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Watch This Week’s Episodes of The Voice!

It’s getting down to the wire on this thrilling season of The Voice. This week marked the quarter finals and Christina had to make some tough decisions. Watch this week’s must see episodes below including Xtina’s amazing “Fighter” performance!

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  • xtinasexy 04.24.2012

    Boys! voten por Xtina para que gane en la Mtv: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • basya 04.23.2012

    you are the best coach they have on "The Voice" i think someone from your team will win!! keep it up i love you!!!!

  • JulieG 04.23.2012

    Love the competition. Love your look Christina. Keep it simple, less is more. You are looking better each show. Enjoy your advice to the contestants.

  • Fantástico 04.23.2012

    Christina you are romántica like my favorite singer that was Sandro

  • Dirrtyboy0486 04.21.2012

    Love you Christina!

  • AllaneZ 04.20.2012

    Can't wait for the final!!
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