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Christina's fanmal??

Christina's fanmal??

Anyone written to Christina through the mail and gotten a response?? I have her Azoff music address,Havent written to it yet.Anyone have a success from another address?

  • candee2 02.18.2011

    You can call giving you an honest answer as a moderator of these forums as bitter, it won't change the fact that there is NO official fanmail addy.

  • babyjayde 02.17.2011

    yeah, true! i wish i could have her respond to me, even if it wasnt really her, i would be really happy to recieve an email or letter from someone pretending to be her! please christina, look at at least some fanmail and respond to some! we love you sooooooo much and could really use a letter back for us to realise how much our love and support means to you., also candee2 seems a little bitter.

  • candee2 02.06.2011

    The Azoff addy is her management office, not an official fanmail addy. There is no official fanmail addy, so you will not get a response. They do not advocate that you send fanmail there, so whatever you send to where ever you send it DO NOT EXPECT a response.

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