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The Bionic Summertime Tour 2010/2011 - CANCELLED/POSTPONED

The Bionic Summertime Tour 2010/2011 - CANCELLED/POSTPONED

Christina Aguilera's North American summer tour has been cancelled/postponed to give the singer more time to rehearse for the performances.

Christina had been due to kick off her trek in July, but now promoters have pushed the dates all the way back until 2011.

Christina feels she needs more time to rehearse the show and with less than a month between the album release and tour launch, this wasn’t possible.

Ticket refunds for the Bionic Tour are available from the point of purchase.


Bionic Tour - New Dates To Be Announced for 2011



MAY 25, 2010, 6:11 pm

Dear fans,

I made the decision to move my summer tour and I am truly sorry to those of you who had purchased tickets and have been disappointed by the news. Immediately after wrapping production on Burlesque, I went directly back into the studio and then quickly started the promotional process for Bionic. With both the album press and film press I am booked the entire summer and need time to focus on the work at hand. After reviewing the schedule with my team, I realized there was not enough time to put together and rehearse for a proper show, one that is at the caliber you expect from me or at the level I would present to my fans. In addition, my album has not even been released as yet and I would like for you all to become familiar with the music before you hear it live on tour. Again, I am sorry to have to move the dates but I promise to come see you when the time is right!

I look forward to seeing you all on the road soon enough to get BIONIC…

With love,


  • Stripped713 05.31.2011

    On a positive note though if she hurries up she can have a quality album to release in the fall which would be the best strategy for her at this point. Then have some ACTUAL promotion cycle through the winter to gain enough exposure of the new music and reconnect with fan base. then a 2012 tour would sell better than trying to revive a tour for a flopped album after the year she had last year. trust me, shes needs this time off to go hard or go home.

  • Stripped713 05.31.2011

    lol she is not touring. bionic era is over. she's recording new material and doing the voice. shes over bionic. trust would have been on sale months ago if a tour was happening.

  • clucier1 05.14.2011

    C/X it is now the beginning of Summer 2011. I am looking forward to you touring. I hope you come to the Philadelphia area. I would love to be able to see you in my hometown.

  • iambobblehead 02.21.2011

    hey i put up a comment and it didnt show i wonder if it went some other place weird but i hope she does a bionic tour or just a tour

  • PugsGirl 02.19.2011

    Hopefully we'll get an update soon. Smile

  • Magic07 12.15.2010

    I'll miss U but "can't wait" until 2011...looking forward 2 seeing U on the road! God Bless!!

  • frankyd 11.06.2010

    i am so excited for next year to hurry up and come. i have never been this excited for a christina tour or any tour for that matter. i just hope in light of everything that has happened this year with her personal life she doesn't change her mind and not tour at all

  • AllaneZ 11.06.2010

    Come to Indonesia please Shock

  • PugsGirl 11.05.2010

    Next year is going to be really busy for me as there are a lot of concerts I'm hoping to attend, but Christina's is the one I'm most excited for. Love

  • AllaneZ 10.29.2010

    can't wait..

  • PugsGirl 10.29.2010

    I really can't wait! Love

  • frankyd 10.17.2010

    hopefully its not the 2nd half of 2011 and she starts somewhere around march/april maybe

    i am really curious to see what she performs next week at the JT and friends concert. i guess that will be a little taste of what to expect next year

  • frankyd 10.15.2010

    i cant believe its already the 15th of october this year has flown by

    i am so exciting for this tour julie.......roll on the new year

  • PugsGirl 10.15.2010

    2011 is drawing nearer. We've got Christmas to look forward to and after that, it's Christina! Perfect. Love

  • ol1457 10.07.2010

    Xti no worries but please come to Caracas venezuela we love you.... you are the best

  • Ghislaine 10.03.2010

    Yes, please!, may Christina come to Germany!! Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin... anything within 'striking distance' of my little Fiat (5-seater), not necessarily limited to German soil....
    ... just one thing: I'd need some date/s, so I could possibly request leave at my company...
    I would really, really, really like to see and hear her live... after that 'demo' of her singing the US national anthem acapella a couple of months ago, she will be one of the - at max - handful of artists who will be able to sound live as good or even better than on CD!!
    God, Time sucks... when you would want it to - at max - slowly snail away, it races like Hell... and if you are waiting for something, Time feels more or less immobile and static... Wink

  • PugsGirl 10.01.2010

    Keep posting your wish list. Roll on 2011!!!!

  • allan_nez 08.17.2010

    please come to Indonesia..
    love you XTINA Wink

  • Torra 08.16.2010

    I hope so much you'll come to Germany
    love you <3

  • psb 08.15.2010

    OK... Coming from Montréal, I know this isn't the hottest place to go, but pliiiiiiize come to Winnipeg sweetie!

  • Madame_X 06.10.2010

    Great attitude, SummerBreeze. Keep on saving and go for the VIP experience! X

  • SummerBreeze78 06.10.2010

    While I was really disappointed to hear this, I was wondering how on earth she was going to pull off a tour so soon. I had already bought my tickets, but I couldn't afford the VIP package. Soooo......the silver lining of this cloud is that now I can SAVE up for the VIP package (if it's available), and like she said, it'll give me time to memorize her entire album and I'll be able to sing along. Smile

  • Madame_X 06.09.2010

    Good luck, I hope she comes to Italy.

