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Hang in there Christina

Hang in there Christina

I just read your going through a separation and it struck me when you wrote some days it feels impossible to even get out of bed.

I understand completely I moved my business to SC 2 years ago and while I thought my wife would follow after my son graduated HS she did not want to leave NY so after 19 years my marriage was over just like that.

So I understand your comments because here I was in SC... no friends, No family, I felt lost and helpless and laying in bed wondering how my life just did a 180 and everything seemed to be going wrong.

So I understand if you want to lay in bed and just let the world go by but be strong and just keep moving forward. I won't say it will get better as the shock of what happened distances itself from the day you found out, or that the pain you are feeling right now will lessen.

I will say that the part of you that is hurting right now eventually will be bandaged over with Pride. Pride in knowing that in one of the worst times of your life you discovered that you had the strength to fight through it and move forward.

I know I still think about what happened and I still feel the hurt but I am proud of the fact that I could have given in to the pain but I didn't. Everyday no matter how bard it was to get out of bed I kept fighting and I kept moving the ball forward and in the end that is all I could have done. So many people would give up and I am proud that I did not.

So just hang in there and when you wake up in the morning thinking "I want to give up, I want to lay here crying, I want to just hide from the world...But I won't, I will not give in or give up and I am going to get out of this bed and just take one more step forward because I am stronger than anyone could have imagined..even myself"

  • candee2 10.21.2010


    Nothing wrong with your post, but a thousand fans could come in and open a thread on the same subject, so we are trying to keep it in one thread, which is already up.

    Nice post, though, all the best to you as well as Christina.

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