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Watch The Premiere of "Moves Like Jagger"

You've heard the song on 'The Voice' and seen a sneak peek online, but now the time has come for the premiere of Christina Aguilera's new video with Maroon 5, "Moves Like Jagger,"on VEVO! Make sure to watch the video below while getting your Jagger on.

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  • Mauro Junior 10.25.2011

    I Love Christina Aguilera is Beautiful much much Smile

  • AllaneZ 09.27.2011

    BUY : Keep on buy 'Moves Like Jagger' to keep it on top of Billboard Hot 100
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  • Criss Tareyton 09.27.2011

    I dig this groove

  • bill 09.21.2011

    great song and's great to see you singing again

  • AllaneZ 09.18.2011

    Also don't forget to buy Burlesque Original Soundtrack here
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  • AllaneZ 09.18.2011

    Buy "Moves Like Jagger" single here
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    "Dirrty" Music Video is available on iTunes now!!
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  • AllaneZ 09.18.2011

    I can't believe this!!!
    Moves Like Jagger back on top on Hot 100!!!!
    2nd times!!
    Xtina is better than ever!!!
    Love you!!!

    xoxo Sexy

  • WooHooIAmBionic 09.15.2011

    <a href="" title=""></a>


  • THE BEST $$$$$ Christina Aguilera The Best I love UU Smile

  • szri4249 09.04.2011

    Awesome song, awesome video!

  • vocalrangediva 09.02.2011

    And the award for Grammy Award for Best Collaboration With Vocals goes to Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera "Moves Like Jagger"!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina Aguilera se convierte en la 8va -8vo cantante en lograr ubicar un single en el número 1 del Billboard Hot 100 en tres décadas consecutivas.

    Pese a los obstáculos, 'Moves Like Jagger' se apodera de la primera posición del Billboard Hot 100 y se convierte en el quinto #1 que Christina Aguilera logra anotarse en esta cartelera, véase:

    #1 Genie In A Bottle
    #1 What A Girl Wants
    #1 Come On Over (All I Want Is You)
    #1 Lady Marmalade
    #1 Moves Like Jagger

    De este modo Christina pasa a formar parte de la selectísima lista de artistas que lograron colocar number one hits en el Billboard Hot 100 durante tres décadas consecutivas, solo 8 cantantes han logrado tal asaña. A continuación, el listado completo:

    Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Usher: Décadas: -> 90s, 00s, 10s

    Janet Jackson, Madonna: Décadas: -> 80s, 90s, 00s

    Michael Jackson, Elton John: Décadas: -> 70s, 80s, 90s

    Stevie Wonder: Décadas -> 60s, 70s, 80s

  • netynite 09.01.2011

    Christina I am a fan of yours and I am a singer too, but I am very pobre
    and I speak spanish too. I will trying to get software to write a song or two
    maybe you would one.. Your voice is so ausome.

  • apb7074 08.23.2011

    omg! this song is SO amazing the best part in the video is u<3

  • Cecilie 08.20.2011

    Omg! I love this song!

  • Jboog 08.20.2011

    my dad thinks you have one amazing voice

  • alexdoubleyou 08.18.2011

    please collaborate with fitz and the tantrums

  • Jboog 08.15.2011

    i love that song

  • AllaneZ 08.14.2011

    More comments please?

  • Xavierbx17 08.13.2011

    o love the video xtina rocks she loos amazing

  • Holly X 08.12.2011

    Christina, Maroon 5 and Mick Jagger???!!!
    All in one video???!!!
    It's just perfect.

  • Xtina'sTopFan 08.10.2011

    Christina is gorgeous-the best part of the video! She never disappoints! Great song. I agree...less of Adam and more of Christina would have made the video better but it's still good.

  • cruzieboi 08.10.2011

    i love it moves like jagger is the s***!!!!!!!!

  • Anchurus 08.10.2011

    Christina is absolutely phenomenal in this Smile I'm addicted to the song and video.

  • AllaneZ 08.10.2011

    Christina is stunning!!!
    I want to watch this video because of Christina!!!
    Sexy Love

  • Lunezi 08.09.2011

    Oh, yeah, and there SHOULD have been more from Xtina in the song. But I guess it was Adams song and thats what he wanted.

  • TheRealXtina 08.09.2011

    Omg Christina looks fabulous! <3
    It's time for me to get my Jagger on Smile

  • Ol'man60 08.09.2011

    Saw the video and thought it was excellent. Could have been a little less of shirtless Adam and a whole lot more of Gorgeous Christina.

  • Lunezi 08.09.2011

    The Vid is petty, but I SO freaking LOVE the song!!!

  • smartnsexylatino 08.09.2011

    Christina always makes us proud Smile

  • smartnsexylatino 08.09.2011

    Siiick!!! I love this video. GReat job everyone.

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