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Christina's Fans Club Nickname

Christina's Fans Club Nickname

Every artist has a fan club, I think Christina should also have a fan club (whether official or independent by the fan).
So, give examples of names that are suitable for it.

  • Rosane_Xtina 06.15.2011

    Yeah, We need to put a nice name for the fan club. Maybe "XTina 4ever" or even the name that @Beautiful93 said. It's a strong and cool name, I like it very, very much.

  • AllaneZ 04.14.2011


  • xtinarox1113 04.11.2011

    I'm liking "X Fighters" and "Bionic Brigade" but I think "Bionic Brigade" is too album specific.

  • AllaneZ 09.08.2010

    Many people said "Bionic Army"
    Nice Smile

  • ALLANEZ 08.22.2010

    @cleo_lee : tha's nice....
    BB for Bionic Brigade...

  • Cleo Lee 08.20.2010

    i really like bionic brigade... but i also like biotrons

  • lourdes 07.23.2010

    like britanny for Britney....

  • Mr. Titanic 07.21.2010

    We should be 'Robots!' Hehe. In accordance to the Bionic theme. But if that's too much like Gaga, then hmm...

    - Biotrons !

    I also admire Bionic Brigade.

  • candee2 07.21.2010

    X Fighters

  • lowry 07.21.2010

    @Beautiful93 yeahh.. I agree with you....
    i hope xtina's fans have a calling name....

  • FierceDiva 07.16.2010

    You know its hard to come up with a name that gender friendly, sorry guys but you make it hard..we need a name that reps the strength, loyalty, and fierceness that are her fans...what about " Dream Team" Xtina's Dream Team or like beautiful93 stated we could be "Fighters," it seems like that's what we have been doing throughout her career and we never back down..hmmmmm so hard, but im also fine with no nick name, because I call myself and a few of her fans on youtube "The Vipers", because we crush all

  • Beautiful93 07.15.2010

    Beautiful fighters

  • lourdes 07.14.2010


  • PugsGirl 07.14.2010

    The Bionic Brigade.

  • lourdes 07.14.2010

    just say : xtina's lover (maybe) :>

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