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Christina Aguilera is coming to NBC.

Christina Aguilera is coming to NBC.

Christina Aguilera is coming to NBC.

The five-time Grammy winner has signed on as a coach/judge on Mark Burnett’s singing competition series The Voice.

Celebrity singers fill three spots on the judging panel so far, with Xtina joining Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine. Aguilera was first reported as being in talks for the show in an EW exclusive posted last week.

“I am so excited to be part of such a wonderful project that celebrates music and the talent behind it,” Aguilera said in a statement. “To be given the opportunity to help shape new artists’ careers and mentor them to see their dreams come to fruition is a task I welcome with open arms.mI am so happy to be working with fellow Grammy Award winners Adam and Cee Lo as I feel there is so much we can all bring to The Voice.”
Though launching any music competition series at the same time Fox’s American Idol is on the air remains perilous, the lineup gives NBC some heavy-hitting star power behind its show — and adds to Burnett’s impressive roster of reality casting coups. (Anybody who can sign Sarah Palin and Christina Aguilera for reality shows is a casting wizard.)

“When I decided to produce The Voice, I immediately knew that my first choice for a female coach had to be Christina Aguilera,” Burnett said. “Christina has a perfect voice and is an undeniable force in the music business. She is the epitome of The Voice.”

That Aguilera has been all over the news lately — and not for her singing — doesn’t exactly hurt the show’s prospects either. Aguilera’s recent detainment for public drunkenness, stumbling onstage at the Grammys, and botching the National Anthem at the Super Bowl is the kind of unpredictability that makes for must-watch reality TV (see: Paula Abdul on American Idol).

The Voice premieres on Tuesday, April 26.

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  • PugsGirl 03.07.2011

    I'm looking forward to this!

  • phantom11 03.05.2011

    That makes 2 of us dee. Even with her on it, I won't watch.

  • candee2 03.05.2011

    While I do think it's good to mentor new singers, I don't watch these kind of shows and her being a judge won't change my hatred for them. I will not be a viewer, even for her.

  • lIG 03.05.2011

    well, I am not sure. I am sure if she did it, she would be marvelous anyway.

  • lIG 03.03.2011


  • Xtina4ever 03.03.2011

    I agree with Epiclera! U guys r makin a big deal out of nothing. Just be happy for Christina, dammit!

  • iambobblehead 03.03.2011

    i thought she was making a apperance on umm xfactor?

  • Epiclera 03.03.2011

    And this whole thing about "has-beens" and "d-listers"... that never made sense to me.

    Personally, I don't believe anyone is ever a has-been unless they retire. Christina is still in the business, therefore she's not a has-been.

    And "d-list"? That's pure abstract gibberish to me. Who cares what list a person is supposedly on, anyway? What's the problem? I'm pretty sure Christina herself doesn't care what list she's on at any moment, whether she's A-list, B-list, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l or w or z....

    Sometimes, I feel like fans and people in general worry about the silliest of things... anyway.

  • Epiclera 03.03.2011

    I don't understand why many people don't like this. If Christina can make appearances on random things like "Entourage", "Project Runway" and "Deal or No Deal", then what's the problem now with "The Voice"?

    If anything "The Voice" makes more sense to me...

    Hopefully, the show will be interesting and will be somewhat of a success. If not, oh well whatever.. Christina has nothing to lose with this, in my opinion. Smile

  • candee2 03.03.2011

    lmao too funny

    sounds so tragic

  • ijamseeds 03.03.2011

    <a href="" title=""></a>
    this where the voice started. god, i cant imagine christina pushing chair buttons for a living

  • TitaXtina 03.03.2011

    I really don't like this. I always feel that all the people doing reality TV are mainly artist who's careers have expired and they are trying to buy their way back or need some money to pay their mortgage. As much as I like watching Christina, I don't see how this can help her career. I feel artists lose the exclusivity factor after being on these shows and people get saturated with them giving their opining. So when they try to get back on stage, the judging on them is even harder. But perhaps her team knows best. One can't help it but thing if the recent events are part of staying on the headlines. That seems to be the recipe these days with most celebrities.

  • lIG 03.02.2011


  • phantom11 03.02.2011


  • ijamseeds 03.02.2011


  • Xtina4ever 03.02.2011

    How exciting!

  • Beautiful93 03.02.2011

    Woohoo! Laughing out loud

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