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T.I. feat. Christina Aguilera

T.I. feat. Christina Aguilera

Hey everyone!

Check out this preview from 'These Castle Walls' by T.I. feat. Christina Aguilera.

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  • phantom11 02.22.2011

    That's probably more up to T.I than her. Though that shouldn't be able to stop her from say trying to get him to make a video.

  • ijamseeds 02.22.2011

    xtina, seriously, just release a video

  • phantom11 02.22.2011

    Great song, kinda makes you think doesen't it. We all have preconcieved notion that people have charmed lives(cm'on we're all guilty of thinking this, I'm not standing on high ground I'm just as)

    An interesting sidline, one of her biggest "haters" on IMDB was even impressed and moved by the song. That tells you something.

  • AllaneZ 02.20.2011

    Christina have to back to her old shape...

  • ijamseeds 02.19.2011

    can we have at least a requirement for everyone in here? like view every xtina video first on youtube before signing in here?

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 02.19.2011

    Christina isn't fat! Y'all are tripping!

    But as far as the video is concerned, I hope we see something soon! Love the song.

  • mynix 02.19.2011

    When is it coming officially on maxi cd, Is it going to be available? We talked about it before and I like to have it between my hands.

  • maxtina 02.17.2011

    @mynix <a href=";feature=fvwrel" title=";feature=fvwrel">;feature=fvwrel</a>
    It has 1,961,335 viewers

  • mynix 02.17.2011

    And only had 560.000 viewers not much.

  • ijamseeds 02.17.2011

    this official sneak peak has been in limbo for 3 months!!! can't wait much longer!!!
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • ijamseeds 02.08.2011

    what's wrong with that.

  • James 02.08.2011

    hahah I find it funny we are all huge fans and yet we are telling her to go to the gym to lose weight...

  • ijamseeds 02.07.2011

    i know right.. her body in the movie was so damn perfectO!

  • AllaneZ 02.07.2011

    yes @ijamseeds : Christina needs to go to the gym...
    miss when she was in great body shape..

  • ijamseeds 02.06.2011

    the 2nd single with eminem was released jan.11... so maybe be fore february ends, that new video will surface

  • MrBubulino 02.05.2011

    still waiting for them to release something... We haven't seen Christina in a video since You Lost Me. Come on, girl! We miss you Sad

  • BlueRoseT2 02.04.2011

    As mentioned before...they shot the video before T.I. went to jail.

  • ijamseeds 02.03.2011

    i think they wont start shooting until xtina is camera-ready with her body.

  • ol1457 02.03.2011

    is a great song , can we make fans please lets do it again !!!!!!

  • eddiesbobblehead 01.27.2011

    i love her in his song. i just think it would have been better with her alone hahaha. i mean T.I. is an amazing rapper, but idk what it is about this song that i lose my patience listening to his raps.

  • iambobblehead 01.26.2011

    This song and its not because i love xtina i mean LOVE HER...but her part in the song is really good i mean its so there its like it hits you but then T.I and i understand he is rap but his whole rap part didnt really blend together with xtina part he should have toned it down a bit or maybe its just me that doesnt understand a word he says in the song all i know is i hear a little cute voice say Behind this castle walls theres no one here at all behind this castle walls...

  • AllaneZ 01.14.2011

    yeah ijemseeds, something will be change...
    And i don't like it...
    I want rocker Christina come back for the stage...

  • theVOICE84 01.11.2011

    I loooove this song, it's really goood. I hope to see a vid..

  • frankyd 01.11.2011

    i dont think we should give up on this song

    maybe it will follow as a single after the eminem song. it got great reviews and is always praised as one of the stand out tracks on the album and they shot a video i am sure they will release it later down the track stay positive

  • mynix 01.10.2011

    It's sad that no music video is coming out especially if they already shoot it, but it's understable - eminem is in sucess right now and Christina is not what is suck and make my heart break.

  • ijamseeds 01.10.2011

    eversince christina became a mom, she just became so mellow, personality wise and career wise.

    so i guess we'll have t o settle for the burlesque soundtrack for another year..

    what is happening? i feel very defeated already.

    i will always be a christina aguilera fan no matter what, but i must admit that it's getting boring for me in xtina's world.

    it's just that there's a bubbling single with t.i., and then it got scratched off, so the one thing ive been waiting for, which is a NEW music video, just vanished into thin air.

    what if bionic was released after stripped and then b2b would be the fourth album. i guess things wouldve been better.

    i dunno, im sorry. im just so down...

