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Does anybody know when Chrsitina's next tour is and if its coming to the uk?!

  • Stripped713 09.27.2012

    She said in a recent interview that she really wants to be sure she is ready before heading out to tour. Honestly I think that is the best decision because last time she launched tickets a little premature. Its better to be able to present lotus and promote it properly this time around. When the time it ready, she will tour. I am thinking perhaps it may start in 2013 BUT there is a chance it may not start until late 2013 and continue on into 2014.

  • ashleypilat 09.10.2012

    hey i hope you come to buffalo. One love!

  • Pinklady39 08.17.2011

    She will go for tour somewhere in 2011.

  • xtinarox1113 08.11.2011

    I'm not sure but I would guess that when her next album comes out, she'll go on tour seems how she hasn't done a tour since Back To Basics.

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