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"Love will conquer all..."

"Love will conquer all..."

From the time we do start Life,
the very moment we arrive,
we find ourselves besieged by foes,
"candy pop" in Fate's cruel throes...

You wish you won't, but you will err
and make mistakes, which may deter
you - since distressing -
from moving on, progressing...

The purpose of our Sun's revolve
is that we all do learn, evolve,
which sure can take till late,
once impacts' hurts abate...

I am old, and I've gone through
most of what I'm telling you;
it took me long, until at last
I found "home", my vote I cast...

I can't explain with Logic well
why I went and thus did tell;
Emotion from 'above'??
Could this be what's "Love"?....

I simply sensed that - to my shock -
if I were a granite rock,
I just would go and melt
if Xtina's voice I felt... Smile

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