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Christina Aguilera / Amy Lee

Christina Aguilera / Amy Lee

What would a song with Christina Aguilera / Amy Lee sound like..? I know it sounds way bizarre and crazy, given the circumstances? and the diversity between the two artists. Bridging two genres together would be unheard and something totally different the world has not heard of! Yes I am crazy but then again so was Mozart!

  • Shock My god, am i happy to see someone else wishes this colab! <3 you!

  • ijamseeds 01.24.2012

    i think there was one who auditioned in the voice made it but did not go to her team, it was a girl who sang like amy lee and xtina buzzed for her and xtina commented something like "damn, your singing is brilliant, why didnt i think of that first..."

  • Chris_jc_xa 01.23.2012

    Exactly, Mr Titanic! I also think that the new album could have songs that sound like evanescence-y. Since the time of Bionic, I've been hoping that a strong vein of the next album would be a Fighter/'Stronger Than Ever' hybrid, perhaps with a more punk or rock'n'roll kick to it, just to make it more fun...

  • Mr. Titanic 01.21.2012

    Probably a lot like "Stronger Than Ever"

  • Adz 11.04.2010

    @ijamseeds thanks for the pointer, and as they say you learn something new everyday Smile thank you! Yep agreed @Davy...

  • ijamseeds 11.03.2010

    @adz Smile

  • Dayy 11.03.2010


  • Adz 11.03.2010

    Okay ijamseeds i was completely unaware of this, "epic my bad", then again i just checked it out and it's rather interesting to say the least. Reflections is probably my favorite song of the lot to be honest. Interesting my eyes and mind have been enlightened a little more... Smile But I have to say Christina, there is no other that could come close to her vocals. Guttered she did not preform in my origin Sad hoping she will be back at some stage no doubt...

  • ijamseeds 10.29.2010

    have you seen amy lee cover christina's reflection?

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