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"Say Something" Video

Watch the new video for "Say Something" from Christina and A Great Big World. Get "Say Something" now on iTunes.

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  • dawnymac1 03.02.2014

    Love this me goose bumps!x

  • hgoodnough 01.24.2014

    Beautiful song. The older man getting in bed with his dieing wife reminds me of my mom who passed. She layed on the bed saying nothing and I kept waiting for her to say something. Anything.

  • newbeginnings 01.18.2014

    Beautiful.. as I had my 15 year old son listen to this song as he said he did not get it. I wanted to say this is the perfect song for your father who you tried to hard to reach out to and he blew you off and now say he is dead in your eyes. I hope people listen to this song and always know to SAY SOMETHING.. never leave things unsaid life is to short

  • SaraLynn8624 12.02.2013

    Your voice is so beautiful in this song! You couldn't of done a better job! You look amazing! I always look forward to your new work. I get so excited when I hear something new is coming. KEEP DOING YOU AND NEVER STOP! That's why I love you so much!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • wmiller1733 11.22.2013

    What a beautiful song and heart-wrenching video. I love the direction you're going...keep it up girl.

  • beautiful song and great video

  • sportgirl1 11.21.2013

    Great video's, love the video, let there be love!

  • edugico 11.21.2013

    Love it love it loooove it!!

  • BornToBeFighter 11.21.2013

    Incredible, it left me speechless.
    A true, pure and blessed video music, it gave me goosebumps. SO EMOTIONAL! ♥
    Trust me, I've no words, just THANKS!
    Thank you to be ny straight in every day. You light up my world, I LOVE YOU.

  • Paul Thompson 11.21.2013

    Very powerful song, worried that I need to say something.

  • AllaneZ 11.20.2013

    Christina's saddest music video imo...
    When she starts to crying here, omg

  • maratrem 11.20.2013

    Wow... So natural... I had the shivers from the beginning to the end of video!!

  • xXtina 11.20.2013

    Wow! This is awesome, made me cry! I can't remember when was the last time I this good music video! Of course there's Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti, but I can't understand a single word from that:D
    Christina, you look so beautiful, I wish I was that beautiful. And your sound was so moving and tender, no one has a voice like you! I hope you'll make more music soon, we all love you so much! Greetings from true fighter, XoxXtina♥

  • Dearest Christina,
    WOW!! What more can you say.
    Yours Always HenryO

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