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Xtina Set to Perform at American Music Awards

Christina will be performing at the AMAs this Sunday at 8/7c on ABC. Tune in to see what’s sure to be an amazing performance as she sings “Moves Like Jagger” with Maroon 5!

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  • Criss Tareyton 11.28.2011

    Awesome Performance!

  • Star Mars 11.27.2011


  • bill 11.22.2011

    I thought you looked beautiful and sounded fantastic on the AMA s. Just wished you could have performed longer. Can't wait for some new music from ya, and hopefully a new tour. Love you always, Bill

  • Ol'man60 11.21.2011

    I saw Christina’s performance last night and thought she looked and as always sounded fantastic. I am tired of these critics, condemning her from her hair to the shoes she wears. I can not believe that these people making these comments are so perfect that they can throw stones at glass houses. As for gaining weight, I can tell you, I have been married to the same women for 30 years and her weight would fluctuate from time to time. So has mine by the way. I did find through the years that critising her did not help in anyway. One of the most positive and supporting actions was for me to diet with her even if I felt I did not need to. I feel that if this Matt she is seeing really does care for her, then maybe he needs to support her more. If he is afraid of talking it over with her, then there is something wrong with the relationship. As for any truthful relationship there has to be an open communications, even if they sometimes have a little spat.

  • AllaneZ 11.21.2011

    Where is the video for this performance??
    She did an amazing work..
    She only appear about 30 sec and she became trending topic!!
    Haters stay mad!!

  • Criss Tareyton 11.21.2011

    Vocalrangediva I like that idea of listening to Beautiful 4 Xtina's birthday But I want every fan of Christina's to Blow youtube up! Make a video n tell her happy birthday every body This means me too U too I want more than 200 Spread the word Dec 18th Do it!

  • Criss Tareyton 11.21.2011

    I'm soso mad I missed it Why didn't anybody tell me!

  • Soccermoe16 11.21.2011

    You were AWESOME!! Smile

  • kking508 11.20.2011

    And she ROCKED IT!!!!!

  • vocalrangediva 11.20.2011


    December 18 is Christina's birthday, so to celebrate we are all going to watch BEAUTIFUL on December 18! This song is amazing and has helped each in every one of us in some way!!! So lets watch this on December 18, SPREAD THE WORD, put this on Facebook, your youtube account, post this on other videos, whatever you have to do!! (DON'T FORGET)

  • Junior Ludolfo 11.20.2011


  • Cam1981 11.20.2011

    Umm. I will definitely be watching...Would be better if she was singing one of her songs as well though

  • sebasbn 11.19.2011

    CANT WAIT!!!!

  • cant wait

  • Holly X 11.17.2011

    Christina's gonna be amazing with Maroon 5!
    Amazing song, Amazing collaboration!

  • Dirrtygirl90 11.17.2011

    I am so excited to see you sing with Maroon 5 it's going to be a great performance!

  • xtinarox1113 11.16.2011

    Can't wait Smile

  • Christina tine 11.16.2011

    so cool!

  • cruzieboi 11.16.2011

    yay cant wait

  • Xtina1985 11.16.2011

    i CANt WAiT!

  • AllaneZ 11.16.2011

    Can't wait!!!!!
    I will watch this!!!

    Btw, Christina looks so beautiful at photosoot of Latina Magazine Sexy

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