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World Food Programme Giveaway - Week 2

Alright Christina Fans! The submission period for our WFP T-Shirt Giveaway has officially ended (Congrats to the lucky winners!) and we are thrilled that so many of you decided to enter. Remember, you are encourged to enter our giveaway each week as we offer great WFP items - be sure you return to the official site to see what items are up next!

Without further delay, our second week prize is for 3 WFP hats signed by Miss Aguilera herself! For those of you new to our weekly contest, here's how it works. To enter for this week's prize, send an email with “Christina World Food Programme Giveaway” in the subject line and include your full name, telephone number, email address, date of birth. Entrants must enter for this week’s drawing (and each week's drawing) individually and only one entry per person. If a person enter's more than once per week, their entry will be disqualified. Please note - by entering the contest you will also be added to the World Food Programme's Official Online Community.

We know you want one of these amazing hats! Hurry up and enter today!
Click here to read the Giveaway Official Rules


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  • sangetwc 07.23.2010

    does it apply for people who live outside US?

  • Christina 07.23.2010

    DONT EVER STOP!!!! love u babyy thats right!!!

  • Keep doing your thing Christina, I will be right behind you stepping in your every foot-step. I love you mama

  • Breanna 07.22.2010

    I hope I win!!!! <3

  • Breanna 07.22.2010

    I love you Christina you are an amazing woman! XoXo

  • Eatmewhileimhot 07.22.2010

    Xtina, i love you! <3'

  • Nikolas Fassas 07.22.2010

    And your new video clip is AWESOME... Christina you are the best!!!!! I wanna win this hat please

  • AintNoOtherGirl 07.22.2010

    Your voice inspires me everyday and i love you no matter what! Lots and Lots of love MeghanRose X/x

  • Nikolas Fassas 07.22.2010

    Hi Christina !!!! I am your biggest fa in Greece. I have all your albums!!! Well I want to win one signed cap. Well I love you about this move in those children. You are very lovely person and of course i am very happy with your comeback. Come to Greece. We wait you. Love from me and All Greek People

  • Kenilda 07.22.2010

    Christina, I'm live in Brazil and I love you so much. Thank's for help the world. You're amazing girl... Te amo!

  • Tullus 07.22.2010

    choose me christinaaa !!! i wanna win..

  • amweea 07.21.2010

    I support my local food organization Harvesters. My fraternity also runs a North American Food Drive.

  • AvrilXtina 07.21.2010

    i hope to win...i'm an italian fan!!! And my love for Madam x and her music is endless <3

  • JustBabyJane 07.21.2010

    I hope to win out and i have faith in that. I love you X-tina, Forever your loyal fan... Annie

  • lowry 07.21.2010

    sing : you are beautiful, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY...
    love you Laughing out loud

  • love4xtina 07.20.2010

    Everyone who didn't buy Bionic, GET IT! And those who already have it, buy it again! She already sold over 200,000 copies. If we all buy like four extras... BAMMM! Platinum record! Do it for your queen!

  • domenico 07.20.2010

    i hope to win, i'm italian and i'm a big big christina fan!!! i love her music since 1998 with reflection!!! you are my angel thank's for all your music and your voice... christina, you are the best singer of my generation!!!! i love you ciao dal tuo fan italiano ^_^

  • I entered the contest! I hope to win!

    Love you Xtina! <3

  • Ariadny 07.20.2010
  • willame 07.20.2010

    muito lindo isso que ela esta fazendo pelas crinaças carentes , ela é sem duvida uma diva e um mulher concerteza preocupado com o bem estar do proximo !!! I LOVE YOU X-TINA FOREVER ....

  • iammybeloveds 07.20.2010

    Why is it only open to residents of the US? It's not fair.

  • lourdes 07.20.2010

    Love you XTINA...

  • hatzalaja 07.19.2010

    Hi guys must be promoted in each country where we live so that they know who is serious CHRISTINA AGUILERA to promote BI-ON-IC should help it not everything is going to do it also there k do our part and respond as fans that we are to make it feel the support of us I if support and thus continue in high and low always apoyare it whatever if I support I am promoting disk in my country please be answered him as fans who are her

    Hola chicos hay que promocionar en cada país donde vivimos para que sepan quien es CHRISTINA AGUILERA seria promocionar BI-ON-IC hay que ayudarla no todo lo va a hacer ella también hay k poner de nuestra parte y responder como admiradores que somos para que ella sienta el apoyo de nosotros yo si la apoyo y seguiré así en lo alto y en lo bajo siempre la apoyare digan lo que digan yo si la apoyo yo estoy promocionando el disco en mi país por favor hay que responderle como admiradores que somos de ella

  • FierceDiva 07.19.2010

    Where do they put the names of the winners each week?

  • negritochulo1984 07.19.2010

    i want this so bad!!! plz love u MADAME-X

  • Claudus 07.19.2010

    Dommage que les résidents des autres pays ne puissent pas participer. You are the best Christina. I love you.

  • DiegOo 07.19.2010

    Great!!! Smile Xtina wee want to see you! pleasee!!!

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