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A Statement from Christina

A statement from Christina Aguilera regarding her performance of The National Anthem at The Superbowl

"I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place. I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through"

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  • Ameli444 03.09.2012

    You did good. I too am tired of the criticism that the press gives. I was taught to walk in the shoes of the other person before you talk about them. When you walk in those shoes, you will understand what is going on an keep you mouth shut. I thought you did a good job. The feeling and meaning was there. I am a combat veteran and feel that you showed the respect and everyone makes mistakes. I salute you for performing and for admitting a mistake that anyone could make . You are still great.

  • AllaneZ 04.11.2011

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  • jealous 04.10.2011

    To be honest.. I didn't even notice. I was too busy listening to your awesome voice, and , in your own words...I was caught up in the moment also. I applause your GENUINE honesty in your statement to the media!!!!

  • RubyTeuzday 03.29.2011

    I honestly didn't even care. I felt like everybody makes mistakes....I was actually more appalled by the negative feedback it got. That's media 2011 for you. Nothing nice to say, have to find the negative in every little think. I personally look to the positive and move forward. Christina has an over the top star spangled voice she gave it her absolute all and you seen that in her performance and one little mess up isn't going to make me think twice about giving her a 2 thumbs up! Her mixing up the lyrics has nothing to do with her love for America!

  • jasonbright500 03.29.2011

    tried to tell you this before, but it was the best performance since marvin gaye. you only got better after the line switch. listen to it again.

  • AllaneZ 03.21.2011

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  • AllaneZ 03.16.2011

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  • PERDYDRUNK 03.09.2011


  • xtinainspired91 03.08.2011

    your the best singer to me no matter what. i love you, your my idol and inspiration<3

  • Heaven 03.08.2011

    Praying for your inner sense of peace.... You are a gift to us all!

  • wannabesinger 03.07.2011

    Voice lessons at age 60 so I could sing at my daughter's wedding reception has taught me that singing with the heart can actually cause a slight flub. It's what you do afterwards that is what makes you great. I realize you are a professional, but I have a feeling it is never always easy to try to be perfect. To all the critics of your tiny mishap......I say Get a Life! Blessings Christina, you are terrific.

  • oldman 03.06.2011

    I saw the 'flub' but I was so caught up in that fabulous voice I didn't catch it. Don't worry about the pinheads - they're all of the people without the courage to find their talent (if indeed they have any) or to follow the dream. I've just watched Burlesque and I'm trying to listen to everything Christina has ever done. She is an artistic treasure and I thank her for following her dream.

  • brentl 03.02.2011

    Does the Baby like football? Punt, Pass, or Kick?

  • candee2 02.23.2011

    For information's sake, if you have to continously create a new name to post on these forums, you are already breaking rules, so if your post gets deleted, don't ask us 'why.' After the 30th name change and the many attempts to perfect a false image, your first impression was enough to make any subsequent posts, like typing in invisible ink. It eventually fades away.

  • AllaneZ 02.23.2011

    When haters were busy talkin'
    I was busy making it happen
    When they were busy mocking
    I was busy walking
    When they were busy laughing
    I was busy running
    And they're STILL wondering
    why they're left behind


  • MJLS 02.22.2011

    well/... the arrangement of the national anthem was a Lil much for me but Christina has soo much talent that i am always amazed at her performances! Don't worry about if people like this or that Christina! From what i can see u r stellar... and if they dont like it they can kick rocks :} keep ur chin up girl :}

  • candee2 02.21.2011

    Professionalism was shown, she didn't run and cry, she finished the song strongly, THAT is professionlism.

    Some people tend to equate the word 'professional' with perfection, which is an unreasonable expectation for anyone of us regardless of our profession, because there is none. A doctor has 1 of THE most important jobs in the world and yet there is not one that has not made a mistake. To expect differently is unreasonable, because a doctor is still human, not a god.

    Equating what happened at an idiotic sporting event to honor is also unreasonable, imo. Until we as Americans can show our appreciation to our soldiers that have come home to nothing, no money, no housing, and no medical care, by providing for them sustenence, do not equate getting words perfect in a song as showing honor to us as a nation.

  • Trueblue 02.21.2011

    Yes, she is a professional, but being a professional puts her at a higher level than the rest of us. I couldn't get up there and sing in front of millions of people, but I'm not a professional singer and no one would expect much from me, but we expect professionals to be just that...professionals. It's the National Anthem, she's been singing this since she was in second grade. Her job, especially in an event as large as this, is to sing that song correctly and with respect. I think it offended people who don't think that all the "verbal gymnastics" should be included in this particular song it's not a pop song - and forgotten lyrics make some of us feel that maybe this honor didn't mean as much to her as it should have.

