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christina aguilera feat pitbull??????

christina aguilera feat pitbull??????

christinaaguilera is true that a song has saccade to duet with pitbull? Here in Latin America there are several news and Rumors about this subject, I can tell if it is true ...? please
according to some magazines say they did a duet of the song a remix 8DESNUDATE

  • mlvcrlive 05.31.2010

    Its fake. But a song with Pitbull would be a success

  • FierceDiva 05.31.2010

    uhhh yeah its just a remix someone made up with pitbulls hotel song, but it would be awesome if she got him on there for real..That would go hard!

  • littledreamer♥ 05.31.2010

    ummm, i think someone just made a remix or something of desnudate & a pitbull song on youtube but it wasn't official & got deleted before i could hear it. so im guessing no, but i could be wrong.

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