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Official: Christina joins NBC's 'The Voice'

Christina Aguilera is coming to NBC.

The five-time Grammy winner has signed on as a coach/judge on Mark Burnett’s singing competition series The Voice.

Celebrity singers fill three spots on the judging panel so far, with Xtina joining Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine. Aguilera was first reported as being in talks for the show in an EW exclusive posted last week...

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  • AllaneZ 04.11.2011

    Vote : Pink vs Christina here :
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • abbella 03.27.2011

    CHRISTINA IS OFFICIALLY ON TWITTER account is verrified and has been anounced by IRVING AZZOFF her manager and the PRODUCERS of THE VOICE, and she has had welcome to twitter CHRISTINA AGUILERA messages from lots of verified account celebrities including Kim KARDASHIAN PARIS HILTON,LINDA PERRY, ADAM LEVINE, CELO GREEN, AND MANY OTHERS and even the nasty perez hilton has welcomed our girl to twitter linda perry tweeted RealLindaPerry linda perry
    Hey @TheRealXtina thanks for the shout out to my band @DeepDarkRobot that was really nice an appreciated, welcome to twitter.
    we need to get her to 1 million followers before her first week is up. she has TWEETED 5 TIMES
    YES IT REALLY IS HER,.. NO IT IS NOT SOMEONE TWEETING FOR HER. SHE POSTED A TWITPIC of a gift that a russian fan sent to her via sony bmg corp. it sits on her desk in front of a gold chair in her home office see the pic now on her twitter page

  • AllaneZ 03.25.2011

    Vote Christina Aguilera on Fuse.TV against Mariah Carey now:
    <a href="" title=""></a>
    Christina is 35% and Mariah is 65% -_-

  • cajunwoman 03.25.2011


  • wabert21 03.24.2011

    YYYAAAA I cant wait girl!!! You do have the best voice in the history. XoXo

  • X - jl 03.24.2011

    super wow....!!!!
    you can do it Christina...........
    the best voice in the history.....
    love you soo......

  • JoeMusic1 03.23.2011

    I am excited to see the show, and wish I could somehow get on it. A singer/songwriter myself that dreams of a record deal but lives in a boring town with a disability. I hope Christina does well on the show, and I know she'll give it her all. Look out world Christina is back in action. Good luck and have fun my friend. I LOVE YA!!


  • fahmi 03.22.2011

    the show will be worth watching for!!
    a true talent coaches a new talent...and nothin' couldn't makes me happier, that @TheRealXtina has joined "Twitter"...i've followed her (mine is @farmeeartlift), so all of you have too...let's get the Legend to the top of her game!!!

  • NextSinger21 03.22.2011

    how do i get on the show

  • beckyblakee--x 03.22.2011

    christina, you are so beautiful and inspiring and i thank you for that! you have pulled me through some of my hardest times with your music and inspiration to just believe in yourself! thankyou soo much! i can't wait to watch you on the voice, i know you'll be more inspiring to the people on that show then you are too your fans! keep up with the good work christina! we love youu! <3

  • AllaneZ 03.21.2011

    Vote Christina on Fuse.TV
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 03.21.2011

    Also she will get into twitter very soon Smile

  • AllaneZ 03.21.2011

    "The Voice" TV Commercial

    <a href=";feature=player_embedded" title=";feature=player_embedded">;feature=player_embedded</a>

  • legentina 03.19.2011

    Yes! Xtina's huge comeback begins with the "Voice"...all this hate so far was UNECASSARY..don't care what ANYONE says..xtina never gets any legit's all jealousy. The superbowl was an accident and the gramamys stumble...paleassssse! That was NOTHING. ughh! Microscope much? People were just WAITING for something else to's only predictable. So what i don't care if she's human...xtina's one of the most STRONG and INVICIBLE people around... and bounces of problems in a flash cause she’s been though this crap before, but the world is too ignorant of that…so don't even MENTION 'human' when it comes to xtina or you're FIRED!! Anyway, cnt wt for the 'Voice'!!

  • AllaneZ 03.19.2011

    Can't wait to see you on Twitter...
    Please follow me back Tongue

  • yaki-kun 03.18.2011

    I'm so excited for your new music video!!! Laughing out loud
    We LOVE you XTINA!!! Please ditch the bad influence in your life.

  • lindun08 03.17.2011

    super excited to see this.

  • khrizfrancisco 03.16.2011

    im so happy for your new show! Smile

  • locoporti 03.16.2011

    Christina you are Beautiful like a Rose TE AMO

  • girlEgirl6 03.16.2011

    I am a Christina Aguilera fan. She's a great artist and a wonderful vocalist. I LOVE BURLESQUE. The movie and the soundtrack are both slammin'. But I have to be honest that lately Christina's appearance is not flattering. I hate her weight gain and her hair and make-up is dated. She looks so much older than her contemporaries. I hope she gets it together soon. Sad

  • AllaneZ 03.16.2011

    Vote for Xtina on Fuse.TV
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 03.16.2011

    NEWS : Christina Aguilera Promotes 'The Voice' in L.A.

