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Is this the old Christina Aguilera forum?

Is this the old Christina Aguilera forum?

Is this the Christina Aguilera forum that used to be at christina.fancentric or forumzone or something like that? When you visited it, the song Keeps Getting Better used to play automatically.

  • montu 09.03.2011

    I dont think about that..

  • maxtina 08.22.2011
  • BionicFred 08.20.2011

    I want the old Fancentric forums back. Sad
    This forum is so hard to use, not easy to post stuff. Sad
    Most Xtina fans are in After LD, currently.
    I wish to have a better forums. Smile

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  • PugsGirl 11.12.2010

    And I think all the original members are here. x

  • candee2 11.11.2010

    when fancentric closed this opened in it's place, yes.

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