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You Lost Me Single Cover

Check out the just release cover for Christina Aguilera's new single "You Lost Me". If you haven't heard the powerful new song, then head on over to our "You Lost Me" Page that features some of Christina's recent live performances. Leave a comment below and let Christina know what you think of the cover!

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  • Beatrix 10.06.2010

    yeah XTINA!

    I love your music! You're one of the best singers alive!
    Keep Going and best wishes,

    <a href="" rel="follow">Tamaris</a>

  • MYGIRLXTINA 07.18.2010

    Something as simple as her eye really reaches further into your soul than you would think!!!

  • omosexy 07.18.2010

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Marco J 07.15.2010

    Loving the GLAMOUR!!!!!!!

  • dustinzero 07.13.2010

    i love it.

    XtinaNation: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • oODiVaOo 07.09.2010

    love the cover

  • sebasbn 07.07.2010

    Love the song, it's so powerful!!!

  • Loxtina 07.07.2010

    hope the video is as beautiful as the single cover

  • SEKZIIBOSANAC 07.06.2010


  • hgtina 07.03.2010

    it's lovely song and the cover is beautiful. Smile Christina is always good in balads!!!

  • CandyGirl 07.01.2010

    Fantastic song...and a really nice cover!

  • Janis 06.30.2010

    everything is just perfect here i love it
    keep on making so many fans happy like you do. Thank you for make me realize that life is so beautiful.. you are my model of strength

  • Lbunny14 06.30.2010

    I really love the CD Cover. But question is, will this be a physical CD single or just Download? I really hope it will get the right treatment be released as CD. This Cover would look amazing in a shop.

  • CAguileraID 06.30.2010

    Does somebody know the FONT that used in this art cover? thanx ;-D

  • so-fairy 06.30.2010

    love it

  • Lucero 06.30.2010

    muy buena cancion...te amo Xtina!!!!you lost me...

  • lukaspascual 06.30.2010

    aside from YOU LOST ME, I also love the tracks, LIFT ME UP, MONDAY MORNING, DESNUDATE... This album is absolutely fantastic and FUNTASTIC!

  • RayRay 06.29.2010

    Vote Xtina! <a href="" title=""></a>

  • PriscillaViaggi 06.29.2010

    so amazingg ! love it!

  • hotcruiser19 06.29.2010

    The first Three notes of this song are the most beautiful notes out of all her ballads

  • stranger 06.29.2010

    All i can say is butifullllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Katerina 06.29.2010

    It's exactly like a Fighter single cover!!! As for me, could be better!

  • AleCiita 06.29.2010

    fans españa

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Oxcarlima 06.28.2010

    VANITY and MY GIRLS next singles please!!!

  • xlises 06.28.2010

    i love it, just beautiful!

  • love4xtina 06.28.2010

    Vote here too! Christina needs us! <a href="" title=""></a>

  • BiOO 06.28.2010

    <a href="" title=""></a>


  • jcxer2 06.28.2010


  • LEFOU IBIZA 06.28.2010

    !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!!XTINA !!!! THE BEST NMT Smile

  • cheryl1234 06.28.2010

    omg i love it love thje song aswell xxxx it will so be number 1 in the uk Laughing out loud xxx

  • littlesam 06.28.2010

    This song is perfect for the next single! Here in the UK love songs and ballads are always number 1! I love this song so much one of my favourites! Bring out GLAM!! NUMBER 1 HIT xxx

  • BiOO 06.28.2010


  • BiOO 06.28.2010

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • bi0nic 06.28.2010

    VOTE for xtina at VOTE VOTE VOTE

  • Lauren_lennie579 06.28.2010

    when is the video!?!?!?

  • sammy69 06.27.2010

    devastating~ you're always great, Christina! I hope you tour soon!

  • REC 06.27.2010

    love this song and the cover is very different and emotional like the song...go for it xtina...

  • luchoargentina 06.27.2010

    christina hace el video con la version original de la cancion q esta en el disco,que es mucho mejor a la edit version de radio!

  • breannas 06.27.2010

    This song is so BEAUTIFUL! It is so emotional and you can really feel it deep within. The picture compliments the meaning of the song. I love all of your work it's amazing! XoXo

  • Madame_X 06.27.2010

    to BiOO, I deleted all your duplicated posts. You only need to add vote link the once, thanks.

  • daavid 06.27.2010

    love it. and I'm very excited about the video. it has to be a jaw-dropping artistic clip Laughing out loud

  • jstoneee91 06.27.2010


  • BiOO 06.27.2010

    <a href="" title=""></a>


  • Christina101 06.27.2010

    I LOVE it! It's AMAZING! <3

  • Tsiky 06.27.2010

    I love mixed medias art, I love the concept!

    But it looks fan-made: the text seems put randomly, and the eye seems carelessly taken out of the original photo with the lasso tool.

  • Xtina_Donna 06.27.2010

    of course it´s simple, but expressiv and shows emotion <3

  • Tom 06.27.2010

    The song is the best of the latest years, but this cover is not very good :\

  • LaBella 06.27.2010

    it's really beautiful, simple, but it shows copletely what it should. ♥

  • diepmayer 06.27.2010


  • aslerizam 06.27.2010


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