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"You Lost Me" On VH1 Top 20 Countdown

Christina Aguilera's new video for the single "You Lost Me" has re-entered the VH1 Top 20 countdown! "You Lost Me" is currently at #18, so let's see how high we can get her on the charts. With your help we could reach #1!! Vote for "You Lost Me" on VH1's Top 20 right here!

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  • AJR 10.05.2010

    Xtina, if u read this, pls listen to us. Ur album is amazing. U deserves to be on TOP! You can blow all the others artists today! Don't lose hope on Bionic! Continue promoting it while promoting Burlesque too! Bionic has so many amazing songs! Release d following as SINGLES w/ AMAZING MUSIC VIDEOS: I HATE BOYS, DESNUDATE, PRIMA DONNA, & WOOHOO!! U CAN RELEASE MY GIRLS TOO.... Pls do it for us! WE LOVE YOU CHRISTINA!

  • She's not on the list. Sad

  • NikkiB 09.14.2010

    Christina is amazing...everything she sings, everything she does!!!

  • kellykelly 09.12.2010

    the most beautiful video love her love the song..

  • klaudiusz506 09.08.2010

    <a href=";feature=related" title=";feature=related">;feature=related</a>

  • AllaneZ 09.07.2010

    Christina is not on the list anymore Sad

  • alfie 09.06.2010

    VOTE FOR CHRISTINA YOU LOST ME HERE - <a href="" title=""></a>

  • bhogz 09.06.2010

    i love thisvideo

  • angelfher 09.04.2010

    el video es muy emotivo y la cancion super dramática... so christina!!

  • dominicseesyou 09.03.2010

    <a href="" title=""></a> Check out my cover of You Lost Me Christina! Laughing out loud I LOVE YOU! Laughing out loud

  • Stripped-tease 09.01.2010

    Love this video!

  • davidsiño 09.01.2010

    VIVA MI X-TINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xtinamyshiz 09.01.2010

    seriously i agree that you should release either woohoo, i mean nicki minaj is hot right now- could get you mad radio play. or something like the up tempo I hate boys, or release them both around the same time that waythere's two songs out. gets you out inthe open and theres a defininite NO lady gaga comparison there so- no worries there. That whole thing will eventually die down anyway. My only problem with vanity being on radio is its a bit long. Loooove the song but.....listen to your fans, we here no matter what.

  • alfie 08.29.2010

    VOTE HERE @MTV TOO - <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Oxcarlima 08.29.2010

    this is what you have to do: release ASAP a hot and great video for VANITY (or WooHoo), next week release a simple and fun video for MY GIRLS. and both 2singles performing at the same time waiting for the film premiere. and thats it... come on there is enough material!!! (also Monday Morning, I Hate Boys....)

  • AndreZole 08.28.2010

    Voten por CHRISTINA
    Vote for CHRISTINA
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • leonardoccll 08.26.2010

    I like the video. there's just one thing that bother's me if bionic is having trouble because of th egde where's the edge on this??? only the playing image of the revolver at the beginning playing it likeif were the eye of Ra. no edge at all Chris..

  • Rmunarth 08.26.2010

    Hello Xtina! I just want you to know that I am very angry with all the comparisons with Lady Gaga, with all the garbage that most of the media are saying. I wish I could make them eat s***. U R THE BEST FOR ME. Please let us watch you very soon. I LOVE YA and I am waiting for hear more about you. Greetings from Colombia. I love BIONIC and of course DESNUDATE.

  • gloriachan 08.25.2010

    XTINA, I love you!!!! Waiting for your world tour~!!!
    I nearly listen your album everyday !!!

    YOU LOST ME is really powerfully to show your amazing voice!
    your last Back to Basic tour in HK was sooooo AMAZING!!!
    Please please plan a tour, bring your baby Max too!!!!!!!!!

  • AllaneZ 08.25.2010

    "You Lost Me" is #32 on iTUNES Music Video Chart...
    Keep downloading...

    Love You XTINA Wink

  • JotieS 08.24.2010

    Go to TMF top 5
    In Belgium on number 9 so vote You lost me in Belgium

  • JotieS 08.23.2010

    You're not on the list. Sad

  • christovar 08.23.2010

    Sometimes I think that Media sometimes plays with artists’s careers in order to generate certain scenarios from which Media can take advantage from… Christina may be one Media´s victim. But Christina´s talent cannot be destroyed that easy… We are here to defend her because Christina is here to stay… forever!

  • parcos80 08.23.2010

    stop worrying about voting for the video and request this song on the radio everyday... we want airplay on the radio as soon as possible to make "you lost me" and #1 hit, we can do it, I know it!!!

  • PAYDABOY 08.22.2010

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • marinello 08.22.2010

    I adore Christina.Always have.But the video sucks..
    It cannot live up to the fans' expectations..not even close..Not when every other [talentless]artist releases video productions that are breathtaking...
    Christina always missed out in the video part of the industry and I cannot realise why..[bring in something like Fighter,like Hurt,edgy,innovating!!]

    I know I'll be listening to You Lost Me till I grow old <3

  • Bien100 08.22.2010

    i love the song......

  • rooxy89 08.22.2010

    i love you !

  • rooxy89 08.22.2010

    I love this beatiful

  • ricco 08.21.2010

    i love this song and video alot! and it really makes me mad that a)mtv and vh1 only show an hour of music and b)they show the same videos over and over! they NEVER show you lost me until 4:30 in the morning! wtf?! but u know what when people get tired of the trash thats being played on radio and tv they are gonna be knockin down christina's door becuz they need actual talent around. pretty soon the ke$has, the gagas, the rihanas, and even the "almighty" BEYONCES, will be gone and allow christina to bring back what was missing from music for years: TALENT!

  • sofixtina 08.21.2010

    I love you, i vote :]

  • i love you, count on my vote ;]

  • alfie 08.21.2010

    VOTE HERE @MTV TOO - <a href="" title=""></a>

  • parcos80 08.21.2010

    If we can't vote then it won't make it on the countdown... Let VH1 know that it's not on their list anymore...

  • marioaspiazu 08.20.2010


  • AguileraFan 08.20.2010

    So at this point it's safe to say that her video won't be on the countdown since VH1 removed her video from the list and no one was able to vote for her.

  • wiill aguilera 08.20.2010

    Wink ya vote x ella!

  • xtinolima 08.20.2010

    Next single please! Desnudate or Vanity! Wink

  • ALLANEZ 08.20.2010

    The Latest Chart News From Billboard :
    #12 Not Myself Tonight : Yahoo Video
    #25 You Lost Me : Dance/Club Play Songs
    #29 You Lost Me : Adult Contemporary
    #84 Bionic : Billboard 200

  • gilangleo 08.20.2010

    VOTE HERE @MTV TOO - <a href="" title=""></a>

  • juanca 08.19.2010

    i cant vote

  • PAYDABOY 08.19.2010

    H2° HOW DID YOU VOTE!!!!!

  • H2° 08.19.2010


  • andysnyder 08.19.2010

    I can't vote Sad

  • skydoug 08.19.2010

    I would if I could, the web site won't let me vote for you... And I'm in the USA.

  • Claudus 08.19.2010

    I can't vote. Impossible in France.

  • smartnsexylatino 08.19.2010

    CANT VOTEE!! it's not on the list. beautiful song, video goes great with it. it should be the number 1 song and video, IN THE WORLD

  • mlvcrlive 08.18.2010

    Vote! Vote! Vote!

  • allan_nez 08.18.2010

    we can't vote!!!

  • PAYDABOY 08.18.2010


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