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September 2011 Articles

September 2011 Articles

Articles about Christina during September 2011.

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  • Criss Tareyton 11.07.2011

    Amazing, Wonderful, Blessful ventures are instored for my Queen Christina Aguilera Always

  • candee2 09.30.2011

    go go go MLJ ....and it goes like this...

  • AllaneZ 09.30.2011

    2012 will be Xtina's year... The Voice 2nd session and 6th studio album!! Perfect year Smile

  • ijamseeds 09.30.2011

    Forget the perfumes. We need more news like this:

    Xtina's coming back for her throne
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 09.30.2011

    NEWS : Christina Aguilera Calls 'Moves Like Jagger' 'So Unique'
    *via MTV

    <a href="" title=""></a>

    'The first time I heard the song, I loved it,' she tells MTV News of Maroon 5 track, which has spent four weeks at #1.

    Back in July, on the set of the "Moves Like Jagger" video, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine made a compelling argument for the song to be crowned the Song of Summer, stating, rather matter-of-factly, "There's not even any other songs being released this summer."

    Turns out he was wrong. Not only were there other songs released during summer 2011 (we checked), but, as it turns out, "Jagger" may end up being the Song of Fall too.

    For the fourth week, the song — which also features Christina Aguilera — sits atop the Billboard Hot 100, besting the likes of Adele, Lady Gaga and Eminem. And it shows no signs of vacating the #1 spot anytime soon. Maroon 5 even released a rap remix with up-and-coming MC Mac Miller online earlier today. And while the success of "Jagger" is certainly impressive, it's equally amazing to learn that it's the first chart-topper for Aguilera in 10 years (her last being 2001's "Lady Marmalade").

    So understandably, Aguilera is thrilled. Then again, as she told MTV News in a statement Thursday (September 29), she knew "Jagger" was destined for greatness from the moment it was first played for her.

    "The first time I heard the song, I loved it," she said. "The song has elements from the '60s and '70s, yet is so current and unique."

    Aguilera shows up in the Jonas Åkerlund-directed "Jagger" video, and she'll return to judging duties on the second season of "The Voice" too. Buoyed by the success of her team-up with Maroon 5, she's already at work on a new album — the follow-up to 2010's Bionic — reportedly due next summer.

  • AllaneZ 09.30.2011

    NEWS : "Moves Like Jagger" is The Biggest Song Of The Year in Canada
    *via ATRL

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 09.29.2011

    NEWS : Moves Like Jagger spends a fourth week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100
    *via Billboard

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 09.27.2011

    BUY : Keep on buy 'Moves Like Jagger' to keep it on top of Billboard Hot 100
    *via iTunes

    <a href=";v0=WWW-NAUS-ITSTOP100-SONGS&amp;ign-mpt=uo%3D2" title=";v0=WWW-NAUS-ITSTOP100-SONGS&amp;ign-mpt=uo%3D2"></a>

  • xtinarox1113 09.26.2011

    "Simon Cowell's "X Factor" debuted and turned out to be, at best, "American Idol" in an arena and, at worst, "America's Got Talent" without the jugglers."

  • AllaneZ 09.26.2011

    I just wanna share this cute video with you guys...
    Christina Aguilera - MTV New Sensation
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 09.26.2011

    NEWS : The Voice is better than US X Factor
    *via MTV

    After a year of hype and the promise of a revamped singing competition that will blow everything else out of the water, Simon Cowell's "X Factor" debuted and turned out to be, at best, "American Idol" in an arena and, at worst, "America's Got Talent" without the jugglers.

    Comparisons to other reality competitions are unavoidable, not only because "X Factor" marks the TV return of beloved duo Simon and Paula, but because Cowell has taken elements from many competitive series and put them in a giant blender: the auditions in front of a live audience of "Talent"; the small-town-hero angle of "Idol"; former "Sing-Off "judge Nicole Scherzinger; and an impossibly tall, foreign-born, hug-happy host, à la "So You Think You Can Dance" star Cat Deeley. But so far, Frankensteining a bunch of popular TV shows hasn't made "The X Factor" feel all that groundbreaking.

    In its defense, audition episodes are often the tackiest, most manipulative and most bloated part of any reality competition, particularly "American Idol." Easy-target freak shows and exploitative sob stories abound. In the two-night (!) four-hour (!!) "X Factor" premiere, we met washed-up R&B divas, recovering meth-head waste managers and a stripping novelty act that had Paula regretting her breakfast burrito.

    Meanwhile, "tribute act" contestants like Prince-loving Siameze and the James Brown-aping Dexter Heygood received good reviews, even though they might seem more at home on "America's Got Talent." (Now that I mention it, one of the girls in metal duo "You Only Live Once" was just on "AGT" this summer doing the same exact shtick. You'd think Cowell's production company — which oversees both shows — would have caught that.)

