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What A Fan Wants Fanzine {Second Issue} is Out.

What A Fan Wants Fanzine {Second Issue} is Out.

Finally here we have the second issue of the fanzine.

We apologise if any articles got lots or cut from this feature that people worked hard writing. But, this edition of our fanzine met some trouble because of various staff members being busy, and because of a lot of news exploding, and changes on Christina's official website and forums. Any articles that got missed/ not used we editors promise to try and use in another issue. Please do not think your work has been disregarded.

we also want to apologise for the delay.

- With much love,
Your editors Sarah, and Tiffany.

Staff second Issue:





Website buildres/Designer:

Website Builder and Design:

Aless (first issue) and Ivan (second ssue).


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  • cathyga 06.03.2010

    amazing job!

  • awesomegenie 06.02.2010

    Whooaa...that's amazing! Two thumbs up for you guys!

  • dustinzero 06.01.2010

    amazing job!

  • Madame_X 06.01.2010

    It can't be incorporated onto the website, no.

    However, we do give 'shout-outs' for fans who create something amazing... in which case it receives spotlight via latest news section.

  • ciufix 06.01.2010

    Is there any way possible to make it get on the website ..? *hihi*

  • ciufix 05.31.2010

    Yay!! It looks amazing!

  • tatig6 05.31.2010

    Congrats, guys!

  • candee2 05.31.2010

    It is gorgeous! Woohooo on getting it done. Awesome job everyone! AWESOME!!! Laughing out loud

  • Ivan 05.30.2010

    I added you in the credits DirrtyPanda : )

  • DirrtyPanda 05.30.2010


  • Madame_X 05.30.2010

    Woooooot! You guys have arrived! What took you so long!?!

    Never mind. Glad to have you here!
    Where are you organising this now? Dee and I are hanging on on CMM (<a href="" title=""></a>). Do you want a dedicated thread on CMM for the fanzine?

    Let us know. Smile

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