  • phantom11 02.21.2011

    I'm sure the soldiers are more cringing at people making a bigger deal out of this than it is.

    Also cringe-worthy is how people are reacting to the way she sung. IT'S CHRISTINA AGUILERA ffs, of course she's gonna sing that way that's her style.

    Sorry but being "shocked" she did "verbal gymnastics" is about as rational as going to a KKK meeting and being horrified that the members are racists.

    The real self-centered. egotists are the people who attack her for "embarassing America" and "disrespecting the troops" yeah, using the soldiers who died to attack a pop artist who made 1 mistake in the name of creating e-drama.

    No, she didn't disrespect anybody at the Superbow, but you are right now.

  • Ghislaine 02.16.2011

    Dearest Christina,
    I stayed up VERY late to listen to you sing live on German TV... and I was - and still am - absolutely happy that I did so!!
    Fantastic and amazing... worth every second!!
    As I learned on the Internet, any Hymn's or Anthem's intention should be to keep the spirit alive, not to hand down the ashes.
    The most heartfelt thing will become vague and indifferent to anyone if endlessly repeated without change and/or amendment.
    The spirit counts, not the lip-service!
    To my eyes and ears, you performed even better than absolutely flawless, for 'Spirit' cannot be counted or measured, it can only be felt... Smile

  • AllaneZ 02.16.2011

    Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy

  • mynix 02.15.2011

    It's ok nothing really happened.
    I would be glad if it will be more official statement on this site from Christina.

  • AllaneZ 02.15.2011

    You Rock GIRL!!!!
    Love yaa...

  • karahershey 02.15.2011

    its ok me and my bf enjoyed seeing you on tv and your performance anyway and i loed your outfit it time people get over it and forget about it it was such a small mess up i did not even notice tell the seconed time i wacthed it

  • lookeditup 02.15.2011

    Add a comment cantante del mundo, no importa lo que digan la gente la prensa, contas con cada uno de tus fans del todo el mundo, vamos a llenar el vacio que sientas, nos alegramos por cada triunfo, estamos en los momentos mas dificiles, tal vez no fisicamente, pero lo hacemos deseandote lo mejor, escuchando tu musica incansablemente, promoviendo tud cds y tu nueva pelicula, estamos y estaremos SIEMPRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amherstfrog 02.14.2011

    You did good. I too am tired of the criticism that the press gives. I was taught to walk in the shoes of the other person before you talk about them. When you walk in those shoes, you will understand what is going on an keep you mouth shut. I thought you did a good job. The feeling and meaning was there. I am a combat veteran and feel that you showed the respect and everyone makes mistakes. I salute you for performing and for admitting a mistake that anyone could make. You are still great.

  • GiGiM 02.14.2011

    So damn tired of the media and others trashing this woman for making a human error...she did the best she could to recover. She is an amazing singer who is going through a lot personally right now, and she has always been on top of her game. She will go on...

  • savinggrace 02.14.2011

    Hmmm... Certain singers are brought up when they don't even compare to Cristina. She has done it countless times YES! and this time made what's called a human error... Wow! has anyone not had one or two maybe many of those. Leave her alone she didn't do it on purpose. She didn't wake up that day and say oh! today im going to mess up!. Once again people need to look at there own reflections before they start pointing fingers because one is always pointed back! She will stand proudly always.

  • Delta Dawn 02.13.2011

    No are the best!

  • cali7xx 02.13.2011

    YOU CAN SING THE CHINESE PHONE BOOK I'LL STILL CHEER. ur the best performer & not just because of ur huge voice but because of ur spirit & delivery of emotion.
    rock on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayla Noir 02.13.2011

    there are no doubts in my mind how much you love this song and this country. i don't know what's wrong with everyone else. you're wonderful. ever thought about doing anything with bette midler??

  • J.E.S.S. 02.13.2011

    She still did a great job! No one could have done it better! Christina is best and she remaines that way!!

  • LaFemmeNikita 02.13.2011

    @joanna040572- I completely agree! A word or two, NOT a verse. The people who paid for her to sing at the SB need their money back. She didn't deliver the product that what contracted and expected.

  • LaFemmeNikita 02.13.2011

    With that voice...I think you should have gone over the words more thoroughly. The reason it's such a big deal is because it's OUR country's anthem. You're still a good performer (notice Brittany will never sing it; live at least) but remember, you've sang at bigger stadiums than that. Good luck and I hope the media will leave you be. Someone is bound to screw up at the Event tonight and this whole mess will be forgotten. Blessings

  • iamtkder 02.13.2011

    Christina no matter what happens i'm still your fan and for me you still a great singer.
    Words can't bring you down.