    After two nights, the only thing that differentiates "X Factor" from every other music-based reality competition is a $5 million contract, mentioned approximately 14 times a minute, and ... well, that's about it.

    Simon Cowell spent so much time obsessing over how to top "American Idol" that he lost sight of the one show he should be paying attention to: "The Voice." NBC's midseason breakout cracked the code and figured out how to make audition episodes fresh again. The secret? Blind auditions that forced the judges to make snap decisions on the spot, aided by a giant red button left over from "Press Your Luck," which activated a giant swivel chair. There was cooked-up suspense in every single audition. Gimmicky? You bet. Fun as hell and new? Absolutely.

    Truth be told, once the blind auditions ended, "The Voice" became a less exciting reality show with a so-so talent pool. The most interesting parts — the judges are also mentors, their famous friends drop by for one-on-one coaching time — were all components liberally lifted from the U.K.'s "X Factor" format. Ironic that the one reality show Simon didn't take from is the one that stole from him, don'cha think?

    All hope is not lost for "The X Factor," though. When it works — like recovering addict Chris Rene performing a heart-tugging original called "Young Homey" or rugby player (and former "Idol" hopeful) Caitlyn Koch turning "Stop in the Name of Love" into an Adele song — it lives up to its potential as a fresher, more contemporary take on "Idol." (Those two auditions made me infinitely more excited than anything I saw during the "Idol" tryouts this year.) Plus, as a casual watcher of the U.K. series, I know that there are tons of surprises and high drama in store. With the promise of "awards-show-style performances" from the contestants starting with the live shows in November, I'm confident "The X Factor" will grow into the groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind, must-see spectacle it claims to be.

    Until then, I'll miss Christina Aguilera and her swivel chair.

  • ijamseeds 09.25.2011

    the spray is for her throat and vocal chords. she used to just rely on candy before.

  • AllaneZ 09.25.2011

    @Beautiful : I don't know exactly what it is.. Maybe she don't wanna make her lipstick become stained.

    @Candee : At first, nobody guess that this song will get success... But, know everyone listening to Moves Like Jagger... Perez likes it too Tongue
    Moves Like Jagger is #1 in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden, US Hot 100, Pop Songs, and Airplay.. And it almost 22 days on the top of iTunes.

  • candee2 09.24.2011

    I am really impressed with how well that Jagger song is doing. I am hearing it more and more nowadays, it seems one of those songs that grow on ya. I have come to love it, but then I didn't actually hear the song at all until like 8 days ago. I love the vid too.

  • Beautiful93 09.24.2011

    Can anyone tell me what she's spraying in her mouth after the 'What A Girl Wants' and 'Beautiful' performances? I mean, if she wanted to drink some water, she could just drink it from a bottle, right?

  • Beautiful93 09.24.2011

    I like her CLSA Gala performances! Smile

  • AllaneZ 09.24.2011

    VIDEO : Watch some of Christina's performances at CLSA Gala
    here :
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • phantom11 09.22.2011

    Say what?

  • ijamseeds 09.22.2011

    that name is banned in this thread. unless it's in the off-topic thread

  • phantom11 09.22.2011

    "im not saying she should give us cookies or mcdonald's"

    If she gave out Mcdonald's I'd think she's trying to poison us.

    "like what one artist"

    Having trouble saying her name?

  • AllaneZ 09.22.2011

    NEWS : 'Moves Like Jagger' Hits The Top of Billboard Hot 100 for a Third Week
    *via Billboard

    As previously reported, the Billboard Hot 100's splashiest headline this week comes courtesy of Tony Bennett, who becomes the oldest living artist ever to appear on the tally. His duet with Amy Winehouse, "Body and Soul," enters the chart at No. 88, lifting the 85-year-old past then-84-year-old George Burns (in 1980) for the esteemed honor.

    Still, other news infuses this week's chart.

    Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger," featuring Christina Aguilera, spends a third week at No. 1 on the Hot 100, roaring to the No. 1 spot on Radio Songs and holding atop Digital Songs.

    "Jagger" blasts 5-1 on Radio Songs with a 14% gain to 123 million all-format audience impressions, according to Nielsen BDS. The song marks Maroon 5's first No. 1 on the chart, passing the twin No. 5 peaks of "This Love" and "She Will Be Loved" in 2004. Aguilera celebrates her third time singing on the country's most-heard song: her debut pop smash "Genie in a Bottle" reigned for three weeks in 1999 and "Lady Marmalade," with Lil' Kim, Mya and P!nk, led for six frames in 2001.

    The 5-1 vault of "Jagger" on Radio Songs is the greatest since Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" bounded 6-1 on the Nov. 28, 2009, chart.

