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Christina's Birthday!

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Saturday Dec 18th

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709 comments for Christina's Birthday!
  • Es increible como no se te notan los años

  • felicidades, que cumplas muchos mas

  • dwyeager 12.22.2013

    I hope you had an amazing birthday! I just wanted to express how much respect I have for you! I have been through a lot as child and have been inspired by your music since the first time I ever heard your voice! I am now a social worker trying to help those who struggle as I did. I have always supported you and continue to support you! You are simply amazing! I would love to meet you one day! Its always been a dream of mine! I know you get lots of messages, but I hope you get my message. Thank you for everything! Smile

  • Love you Xtina we have the same birthdfays thats kool !!!

  • adriiangrimaldo 05.27.2012

    love u Xtina!!

  • Con Gaga 05.23.2012

    生日快乐!WE LOVE U

  • EVGENIY 04.18.2012

    супер! Кристина лучшая)

  • madison 03.26.2012



  • alencobe 12.19.2011

    There's no way to explain how thankful we (your real fans) are with you Xtina... You mean the world for us, we has been inspired to keep on through your music, soul and personality... You deserve all this love & support, always with you!! Love.
    Alencobe (Mexico City)

  • JamesK 12.19.2011

    Happy Birthday Christina! Love you, love your music. Can't wait to see you back on The Voice and am dying for your new album. I know, good things come to those who wait. It is really really hard to wait. As I'm typing this message, I believe it is 11:30PM your time. Just wated to say Happy Birthday and thank you for being the wonderful person and great inspirational artist you are. Thank you so very much!

  • MarBarr 12.19.2011

    Happy Birthday to the greatest singer ever! hope you enjoyed your day! Stay happy and healthy, looking forward to your next album!

  • vicamora8 12.18.2011

    Happy Birthday Christina! Never give up on what you do, you are my biggest inspiration. I love you so much!!!! happy birthday <3

  • xtina is legend 12.18.2011

    happy birthday christina!!! I LOVE YOU and your music! you inspire me!!! much love from HOLLAND!!! (L)_(L)

  • Kaxtina 12.18.2011

    Happy Birthday Xtina, are the most

  • luismzlo 12.18.2011

    Happy Birthday Christina.

  • X'tina Forever 12.17.2011

    Happy Birthday Xtina!! You are my inspiration!! I love u come to Mexico

  • X'tina Forever 12.17.2011

    Happy Birthday Xtina!! You are my inspiration!! I love u come to Mexico

  • ejs_xtinafan 12.17.2011


  • thomasnikki81 12.16.2011

    Happy Birthday Christina.... We love you

  • wa 12.15.2011

    Поздравляю с Наступающим Днём Рождения !

  • Stovy_94 12.13.2011

    It's also my birthday!:)I love you Christina!Smile

  • MarcelaPerry 12.12.2011

    I love you Xtina

  • xtinasexy 12.02.2011

    todo ese dia tenemos que hacer que en twitter el cumple de xtina sea trendic topic #xtinabirthday.¿de acuerdo?

  • brs399 12.01.2011

    hope you have a wonderful bday. you r my insperation i love you have a great one!!!!

  • Элина 08.29.2011

    I very loveee christinnnnn.. loveloveloveloveloveeeeeeeeeeeee
    would see you live.........loveloveloveee

  • DanaChristin 06.11.2011

    I love u nd wish u all the best x3

  • lia42797 05.31.2011

    i hope you had a happy birthday and that you are very vey happy

  • CrissTareyton 05.08.2011

    Let's have our birthday party together. Urs is on the 18th n mines is on the 22nd

  • javier1792 04.22.2011

    Felicidades de Mexico Torreon Coahuila

  • luks 03.24.2011

    i love you chris!!!!!!!!!!! you are the besth!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antoinette341 03.16.2011

    I love this Girl:] Happy Late Birthdaii

  • navygirl68tr3 02.01.2011

    So many people pretend to know you. I offer no advise about living life after divorce or how to mend your broken heart. You already know how to do that. I send you peace and a whisper on the wind to be easy on yourself. Surround yourself with strong people and those that truly have your best at heart. Walk away from toxic. Exhale.

  • Gabriele 01.26.2011

    Feliz aniversário super ultra atrasado. ♥

  • Oscar Navarrete 01.26.2011

    i lov u christina u are the best

  • MexicanBBY 01.22.2011

    Happy Birthdaaay ! Smile From Gilbert'sz Cousin ! Mia !

  • babyjayde 01.19.2011

    hey christina, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! thirty and still dirrty! you are the light in my life thankyou sooooo much!xoxoxo cant wait to see u live! mwah! sarah jayde

  • Burlesque1 01.16.2011

    Happy Birthday Christina!
    Have a great day.Love you!

  • aguileravadia 01.11.2011

    DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVA,Happy Birthday! I love you, you are the best! s2

  • Iren 01.06.2011

    Christina I love you very much you are so amaizing and just ramember that you THE ONE in our harts
    I want you to wish you Happy Birthday - we love you

  • Happy Birthday Christina! I love you, you are the best singer in the world and the most beautifull, y listened your music since i have five years old, and i have fifteen, y speak spanish but i love your songs in english, please! a concert in Chile ,pleasee! i love you! i have all your cds and all are wonderfull, but the most wonderfull is keeps getting better and mi reflejo=) Bye, love you!

    Macarena from Chile=)

  • jprasad1 01.02.2011

    Hey Christina I just want to wish you happy birthday, and all the best in the years to come. I love your voice when you sing, I just can't stop listening to your music. I love you Christina!!!

  • Cumpleaños feliz, cumpleaños feliz, te deseo Christina, cumpleaños feliz, te deseo de todo corazon desde Sevilla España, que pases un feliz dia de cumpleaños junto a todas las personas que te quieren. Muchos Besos Guapisima.
    PD:Aunque haya sido un poco tarde, ya que tu cumpleaños es el dia 18 de Diciembre.

  • carlos83 01.01.2011

    felicidades desde españa señorita christina!!!por cierto,no puedo escuchar tu radio,no se q pasa,pero la sintonia me encanta...

  • fallinlovewithu 12.31.2010

    Hi sweetheart, I just wanted to say Happy B day! I know you can do it..I still love you...XOXO

  • Stefy 12.30.2010

    Happy B-Day Xtinaaa! Thanks for making me a fighter every day!! You're 30, and you're beautiful, sang amazing songs and I Hope that you come to Italy soon!
    I Love you! I dream to meet you to thank u! My life is better thanks to you! Love u! Laughing out loud

  • wabert21 12.30.2010

    yaaay happy 30th birthday christina!!! and you still look like your 20 no joke. I wish one day i could tell you in person lol
    its crazy because im in hollywood all the time and I just wish just once i could run into somewhere. i know that sounds crazy but ur my insperation girl :)i love you tae care of your self. i know you will.

  • Xposed1122 12.29.2010

    Happy B'day Xtina, eres la mejor artista q ha existido en los ultimos años... Love You love so much! XOXO!

  • Tomaa 12.29.2010

    Sorry for being late, but there was no internet.. :/ I just want to say happy birthday to the most skilled and wonderful singer in the world, I hope one day I'll be able to tell you personally =).
    PS: always be happy : )

  • chavalote 12.28.2010

    Hello Christina only I want to say to you that already these entering in what she is called an old woman, jejejeje, hope that you have spent it to you very well, bss ugly:-p

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