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I love "Woohoo". I heard it at the club on Thursday and everyone was all into it. Anywho, found this one YouTube and think everyone will enjoy it too.

<a href="" title=""></a> < Xtina needs to use these guys/girls for the "Woohoo" music video. If we ever get it. I love it.

  • In clubs already? SWEET! XD

  • Brian-Ryan 05.24.2010

    I hope there's a video for this song. I love it and I hope it's the second single. Laughing out loud

  • UhXXLetMeLoose 05.23.2010

    i was really drunk at a party last night and i started singing it to all the guys when we were in the kitchen... god, i'm such a weirdo when i'm drunk!!! they thought it was funny though!

  • Jonats 05.22.2010

    woohoo makes me dance!!!!!!!! woohoo!

  • littledreamer♥ 05.22.2010

    wow, they're are awesssome.

  • sullenca 05.22.2010

    i saw a drag queen do this song for her show last week !

  • leohrick 05.22.2010

    WOOHOO is so good! I want a videoclip of this song!

  • BionicBen 05.22.2010


  • mgawsmestevan 05.22.2010

    We should have a music blast today for "Woohoo" everyone buy it and have it shoot into the top ten on itunes. I'm down if anyone wants to do it. It only works if a bunch of us blast it to the top. =)

  • Sam 05.22.2010

    I hope there's a video for Woohoo...

    but first I want to see Not myself tonight at #1!!!

  • Fighter 05.22.2010

    Woohoo is going down on iTunes... I like Woohoo but i don't love it at all as a single.

  • BionicFighter 05.22.2010

    Seriously? That's awesome! I'm all over this song right now, actually. Christina did right by pairing up with Minaj on this one. Smart girl. Smile

  • Sander 05.22.2010

    Woohoo is my jam now! I LOVE it!

  • lccampos 05.22.2010

    Lovo wohoo too

  • mlvcrlive 05.22.2010

    I love whoohoo I hope she makes a video for it

  • Lukin Aguilera 05.22.2010

    On club??? Cool! I just heard Not Myself Tonight on the clubs!!!

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