    "Jagger" leads Digital Songs for a fourth frame with 221,000 downloads sold (up 1%), according to Nielsen SoundScan.

  • Xtina4ever 09.22.2011

    Britney should give her some advice on how to lip properly. Lol

  • VixenRose 09.22.2011

    every artist out there lips; some more than others, some made a career of it. I think it's good that our girl lips at the time, singing is hard on your voice and over all. Everyone knows she can sing like no other out there, lipped performances won't change that. But she really isn't good at lipping, but i think it's just a good thing. I want her to be able to sing 50 and 60 years from now - and giving your voice a rest is as important as using your voice the right way.

  • ijamseeds 09.21.2011

    i think she as a headstrong artist/entertainer should consider lip-syncing everything as the last resort if she's having vocal health problems. backtracking is meant to give vocal support to a singer singing live. to give that added volume and body to maintain and sustain the overall vocal quality of the track. just like what she did in "show me how you burlesque" in dwts and "keeps gettin better" in the vma's. but then she mimed everything from beginning to end in that dirrty performance and that was disappointing. it's straight out lying in our faces while she stoops down eyes closed, which is her trademark, pretending hitting high notes while placing one finger in one ear which is a technique high belting singers do to nail a hard note. was she thinking that she could fool people with those acts and cover up miming? it hurts to think that she considers her fans stupid and that she had it all planned out. is that all that we are to her? im not saying she should give us cookies or mcdonald's like what one artist does just to show gratitude and appreciation, all that we ask is for her to stay true to her art. that's enough to make us feel special. she of all people should know, as a legit songwriter, who writes from the heart and one who works hard per detail in every song, that the actual raw live vocals, in whatever condition, contribute a lot to the honesty of the song and the message its trying to give to hardcore followers of her art. it's Knowing that sound comes from inside her and getting inside us thru our ears and makin us feel like we’re havin a Direct encounter with her core. imo, that's what make live performances in general transition into something magical for real fans of music. faking it doesnt give that connection a chance. i was expecting from someone like her, that there's something prepared like a stripped down, rearranged or a different version that would tailor fit whatever her vocal condition would be if ever the need arises. it's what truly ingenious and credible artists really do to soldier on in live performances.

  • candee2 09.21.2011

    Just wanted to comment on that lip-syncing post. Just to make clear something, Xtina DID NOT put lip syncing down, when she made her comment, some fans ASSUMED she meant that when she clearly said something differently then what they eventually begin to believe she said.

    She said she didn't like artists that made a career of it. People who were manufactured in the studio then used backtrack for concerts.

    That is what she ACTUALLY said, but some fans ran with their opinion instead of Xtina's actual quote and what she actually meant. Just as they did when she put down MTV and people said she was putting down Beyonce and those. And she wasn't.

    Christina is not a manufactured singer, if the sound goes out she can, will, and has done it without mic, and or music. Yes, she has lip synced, wooped the woop. When she first came out and I saw how hard she sang, I was like, please start using a backtrack sometimes, before your vocal cords break. lmao So I'm happy to know she now does do so at times, it does not change the fact that she can blow when she wants to.

    She didn't wanna lip it at first, that's for sure, because she wanted to prove herself, but as I said, I'm glad she learned better. All the greats have done it, imo, there is no shame in it, unless your butt can't sing at all, ala milli vanilli.

  • candee2 09.21.2011

    there are several things not up for discussions on this forum, one of them being weight. ijamseeds, you continously seem to wanna discuss Xtina's weight and body image, you should find something else to focus on in here.

    All such discussions will be deleted.

  • phantom11 09.20.2011

    For her size, yeah that's not good.

  • AllaneZ 09.20.2011

    Maybe Christina have many similar hats like that..

  • AllaneZ 09.20.2011

    Yes!!! The same dress when she attended the nbc's party or whatever it was..

  • xtinarox1113 09.20.2011

    I've noticed that too @ijamseeds. I think they look really good on her.

  • AintNoOtherGirl 09.20.2011
  • ijamseeds 09.20.2011

    that's the second time i saw her wear that polka dotted dress. she's into hats recently.

  • AllaneZ 09.20.2011

    NEWS : "Moves Like Jagger" Remix by Mac Miller will be released to iTunes and Radio October 4th
    *via Maroon 5 Official Website

    Maroon 5’s smash hit “Moves Like Jagger” has climbed to the #1 spot on the Top 40 and Hot AC charts and has also reclaimed the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song has already hit many chart milestones, having debuted at #1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart and reaching #1 on the Hot 100 previously this month. With the single’s success on the Hot 100 chart, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has become the first artist in its 53-year history to reach #1 as part of a group and to enter the Top 10 at the same time as a soloist, as he is featured on Gym Class Heroes’ “Stereo Heart”. Additionally a “Moves Like Jagger” remix, featuring rapper Mac Miller, will be available on October 4th on iTunes and radio. Maroon 5 is also set to perform on The Ellen Degeneres Show on September 21st.