  • Carole 02.13.2011

    Christina, you are a fantastic person and talented singer. You do so much good for many people. Forget the critics. Sonny Jorgenson (a former football great) once said - I'm either in the Penthouse or in the out house. Anyway, I'll always be a fan and you keep doing those great things you do. Your songs have helped me through difficult times in my life. Just wanted to say - we love you and have a Happy Valentines Day.

  • savinggrace 02.13.2011

    Wow! "You are beautiful no matter what they say"! It's so sad that people are not able to see there own reflections of making an error of sum sort. We are only human. Let me tell you that no one compares to you and that's why they have to be hating on you. They do this because they wish to be just like you. That's peoples problem in general. They are not satisfied until they knock you down. Yet, little do they know we have an awesome savior who is our fortress. Saying is they may knock you down but they will NEVER knock you out! Keep the faith and always know we believe in you always!

  • AllaneZ 02.12.2011

    Yeah, I know that, Girl!
    You give the best, and we know you are a Human, so can make mistakes...

    Good Job Xtina!! We Love YOU Sexy

  • Manuel00 02.12.2011

    Christina! You did a GREAT job! I didn't even notice the mistake. The media making a big deal out of this. Btw you looked FANTASTIC! Another album please! and release another single/video! Laughing out loud

  • eduTRonic 02.12.2011

    Hey Chris.... There are a lot of bad people out there who are waitin' for an opportunity like that to make a big storm... All we know how professional, talented, amazin' woman you are.. And in the middle of all this s*** we will stay with u, so don't feel bad about it, you are human, and I know that all these haters would like to be just a little bit of what you are. With love from Costa Rica. Eduardo Alfman. Smile

  • Marie Lisa 02.12.2011

    Go for it my love!

  • christinafan86 02.12.2011

    hi christina i was wacthing u on tv and u seeam kind neverous but u did a good work i give uj a good tumbs up

  • Bubbalicious6 02.12.2011

    Here's my take on it:
    How is it I sat there with my family, heard her singing it.....yet didn't hear when she messed up?! People just love to criticize when someone falls completely forgetting the fact she has done this countless times. It's unfortunate when an artist messes up and it's even more unfortunate when not only the world is watching but the citizens on planet Mars as well. LOL! People make mistakes. I applaud her for not stopping and trying to go back on it. She just went on ahead and that's a sign of a professional.

    Let's look on the bright side of makes for good publicity! Clearly Christina must mean something to people who take the time to negatively criticize her online. She is in their thoughts Smile

  • nycpapito 02.12.2011

    I love you girl, but you need a new stylist -PRONTO! Please change the porn star bleached dry hair....loved the shorter look-especially in Burlesque (I'm a good girl number)

  • Keshia 02.12.2011

    To be honest I think the reaction Christina is getting for her mistake is extreemly harsh and typical of the media of today. Yes it was bad to forget the lyrics to the national anthem, but looking back on her career it was a rare one time thing. For people to automatically assume that she MUST be an alchoholic or a drug abuser for a slip up is crazy to me. I don't know if people forget or simply expect celebrities to get over hardship in their lives quickly but Christina is a normal woman and although she may be strong and independent it doesn't make a divorce any easier. Leaving the person you love isn't always a simple thing,those feelings never go away, and there's so much emotions involved. People handle it in different ways. It isn't a 'wash your hands of it' situation, there is a child involved which makes the situation harder. She always kept her life private and if she wants to be with someone, she can. If she wants to go out, she can. If she messes up one lyric it is unfair to criticize her. She's been through enough emotionally and considering the numerous times she has helped many fans through their struggles with her voice and her passion, I think we should support her in the same regard. Don't forget that the strongest of heroes fall from grace. But in the person she is and the woman she has shown us to be, I know that she will dust herself off and shine again. Just give her time, love and support and she will once again be the rose that grew from the concrete. Keep your head up baby doll xXx

  • alexdoubleyou 02.11.2011

    you need a big patriotic ballad on your next album which stirs american hearts and redeems you among the superbowl haters.

  • melmazur 02.11.2011

    Such a huge disappointment! I have every Xtina CD, long time fan. Christina can sing and is a pro in large venues. So why the error? I'm thinking it was a lack of rehearsal on Christina's part.

  • Prima Donna 02.11.2011

    Christina can sing. Period, point blank. A simple mistake due to singing LIVE and in an arena that huge (and not made for music performances), is perfectly excusable. She sang the anthem beautifully, as always.

  • tjsmd 02.11.2011

    chin up, laugh it off, you did great.

  • smithrox2 02.11.2011

    you were still fantastic. keep on keeping on young lady.

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