

  • love4xtina 01.21.2012

    We'll always love you Etta James! Thank you for inspiring Xtina to greatness

  • AT LAST - ETTA JAMES This is the song that i like most about it is magical

  • Aguilera4ever 01.21.2012


  • lovextina95 01.21.2012

    hope your okay Christina, we all know how much she meant to you.. keep strong Etta would want you to smile Smile

  • MilyPires 01.21.2012


  • Nht.Sayuri 01.21.2012

    You're Etta james's hope. I think she always love you. Sometimes I think you're her daughter... Let her see your voice which can be more beautiful than we used to know. Thank you for your thoughts on her. It's so deep. I Love you.

  • Real_Lida 01.21.2012

    I hope you'd do her a Grammy tribute, a queen to a queen. <3


  • YayA 01.21.2012


  • charmedbionic 01.21.2012


  • charmedbionic 01.21.2012

    Should be nicknamed, The Royal Bequethal Tribute.

  • charmedbionic 01.21.2012

    I hope you'd do her a Grammy tribute, a queen to a queen. <3

  • yaakovha 01.21.2012

    Now it is your turn to raw our emotions.The queen is dead ,long lives the queen.

  • ijamseeds 01.21.2012

    omg, xtina posting in here. died...

    recovered... she really didnt leave christina, she passed on her torch to you, and you will carry that light on this dark times in the music industry.

    we love you so much ms christina aguilera. every single christina fan is praying for the eternal repose of your soul ms etta james... you will be greatly missed :'(

  • xvalle 01.20.2012

    Xtina we know how much you loved etta james and her work. I believe now you gonna put more etta james on you record, be more strong and positive. We will love if you make a tribute for her, she loved you when she was alive, and i think she will be honerd and glad for that. My best wishes.

  • BionicEddie 01.20.2012

    Well said. Rest In Peace, Etta James.

  • AllaneZ 01.20.2012

    RIP Etta James

  • x-iram 01.20.2012

    Don't put you sad Christina

  • Marshammoore 01.20.2012

    Well said.

  • Chris_C 01.20.2012

    Etta was a vital link in that great line of female jazz, soul, and blues singers that began with 'Bessie and Billie'. After them, 'Etta and Ella' kept the tradition alive during that time in the late 1950's and early 60's when it was almost drowned out by the advent of rock n' roll. I like my rock music when I'm in the mood, but I rejoice that Etta helped keep that other great line alive. I also rejoice that a newer generation of gifted artists like yourself are building on this great legacy!

  • mirstina 01.20.2012

    etta james will greatly missed by many

  • Fighter4Xtina 01.20.2012

    The best words

  • XtinatheGoddess 01.20.2012

    Christina Aguilera you we truly pay the best tribute to Etta James and that is so kind of you,you are both legendary queens!

  • xtinarox1113 01.20.2012

    Etta James will be greatly missed but always loved <3

  • MsJoJoKayXtina 01.20.2012

    Christina will continue etta's legacy

  • lIG 01.20.2012

    Tru, Msj. I would have probably taken me a lot longer to come to know Ms. Etta's music. Which I love. Have you all heard The Dreamer by her/.

  • MsJoJoKayXtina 01.20.2012

    Sad to be honest i found out that Etta had died and the only person i could think of at the time and even now was Christina , because of you i got to know this great and phenomenal woman , remember watching the interview when you guys met and you said you wanted to be just like her and you are just like her in peace ms ETTA.

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