    Maroon 5 is currently co-headlining a summer North American tour with Train. Wrapping up September 24 in Houston, TX., the 40-plus-city outing has already sold out multiple venues including the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and Jones Beach Theater in New York. Adding to the band’s busy summer, Maroon 5 recently performed “Moves Like Jagger” on the NFL Kickoff 2011 and on America’s Got Talent.

  • AllaneZ 09.20.2011

    NEWS : Christina to Perform at 'CSLA GALA' In Hongkong

    Christina will be performing some of her hit songs this Thursday in Hong Kong, China for the CLSA gala party. Where she would be entertaining many high profile business men/women. George Clooney will also be attending the Gala.

  • phantom11 09.19.2011

    "PHOTO : Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler-Boxing Match In Vegas
    *via JustJared"

    So they got into a fight eh.

  • AllaneZ 09.19.2011

    NEWS : "I'm writing so much. I've been inspired by... The Good, The Bad, The Highs, The Lows..."
    *via Winnipeg Free Press

    Christina Aguilera will never put movies before her music career.

    The 30-year-old star made her film debut last year in 'Burlesque', and while she is looking for more cinematic projects, she insists her main focus will always be as a singer.

    She said: "I'm always reading scripts. 'Burlesque' was something that came to my door that I was truly inspired to do. It was the right time and place for me to dive into that world I've always been inspired by.

    "But I'm not going to do back-to-back movies just to do them. Music is always my first love and where my time and attention will remain.

    "But film is something that will be on my mind and I am looking for the next project."

    Christina split from her husband Jordan Bratman - the father of her three-year-old son Max - last year and she admits their break-up and subsequent divorce has inspired some tracks for her next album.

    She told Britain's Hello! magazine: "I'm in the studio now working on my next album and I'm writing so much. I've been inspired by a lot over the past year, the experiences I've had, the good, the bad, the highs, the lows - it will all be apparent in the lyrics.

    "The mood of the album will be very introspective, heartfelt and deep rooted."

  • AllaneZ 09.19.2011

    NEWS : An Update about Christina's new album
    *via Twitter

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 09.19.2011

    NEWS : Christina will be in HongKong for a week. Doing a show.
    *via Twitter

  • AllaneZ 09.19.2011

    NEWS : Frenchie Davis on her Facebook: "Holly Lord! Xtina is working on a New Album and wants too collaborate."
    *via Facebook

  • AllaneZ 09.19.2011

    PHOTO : Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler-Boxing Match In Vegas
    *via JustJared

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • phantom11 09.16.2011

    Something seriously wrong when someone(I don't care who it is) is lip-syncing and the crowd isn't rioting over it. When did cheating your audience by lip-syncing become accpetable?

  • ijamseeds 09.16.2011

    xtina undeniably doin major lipsyncing back in the day:
    <a href=";feature=related" title=";feature=related">;feature=related</a>

  • ijamseeds 09.16.2011

    xtina pre-genie in a bottle/ 17 y/o:
    she got natural thick flowing locks! what happened?
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • ijamseeds 09.16.2011

    ok she didnt take home anything. did she make an appearance?

  • ijamseeds 09.16.2011

    so did she win any alma

  • AllaneZ 09.16.2011

    PHOTO : Christina Aguilera, Max and Jordan Bratman leave Santa Monica Office
    *via JustJared

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 09.16.2011

    NEWS : Cee Lo Green defends Christina's Diva Status: She's Royally Successful
    *via Urban Informer

    Kelson: Now they said, Christina Aguilera was a diva on the show. Is there any truth to this?

    Cee Lo: She’s a diva already. She’s got a glam squad. The word diva stems from a negative stigma. She’s a woman. A Queen, and she’s a King. She’s royally successful. So, I can’t knock her about nothing. That's Christina Aguilera. To me, she has one of the greatest voices of our time and I got nothing but respect for her.

  • AllaneZ 09.16.2011

    POLL : VH1 - Witch Diva Makes The Greatest Music Video
    *via VH1

    Vote for Xtina here, against Mariah and Katy
    <a href=";scrollTo=poll840&amp;ml=0" title=";scrollTo=poll840&amp;ml=0"></a>

  • ijamseeds 09.16.2011

    why would gaga even consider accepting a sad job? she's livin the life right now.

  • phantom11 09.15.2011

    It was also said that Lady GaGa was going to replace her.

    It's weird this rumour because if she was not doing her job, why would they wait until season 3 to fire her? Bit of a jump in logic there.

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