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Aguilera @ Her Strongest

Aguilera @ Her Strongest

I support Christina in all that she does. I also feel that her focus on nostalgic themes have steered her off course. It's okay to be reverent of the past, but not okay to stay in it. She was at her strongest when she released Stripped and there was a reason for that. It's because it came from HER. Not another artist, not another style, or period-- it was Christina. She tapped into her soulful, angry subconscious and the result was a profound body of work. She got so much grief for her image for a reason; I believe she was really on to something. I wish Christina would go back to that place and time. Go back to the issues of abuse and self-esteem. Her philosophies were so on point and, in a way, a healing revolution. She certainly helped me through a tremendously dark time; I wish she would go deeper. Wisdom doesn't truly come from nostalgia or a perfume label. It comes from the heart. I encourage Christina to return there. I think she is on the right track with "The Voice"--image isn't everything; it's ultimately what comes from within. Keep going Christina. Don't capitalize on the ideals of beauty. Don't sell yourself to a network to find the next superstar. So they can sing? Who are these people and what do they have to offer society?

So she messed up at the Superbowl? Her true fans knew her talent, so it didn't matter to them--so why was she trying to prove it to an audience that can't see a link between domestic violence and football anyway? Why does it have to be about glamour Christina? Do people who are different or differently-abled care about glamour? What is glamour to them? It's not about who is the best, and I'm getting tired of this theme as well. It's about how you can win over yourself, unconventionally, with what you've been given. She knows this! It's what her entire character is based on. She was taunted as a child for her gifts, slammed for being sexual as a woman. Christina reached out to people who were afraid of themselves. Her inspiration to stand up against the hate was monumental, but we still need to stand up to the hate. Hate is still breeding. People are still hating themselves, and they don't know it because they are being rewarded for loving their false sense of self. How can Christina mold herself into another persona to appeal those who are still suffering because of the misogynistic backlash? Men are still getting away with assault, rape and murder every day. In my city, a woman's body was discovered last week in a dumpster that had been set on fire. A month ago a man shot his wife and then himself at a Chick-fil-A. Something is still seriously not right with our view of ourselves and of women. We have a constant need to see other people fall, or to find the next best thing. Why? What have we forgotten? Who are we forgetting about? Ourselves? Others? Get off your Android and Ipad and dig deeper people!
Do blind people tweet? Could deaf people watch The Voice? Do cosmetics really mask a battered woman's face? How can we all come together if we are leaving things behind. This post may seem fragmented, but it is sincere. I believe Christina has what it takes to reinvent herself. It's not all about love, it's about love AND hate. We're forgetting about the hate. We can't help our enemies by loving them if they don't want to be loved. Hate needs to be confronted, challenged and channeled with our gifts and talents. We can love ourselves all we want but there will always be the shadow of the axe. Like "Axe" cologne for men. I believe in your power Christina. Don't let me down.

  • McGoldrick 03.31.2011

    At the superbowl, that is a common , sheesh I dont even know my own national anthem past the first verse.

  • phantom11 03.25.2011

    Also you say she's living in the past and should stop and at the same time you're saying she should go back to the style of Stripped.

    1. That cd wasn't just an artistic statement, but it was also a reflection of where she was at the time. The thing with Back To Basics and Bionic was that she was no longer in that place. It would not be good to go back their. Yes it produced a great cd, but would the cost of a second go around be too high?(rhetorical question)

    2. You don't see the contradiction there about telling her not to go to the past and wanting her to do a Stripped style cd again?

  • candee2 03.25.2011

    You seem to have an all or nothing way of thinking when it comes to Christina Aguilera.

    This is my opinion based soley on your post.

    Jesus Christ is considered, worldwide, as the Savior of the world or mankind and yet he took the time to attend weddings, funerals, and even had a profession as a carpenter. Dying was what he was put here for and yet even he didn't run to die.

    It's almost as if you see Christina as an answer to all of the world's problems today and as such, she should stick to this righteous fight for the good of us all. That she is holy and clean and should only concern herself with things worthy of 'the cause'. Things that probably only a chosen few would seem to deem worthy. Your saying that she should think of this group of people but then go on to say this other group of people don't deserve her time, is kinda judgemental.

    What I think you fail to recognize is that Christina Aguilera is working, whether she is taking orders for fries or cooking the fries, it's work. What she's doing now with this tv show is work and it's a job that she is an expert in. Who's to say that she won't meet someone on this show that was abused, and even if she doesn't, it should not be a criteria for her to do anything, be it for business or for fun.

    And you were just wrong from the very beginning of your statement, I mean, she is not locked into or overly focused in the past, I don't know if you heard of it, but her last album, Bionic, was not mired in the past, so where that idea came from is beyond my imagination, but it's very erroneous.

    Anyway, I'll finish with this, even if Christina is here to speak for the downtrodden, misused, and abused, she is still human, a human who has to make her choices in life just like we all do. We can't look for someone else to take the lead in doing something for others, we all have to individually take the reins and do that for ourselves because in the end, we all make sacrifices everyday, not just Christina Aguilera.

  • Chris_jc_xa 03.25.2011

    There are so many points I'd like to comment on, but I only want to highlight the part that phantom noted, and say, that the fuzz around the superbowl had nothing to do with questioning her ability or talent as you seem to suggest. The reaction came from people questioning her moral and ethics, which of course is as ridiculous imo...

  • phantom11 03.25.2011

    "so why was she trying to prove it to an audience that can't see a link between domestic violence and football anyway?"


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