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USA Today Previews Burlesque

Get ready Christina fans. USA Today has given us the exclusive first look of Christina Aguilera's new movie with Cher, Burlesque! After much anticipation, we finally get to see what's in store and it's everything we could have hoped for. Glitter, glitz and glam - this movie was made for Christina!

Check out this great article on director Steven Antin and the process of creating Burlesque. As her first role in a major motion picture, Christina found great comfort in director Steven Antin. "I immediately connected to Steven from the beginning," she says. "There's a lot to take on with a musical, but he definitely had a vision going in that spoke to me. He eased me into the process."

Not only does Christina have fond words for her director, she also raves about her cast-mates. "I love no-bull-(expletive) women, and she's the best of the best," she says of Cher, who plays Tess, owner of The Burlesque Lounge. "An original trendsetter in her time and a legend in mine. I found her kind and warm. She had helpful advice and stories for days." Cher and Christina together, So exciting!! Click here to read all about USA Today's coverage of Burlesque!

And if that's not enough, check out some sneak peek photos from the movie with special commentary here. Are you all excited to see the "musical fantasy" Burlesque?

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  • claudiagrigo 07.19.2010

    I can not wait to see the movie!
    I hope it's coming soon to holland! Smile

  • MYGIRLXTINA 07.18.2010

    I cannot wait to see this movie and Christina is going to be fantastic!!!

  • lickylickyyumyum 07.17.2010

    I cannot wait to see Christina dance her ass off!

  • dustinzero 07.13.2010


    XtinaNation: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AleCiita 07.12.2010

    Spanish fans!! join this please!
    Fans ESPAÑA!!!!
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • breannas 07.11.2010

    I have so much anticipation to see this movie! I think you look beautiful. XOXO

  • Th3xS0L0iST 07.10.2010

    have to see this Wink

  • vgbartley 07.08.2010

    You look so pretty without the red lipstick and eyeliner!!!!

  • RENE 07.07.2010


  • Khaludie 07.06.2010

    Can't wait to see BURLESQUE ... Xtina luv you Wink

  • Nono 07.05.2010

    Maravillosa! Shock

  • x-jl 07.05.2010

    ohhhh necesito ver ya esta peli....... se q va a estar de lo mejorrr...
    buen dia para todos............
    xoxo x-tina te amo

  • Me and my aunt are going to watch this film... so excited!

  • sweetness123 07.04.2010

    can't wait to see it, we can see the other side of christina great news...

  • jersey03 07.03.2010

    wow she is very very sexy .....^_^

  • aranta 07.03.2010

    Can't wait for BURLESQUE...!!!

  • RayRay 07.02.2010

    Vote Xtina! <a href="" title=""></a>

  • felicidades por lla pel'icula y por el nuevo disco que esta increible...como siempre cristina sorprendiendo al mundo...gracias xtina we love u

  • dazzey18 07.02.2010

    man im so excited cant wait til it hit theathers

  • DanniDezno 07.02.2010

    Nov 24 is my birthday =) what a great gift to myself!

  • adi.jira 07.02.2010

    very cute! cant wait!

  • lourdes 07.02.2010

    nov 24th,, can't wait... how beautiful she isn't ???? i like her in gray, simply beauty.... Wink

  • Xtina4ever 07.02.2010

    @nayis_ November 24th

  • nayis_ 07.02.2010

    OMG!!! i want it already!!! when does it come out?? :S

  • amy89 07.02.2010

    ooooh my.., I so exited, I can't wait to see it..!! Laughing out loud
    definitely love from the beginning...!!!

  • Alezxz 07.02.2010

    Beautiful Woman

  • JACOBY 07.01.2010


  • coco425 07.01.2010

    !!Fantastic... looking forward to ur first movie!!! Love Christina!~

  • mike2021 07.01.2010

    Wouldn't it be awesome if she picked some fans for a VIP!!!! PICK ME PICK ME!

  • KharlosAguilera 07.01.2010

    Of course, im totally excited to watch her on the grand screen i mean amazing singer and now actress totally expected and waiting to watchitand buy it on DVD

  • mike2021 07.01.2010

    Can't wait for the everyone else! Love Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pedrojose2009 07.01.2010


  • xdrigo 07.01.2010

    cant wait for the movie. my favorite singers. wow brilliant, i cant wait for the soundtrack love you girl.

  • pretty_fairy 07.01.2010

    I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!! I love the third picture. It makes me want to be her best friend even more.

  • al3xxx99 07.01.2010

    WOW i can't wait 2 see the movie!!!!!! she looks awesome!!!! xtina rocks!!!!

  • abrahamwho 07.01.2010

    si actua tan bien como canta la pelicula sera un exito..go xtina

  • texas_xtina_fan 07.01.2010

    can't wait for the movie!!! LOVE the pics!

  • RayRay 07.01.2010

    SEX SHOP!!!!!! lol What is it called babykane?

  • babykane 07.01.2010

    @rayray You can get it from a sex shop

    I can not wait to see this Movie... December 15th I think in the UK?

    Baby Kane xXx

  • ismadominican 07.01.2010

    Beautifullll!!!! I cant waiit to see it!!

  • RayRay 07.01.2010

    Does anyone know hot to get the hand/eye ring What is it called? The guy down there has it xlises were can I order mine??????

  • chrs 07.01.2010

    la mejor pelicula del año

  • ElectroKitti 07.01.2010

    I cant wait! Smile

  • amayrani 07.01.2010

    esto sera un gran exito

  • jamross2109 07.01.2010

    This movie sure will be a hit! Can't wait for it!! Go Xtina!!

  • mjxtinafan22 07.01.2010

    I will be at the movie theaters in november to see it go xtina! congrats and much more sucess

  • pochemu17 07.01.2010


  • pochemu17 07.01.2010


  • kvmahlau 07.01.2010

    Whoa! She doesn't even look like herself. Wow what a change. She is still beauitful, but she is so...someone else. I can't wait to see the film goodluck.

  • kvmahlau 07.01.2010

    Whoa! She doesn't even look like herself. Wow what a change. She is still beauitful, but she is so...someone else. I can't wait to see the film goodluck.

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