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Christina #1 On Dance Chart

Christina Aguilera's first single from BIONIC, "Not Myself Tonight", has hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart! Leave a comment below and lets all congratulate Christina on this amazing announcement!!!

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  • ultim8hunk07 06.18.2010

    congrats! you deserve it! bionic rules!

  • amira 06.17.2010

    u r the first always

  • Rémona Aguilera 06.17.2010

    Congratulations Christy ♥
    Love youuu

  • ol1456 06.13.2010

    'cause she is the best ans she would be ... love ya xtina

  • Dieselaytg 06.13.2010

    I love NMT....

  • sdk617 06.13.2010

    Congratulations Christina!! No surprise there, though!! Your hard work has paid off! This is your best album yet! You have cut your own path and are in a league of your own, girl! You can move mountains ... and have moved some in my life. Thank you for your songs that inspire and thank you for your songs that allow me to feel free!! love you!! Sabrina Katz

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