  • deny 06.07.2010


  • Madame_X 06.05.2010

    Agreed! And I know the bars at venues like the 02 play the relevant artist's music ALL DAY LONG. So not only can we meet and chat way before the show, but we can enjoy sing-a-longs too, hehe! It really lifts the mood.

  • Appelsien04 06.05.2010

    Wow, i think a big bionic party in london we be a reason for me to cross the canal! But i sure hope she comes to the Netherlands as well. I had to skip it last time because of some private matters, but that's definitly not going to happen again!

  • frankyd 06.04.2010

    if the UK dates come before the US maybe i will come back to the UK then and we will have a big bionic party

  • Madame_X 06.03.2010

    We must arrange a MASSIVE meet up of fans in London for this concert!

  • kyanes0219 06.02.2010

    christina please please please come to the new york city area at madison square garden, the izod or the prudential centers!! =(

  • Madame_X 06.02.2010

    Agreed. I think the postponement is a better idea, all round. The wait will be worth it.

  • FierceDiva 06.02.2010

    You know I think this was a very smart decision because Xtina is bigger than 20 dates, but I know the economy is a little hard on people right now, but as I was sitting in my cubicle singing Prima Donna, I thought omg the concert will be so much more next year when all the fans will be able to sing all the songs along with her!!

  • smartiz 06.01.2010

    Please come to quebec also ...we love christina

  • Madame_X 06.01.2010

    M&G depends on ILAA, but probably. M&G is extremely limited, with only four available per venue.
    PS Christina has other people to M&G too, so it will be more than four each venue logistically.

  • PogoJoe333 05.31.2010

    Please add Seattle Wa to your rescheduled dates!! Also hope Christina is still doing meet/greet Vip tix when the tour is back on!

  • Madame_X 05.30.2010

    frankyd, not sure whether the European tour will still schedule in Autumn or not. It depends on other work and promo that Christina has lined up, including the Burlesque movie.

    As for the tour tickets, the presales, refunds etc etc, this is organised by ILAA and TM/LN so you really need to contact them. But as I see it, they are going the refund route rather than waiting for the new dates to be scheduled.

  • frankyd 05.30.2010

    i am not sure if this has already been asked but julie you may know. is it just the summer US tour that has been postponed or has the whole tour been postponed so there will be no european or UK dates until 2011 as well????

    also i was wondering if it is possible to maybe suggest to management when the new dates do get announced maybe there is a way that people who had tickets originally get a special advanced pre sale or something cos if i was given the option i would have gladly not taken a refund and just waited and been guaranteed the exact same ticket for a new date. just cos i had a diamond package and i know they are very limited and it was very stressful trying to obtain one i would be so shattered if when the time comes that they go on sale again i miss out

  • Madame_X 05.29.2010

    You will receive new presale codes I expect.

  • Lovebird. 05.29.2010

    Thats sad.

  • I don't know if someone asked this before, but whats gonna happen to the presale codes? are we gonna be able to use them for next year or new ones will be send? Smile

  • FierceDiva 05.28.2010

    Well my refund came through really quickly, so I was surprised I got it within like a day of receiving my email notice, and I was so upset I thought it was going to be a battle so I was like yay! Oh and by the way perez is a bully, for someone who is gay and claims so much discrimination against him he is beyond hateful. I stopped going to his site when I saw he was picking at underage girls like miley cyrus and drawing those crude drawings and calling her sluts and stuff, that is just unacceptable for anyone especially a man over 30 gay or not! He just wanted to ride on Xtina's coattails and she busted his bubble because I saw he thought that he was going to be allowed on the set of NMT video and was rejected! hahahaha after he talked smack he thought he was going to walk in there for a inside scoop. He is just an insecure man with no ambitions or goals in life!

  • Madame_X 05.27.2010

    Hehe, I don't visit his site either. So long as people do visit there, they are supporting this muppet.

    My advise is don't visit him, don't post on his site, don't copy and paste or discuss his inane blabberings here on this site. The majority of us are not in the least bit interested. LOL. Laughing out loud

  • Bobblehead 05.27.2010

    Oh Julie! You're last comment made laugh out loud! How is getting away with so much hate Sad It makes me sad and I dont' even visit his site!

  • Madame_X 05.27.2010

    Ticket sales had NOTHING to do with the postponement. on't believe what muppets like Perez Hilton say.

  • Ludawg94 05.27.2010

    I wonder if ticket sales had anything to with this, but it is unfortunate. Probably by next year I will be able to buy a ticket and hope that they have better pricing on it. I Love All Access + Ticketmaster had some ridiculous fees tacked on top of the tickets. Anywhere from $16 to $27 depending on what price you bought it at.

  • ChristinaFan 05.26.2010

    you know what was really disappointing..getting my ticket in the mail the same day I heard it was well..see you in 2011 Christina

  • Madame_X 05.26.2010

    We love you, Christina! Do not worry. We're waiting patiently. x

  • candee2 05.25.2010

    I am so happy I am not going to a concert in the summer. I would have a heart attack in that heat.

  • xxxtina 05.25.2010

    bit pooped as i was flying from the UK but cant wait till 2011!!!! still love you millions christina

  • Madame_X 05.25.2010

    Agreed, we're true and understanding fans and we can wait. x

  • mlvcrlive 05.25.2010

    Since we are true fans. We can wait for Christina

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