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Musicgyr1 03.13.2011

    Christina all of your fans are behind you. Ive loved you since the first day, your voice is so amazing. I have all of your albums and have been to two of your concerts. My father took me too my first concert back when you were touring with tlc. I cant wait for you to pull through all of this and you better believe I'll be watching you on the voice even though I've never heard of it. I hope your tough times end, all of your fans know you can get through and come out the other end for the better. I've always thought that everything happens for a reason, maybe god is teaching us something but don't let it get you down, your too good for that. keep working!!! Cant wait for you to get back on top, I really want to see you in concert again. I adore you soo much!

  • redsox 03.13.2011

    you will do a great job

  • Baldazar 03.12.2011


    you are truly a gift from heaven!

  • amy89 03.11.2011

    really xtina youre mi idol.., i admire every move you make, and im just thankful for all your lessons and story's you sing you are a wonderful and beautiful person!! love you so much.., sing: A friend Smile

  • essens05 03.11.2011

    Dear Christina,

    I adore you since your "genie in a bottle" days. You were my inspiration during my darkest days. Your "Stripped" album inspired me so much to be a fighter and it gave me so courage to face my obstacles in life. Now, as you are going through something agonizing in this moment of your life, I want you to know that WE your FANS are always gonna be here to back you up! We also get HURT when you're hurting. We love you and we won't STOP believing in you and your music. We're all human, we get hurt, we react in some ways but some people don't understand so they pull you down. I just watched Burlesque for the 4th time and as you were performing "Tough Lover", it gives me goosebumps as always. It shows how powerful you are and what a strong lady you've become. I am looking forward to your next projects! Your fans love you so much! ♥ Essens

  • AllaneZ 03.10.2011

    I can't wait!
    Christina will become great coach and wise judge...
    Love you GIRL!!

  • cperales10 03.10.2011

    we love you christina, we will always love you no matter what they say! this will be a good experience for you, you are an amazing woman and singer.Dont let anyone or anything put you down. We fans love you Smile

  • arodgers 03.10.2011

    We believe in you Christina! Don't you dare start listening to what others say because the true fans are here for you. Times are tough but so are you.

    <3 Best wishes,


  • Sandra Venezuela 03.10.2011

    That's amazing..... but i feel so worry for christina.... she has get good life for herself and her son.... i really love her so much.... Burlesque is wonderful, and i hope she get fix her heart...
    Love u xtina Smile

  • TIN 03.10.2011

    Awesome!!! Hope we can see the show in LatinAmerica!
    BTW... I´m ansious to see you Christina live in Argentina!

    COME ON GIRL! We can´t wait anymore! We love u in here!



  • db56 03.10.2011

    way to go christina! "the voice" is a good idea for you to join up with as a judge. I am sure to watch my favorite christina on the voice. good luck & love to you christina. david

  • cruzieboi 03.09.2011

    oooo go girl yay! i love you Christina MUAH!!!!!

  • 91029967 03.08.2011

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • She'll be the best judge ever

  • sunnymai2581995 03.07.2011

    Love you sooooo much!

  • bluejays 03.07.2011

    good for you christina you have so much talent this will be very good for you

  • GlamourMomma 03.07.2011

    YAY!! So exciting! I cannot wait to see the show...and hear some of Christina's advice and amazing talent as so much more than just a singer. She is a savy business-woman and a mentor as well!

  • Ladik Pompa 03.07.2011

    woow im so exitet !! i♥ you you the best !!

  • nAuGhTy bOy 03.06.2011

    wonderful news!!!!!!!

  • omerr 03.06.2011

    For each part of the follow Christina

  • LaurenAbro 03.06.2011

    This is so exciting for Xtina & the fans!! I cannot wait to watch. She will do great Sexy

  • MdeM 03.06.2011

    She is 'the voice' Smile

  • Jusell 03.06.2011

    She will be great on that show! everything she does is beautiful! Good luck 4 her Smile

  • fangyichao 03.06.2011

    so do i ,miss you so much.

  • xdrigo 03.05.2011

    so excited about it, can't wait. love u, and the music you make. u r an inspiration to me, and millions. keep it up mama. cant wait for new music and video. God bless.

  • texas_xtina_fan 03.05.2011

    She is going to be an amazing coach!! She is and will always be "the voice! So watching it!!!!

  • pedrojose2009 03.05.2011


  • candee2 03.05.2011

    I have a tv and I don't watch them. lol And it shall remain a nada.

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