  • ijamseeds 01.10.2011

    unfortunately, castle walls was replaced by another single feat. eminem. it will be released january 11. castle walls just didnt provide any stimulus that it is a potential chart topper.

  • bionic_f 01.08.2011

    ~ Genius Song!!! It Deserves Radio Edit & Proper Rolling On The Radio! They Should Think About This Because The Song Is POWER!!! ~

  • AllaneZ 01.07.2011

    Yeah.. Nice sounds and instrumentals...
    But, wanna see "Castle Walls" music video..

  • Epiclera 01.06.2011

    I bought T.I's "No Mercy". I don't care if we never get a video for "Castle Walls". I have the song on this CD, that's the most important thing!

    I like T.I.'s new album. I have to mention, the instrumentals are some of the most epic, nice-sounding sounds I've heard! lol Laughing out loud

  • ijamseeds 01.05.2011


  • AllaneZ 01.05.2011

    Please released the music video!!!
    Can't wait longer....

  • NastyNaughtyBoy 01.04.2011

    I really hope the music video is released soon. The song is amazing, I absolutely love it!

    And in fact, I bought T.I.'s album, and it's a great album as well. Very strong. I've never heard any of his other music, but I might get some more of his music.

  • BlueRoseT2 01.04.2011

    They already made the video for it. They did it before he went back to prison.

  • Bionicleopard 01.03.2011

    If this is truely T.I. second single, one would need a music video, didn´t it??? Christina doing a visit to jail 4 it??? this got me thinking...

  • AllaneZ 12.21.2010

    They were already did it before T.I. return to the prison.

  • ijamseeds 12.21.2010

    so when would xtina and t.i. start shooting a video?

  • candee2 12.07.2010

    lmao @ Ijamseeds that's true lol

    You posed a good question, MR.Titanic hmmm

  • Mr. Titanic 12.07.2010

    TI's rap on this track is tolerable for me, which says A LOT because I don't care for rap, at least not current rap. I am so with Candee on the Lil Wayne bit.... revolting.

    NEWS IS! That it is 12:50 AM EST here in the US and the single is now available! The question is.... should we purchase it now, or wait until it is released as an official single, and boost it then?

  • ijamseeds 12.06.2010

    well we wouldnt be waxing philosophical about t.i.'s rap if it werent for xtina...

  • candee2 12.06.2010

    lmao Phantom, I never thought of it like that, but you know what, I so agree with the hair-metal thing.

  • phantom11 12.06.2010

    I don't know when it actually happened. Maybe when 2Pac and Biggie were murdered. Maybe earlier, maybe later. Maybe it's always been this way. One thing is for sure:

    Rap over the last 10yrs or so has become the new hair-metal.

  • candee2 12.06.2010

    I like the rap, these days these rappers talk so much nonsense, I hate 98% of the raps today,most of them by lil wayne, lmao but his rap on this song is a lesson to learn so the song in it's entirety is worth listening to. Especially when you consider that he could also be talking about the prison walls he's spent time behind.

  • mzlinda16 12.06.2010

    yeah,, i heard it on 96.1 =]
    i went on the 96.1 website and did a survey,, voted for it as my favourite and suggested they should play more Christina Smile
    i don't think 96.9 plays it tho Sad

  • frankyd 12.05.2010

    @mzling OMG really thats aweseome

    i am in australia too will listen out for it

  • mzlinda16 12.05.2010

    i just heard it play on Australian radio... i got soo happy Smile

  • christinalover 12.02.2010

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!! This is what Christina needs to put her back on top.

  • ijamseeds 12.01.2010

    hope this goes better than "tell me" and that it gets a live performance

  • mynix 12.01.2010

    It's fan made, but I would love if they do a HQ version of Christina and minimum rap like this: <a href="" title=""></a>
    It could be a hit.

  • RandyE352 11.29.2010

    I'm listening to the version in the link below. The intro is pure Christina, the instrumental in the chorus doesn't distort her voice, and the solo is beautiful and who needs a place to fall, keep climbing.

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