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Christina - New Spanish Album???

Christina - New Spanish Album???

Since I am always thinking about Xtina, I thought that it would be great if Xtina put out a full Spanish album between Bionic/Burlesque soundtrack and her next English album. I know the girl has a lot on her plate (motherhood, wife, bionic, burlesque, etc) but a full Spanish album would again separate her from the rest of the pack and break the comparisons. She hasn't done much in Spanish since "Mi Reflejo" album. For me, she is the only current English speaking singer that can really sing in Spanish and sound believable. Not even JLo (who grew-up in a Spanish speaking neighborhood and Spanish is the mother language of both parents) can sing in Spanish and pronounce Spanish words as well as Xtina. Shakira is not included since she started her singing in Spanish and was born and raise in Colombia so she speaks the language very well. Most of the pop singers are trying to cash in by singing in Spanish but none can do it well. They all fall short and can only say a word. Please Xtina delights us with Spanish album. You have that market all for yourself.

  • MrBubulino 10.04.2010

    ya es hora del regreso de "la Aguilera"

  • bernardineros 09.28.2010

    not after four yeaRS i hope

  • x-jl 09.22.2010

    yes...!!!!!! si Christina, no me lo puedo imaginar seria un boom... que X-TINA.. produsca su new album completo en español a pasado ya un gran tiempo y desde Mi Reflejo ya es hora de un nuevomaterial en español esto ayudara para que su carrera se estabilice mucho mas y lçayudara a introducirse en el mundo mucho más..... claro tiene que tener colaboraciones de lujo... sabemos q si lo sera un exito rotundo...............!!!!!!! woohoo X-tina en Español.....

  • MrBubulino 09.21.2010

    Yeah, even when she commented on Desnudate (before the album was released), she said something like "My fans always ask me when I'll be releasing another album in spanish, and I promise it's coming".

    I'm sure we'll eventually have another one. Just not right now. I'm too anxious waiting for Burlesque (apparently the Bionic promotion finished), so I really really hope she can come back to the hispanic market after that!

  • Wow Im pretty sure I commented in this thread before but my replies are gone. >_<

    Anyways, Xtina said a while ago on her radio that she will be working in an Spanish album after Bionic. I'd post the link to it when I find it. Smile

  • McGoldrick 09.20.2010

    One can only hope XTINA can find time to do this, I'd like the album so I could have an excuse to learn Spanish. Might as well, I'm already relearning French and have German somewhat down pat(Learnt it to understand Rammstein lyrics). from what I've been told Spanish is easier to learn.

  • Strawberry_Cream 09.20.2010

    I am Enlgish but a big fan of spanish music and Latin influences. Mi Reflejo is a great album and I would love to hear a more mature Christina writing and singing in Spanish.

    Really hope she goes down this route next Smile

  • naaano 09.12.2010

    I agree! also spanish speaking fans are the most loyal to Christina!

  • mlvcrlive 09.11.2010

    @theVOICE84 - Desnudate was done purposfully in spanglish for English fans who don't speak spanish. But she also did for her Latin fans as a "I haven't forgotten you" gesture. I thought her spanish was well spoken in the lyrics.

  • Serginholicious 09.08.2010

    new xtina's spanish album, We want it!!!!!!!!!!

  • theVOICE84 08.28.2010

    If she does a new Latin album I hope she brushes up on her Spanish! On Desnudate she sounds like she forgot how to pronounce words, the track sounds very Spanglish. In Mi Reflejo she pronounced the words so much better as if she was bilingual. She is half so singing in Spanish is right for her, she doesn't need to do silly Spanish-inspired songs like Te Amo or Alejandro! I want to see her bring the fire again!!!

  • david92 08.28.2010

    christina aguilera regalanos otro albun en español

  • naaano 08.19.2010

    That would be nice, Latin America is loyal to Christina! <3

  • Javian 08.19.2010

    That is sooo true!!! Please Christina, Latin America LOVES YOU!!! I think your Latin Grammy is a proof of that, and of course, it would be really interesting to hear what you have to say in a Spanish record...!

    Please do it! We are all waiting that album!!

  • MrBubulino 08.17.2010

    J.Lo sounds excellent in spanish, but her only big hit was "Amor se paga con amor". The rest of her spanish songs are not well known...

    When Christina sings in spanish, she shows so much emotion that her pronounciation doesn't matter. Her album Mi Reflejo was huge, and it's one of the most successful albums in the spanish market to the date.

    She got SIX number-one hits (out of 11 songs of the album): Genio Atrapado, Falsas Esperanzas, Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti, Ven Conmigo, Contigo En La Distancia and Por Siempre Tu. And the others were well received too.

    The only other artist who got that many hits from one album was Juanes. Nobody else achieved that, not even Shakira.

  • Xtina4ever 08.13.2010

    I love Xtina but J.Lo can pronounce Spanish words better than her. Another Spanish album from Xtina would be awesome!!

  • Epiclera 08.13.2010

    I absolutely ADORE Christina's first Spanish album. When I listen to it these days, it makes me remember being a teenager in high school. I feel very happy and nostalgic. ^_^

    I would love another Spanish album. We know Christina wants to do another one.. let's hope she can make it happen, one day. Smile

  • candee2 08.13.2010

    I agree with Mr.B

  • MrBubulino 08.13.2010

    Hey, Jennifer Lopez sounds excellent in spanish! Shakira no only "speaks the language very well", she's one of the most successful latin singers ever.

    But Christina is the only (I repeat, ONLY) american artist that can sing in spanish and sound believable. Mi Reflejo was a massive hit, and she did better than many famous latin-pop girls like Shakira, Paulina Rubio, Thalía, Laura Pausini and Natalia Oreiro...

    I think the next album should be in spanish. The market is really different than it was 10 years ago! And right after Burlesque she should come back to spanish.

    And to be honest, all of her albums are better received in Latin America than in the US. Bionic is doing great!! And B2B was on top of every chart. Her latin fans obviously still love her.

  • mlvcrlive 08.12.2010

    @BlueRoseT2 - This is true you are right.

    I would love to see another spanish album but with more new songs not just versions of other english songs

  • James 08.12.2010

    This would be awesome (: It may be like her first one but with all the best songs from her other albums?

  • BlueRoseT2 08.12.2010

    I believe when Christina was releasing those little videos discussing the different songs on Bionic, she said during her video for Denudate that a Spanish album was coming in the future. She said Desnudate was for her Spanish fanbase to hold them over until she could get a new Spanish record out. So it seems like she definitely is planning to release one.

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