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Spend Christmas with Christina!

After opening all of your presents, tune in to see Xtina perform “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” on the Disney Christmas Day Parade on ABC! Air times vary so check your local listings here to see when you can catch your girl on the 25th!

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  • Ameli444 03.09.2012

    So excited to watch Christina live again. Can't wait for your new album, girl!

  • Jab43 01.13.2012

    Christina your awsome and overall a great artist. As fan I would like to encouage you to make more songs like fighter, Dirty, and Not myself tonight, don't let anyone say you can't... Team X-TINA!! Foever.

  • alexdoubleyou 01.11.2012

    great rendition. classic christina. in case you missed it: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Criss Tareyton 01.01.2012

    Memories 2 Never Forget Beautifully Done My Queen of My Throne

  • Xtinaismyidol22 01.01.2012

    Awesome job Christina showing them stupid haters you still have it and your voice.Can't wait to see what is coming in the new year will always be a huge fan you rock.

  • sick1 12.30.2011

    christina anvilera and kid rock

  • karahershey 12.28.2011


  • xtinarox1113 12.25.2011

    Just saw it and it was an amzingand flawless performance with typical X-tina style. Keep Singing Christina and Merry Christmas!!!!

  • Nikki69 12.24.2011

    All I Want for Christmas Is You!!!! Wink

  • bionic_f 12.23.2011

    And Merry Christmas To You Gurl! To Your Family Too!

  • bionic_f 12.23.2011

    Goo ChristmasTina!!!

  • omerr 12.23.2011

    Happy Birtday Xtina Happy Christmas..!

  • Rafikolors 12.23.2011

    So excited to watch Christina live again. Can't wait for your new album, girl!

  • redBull Pic 12.22.2011


  • xtinarox1113 12.22.2011

    Can't wait to see it!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  • chertiki 12.22.2011

    merry christmas christina can't wait

  • redBull Pic 12.22.2011

    xoxo HappyxMas christina

  • MarBarr 12.22.2011

    Yay! I am going to record it!Smile

  • AllaneZ 12.22.2011

    I wanna watch this!!!
    Happy Xmas Xtina!!!!
    Love you so much!!


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