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Is she coming to Scotland this year? Hope so if not i guess i'll go to Ireland.... or NewCastle love the Geordies they're so fun xxxx

  • AnneRae25 02.12.2012

    Hopefully Scotland Smile Missed the Stripped tour there. Saw the Back to basics tour in Sheffield. Best. Night. of. My. Life LOL

  • RebekahNicole_x 11.14.2010

    i really hope she does a UK tour soon and comes back to the M.E.N Arena! i'm sure she'll go the the usual venues if she does do a tour! :)♥

  • I should think it's more then likely that London will be a dead cert, I hated having to miss out on the B2B's tour esp after watching the video and seeing visually for myself colorful and simply amazing it was. I love watching it and have done many times.

  • glam_liz 07.15.2010

    Fingers crossed she does the M.E.N again, her last two tours have been brilliant and a Bionic tour would be immense!!!

  • Madame_X 06.02.2010

    If Cardiff isn't scheduled, I'm happy to go to London as normal because I love Ol' London Town.

  • leanneabell 06.01.2010

    i am gonna see her at newcastle and london then on depending on funding maybe manchester if she is going to all Laughing out loud xx

  • Sammi1987 05.29.2010

    I do hope she's coming to Sheffield again. Last 2 times were amazing!!!!!!

  • XtinaAddict 05.27.2010

    @sparklerdust - Im from Belfast NI as well. I seen her in Belfast in 2006. Was the best concert ever. x

  • Coquette 05.25.2010

    I want to see her at the 02 Area, London! Saw her at Wembley in 2006 and it was the best concert I've ever been to!

  • sparklerdust 05.24.2010

    i sooo hoped she comes to belfast again or id go to dublin i went to see her back to basics tour and it was amazing!! so hope she comes back!!

  • Madame_X 05.24.2010

    It would be awesome if Christina could fit in a few major cities in the UK. Something like Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, London etc.

  • Tasha88 05.23.2010

    Want her to come to manchester i am waiting to see her in concert, will travel anywhere in uk to see her

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