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New Released album: Lotus! Buy!

New Released album: Lotus! Buy!

Christina said it could be out in spring/summer 2012. I wish it's true and she is gonna hold on to this release schedule. Christina is needed in music industry so badly. I need quality and VOICE back. I wonder what direction she is gonna go on this album?
I just hope we start getting official news about it soon. I mean, there really isn't any tea spilled on Christina's album until the really last moments. She sure knows how to keep fans on their toes, bit too good I think.
I still LOVE Bionic but I'm really for Christina to go bit deeper on this time.

  • DanaChristin 09.23.2013

    Please like and support the german Christina Fans Site !!

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • mpat5318 09.22.2013

    Yes i have kept bionic going strong on repeat it's my favorite. I'm getting lotus because i know i will be listening and listening. These albums all have that in common. Thank you for such a favorite. I love my bionic, and will love this
    one too. I'm buying it next time i get some money.

  • WorshipChristina 08.28.2013

    I'm an old man but a young fan. Recently got Lotus and have been listening to it constantly. Xtina's voice is divine as always, that alone is worth the price of admission. I like the instrumentals, they're so creative and support her vocals superbly. The lyrics describe many of the stages and emotions I've experienced surviving to this age. If one doesn't enjoy and fully appreciate this work, it may be that Xtina's personal growth and maturity has surpassed some in her generation. I Love Lotus. In time, I think all fans will.

  • martin mystère 04.04.2013

    maybe she must don't care about any criticism, also if is difficult and make only the music that really prefer. soul ,r&b, or other ,and must find the enthusiasm and the pleasure to do it without fear, especially for herself

  • VixenRose 03.27.2013

    like she does anything else for her perfumes than a photoshoot and TV-commercial.
    Maybe she doesn't even like Lotus and just released 'cause her contract. I just don't see any other reason for this album release.

  • martin mystère 03.26.2013

    she has many activities now ,like the voice or other ,the new fragrance for example,ecc. is not like the beginning when there was only the album .
    in14 years change everything

  • janezeko 03.15.2013

    LOTUS is by far my fav. album of the last years. Positive music, lyrics... so rare that nowadays album is soo good, i wish it sells in millions

  • martin mystère 02.23.2013

    i wan to tell you a thing anyway christina ,i think this is not an easy life also if you have a lot of money. you don't know how successfull it's going to be,that's the paradox of the whole thing. you can't know.if you knew beforehand, there'd be no courage of striving involved ,you'd stop cos you knew it wouldn't work; or just coast cos you know it will work. you didn't know if it'd fail or work you just did. so if you care you must try always if you don't care throw away everything .this is only a your choice. you are a great singer ,try and then will see but try .come on you are singer with too much talent to give away everything about this album. best wishes for the album

  • ijamseeds 02.01.2013

    in that case, bye christina. u will be greatly missed

  • TitaXtina 02.01.2013

    Next Video? I have not seen or hear anything about a new video. It seems that Lotus has been put to rest by the maker herself. I hope that all the free time will motive her to do new things (movie, sitcom or something else).

  • AllaneZ 01.28.2013

    Already 5 months?? OMG.
    It took so long for next music video

  • ijamseeds 01.28.2013

    almost five months since her last music video for Lotus. thats almost half the year. SMH harrrrrrrrd. ouch

  • martin mystère 01.25.2013

    your body video remember me all hooked up video ,an old all saints video ,from saints &sinners album . the difference is that christina is alone againts that men, all saints are four! and they don't give any guarantee about the characters that smash out of their room!

  • martin mystère 01.25.2013

    for me her career is not dead , maybe i used to see european singers or groups and maybe i don't understand this way to press a singer with ten years of success ,a single album can't stop this . i think so. this is a moment of her life for me absolutely normal .is not important beeing always number one but is enough be present also if you are number two or three . i think is only a matter of period ,sometimes you are number one ,sometimes number two and then number one again,ecc . i don't want to consider this a flop

  • BionicFred 01.23.2013

    i dont get why this is all happening. she should be promoting her new album thru TV guesting and mag covers.

  • VixenRose 01.13.2013

    i just don't get, why Christina refuses to promote aka eveng trying to save this album. Her career is dead and has been ever since Bionic came out. Sad but true. She just doesn't care. Many moms, in hollywood and in real world, work even they have more then one kid to support and Christina isn't even a single mom.

  • AllaneZ 01.07.2013

    World tour please

  • VixenRose 01.06.2013

    Lotus is a good album, but nothing special. And it's also easily forgotten. I usually remember all the song names of her albums really fast, but not this time. I love Let There Be Love, but it's just way too similar with Red Hot Kinda Love and Around The World, so basically same song is on this album three times, even LTBL is my favourite of those.

    Lotus is in no way in the same league with rest of her work. In my eyes, she has lost the drive for music and has become someone who used to have a brialliant career but is now just a reality coach.

  • ijamseeds 01.04.2013

    "rise up" is alos in the Intro

  • phantom11 01.03.2013

    You're not the only one who thinks that.

  • TitaXtina 01.03.2013

    Could Xtina latest tweet be the title of her possible tour this year "Rise Up"? I know it is from the lyrics of Army of Me but it is just a thought that came to mind.

  • candeetwo 01.03.2013
    OMG I agree!!
  • Xtina4ever 01.03.2013

    Though 'Lotus' lacks a bit of commercial success, it does not matter to me at all and I'm sure it doesn't bother X either. The album is awesome and am I the only one that thinks 'Light Up The Sky' is one of the best if not the best song on the album. It's gradually becoming one of my favorite Xtina songs. It's just so amazing and her vocals soar so flawlessly through that amazing chorus!

  • phantom11 01.02.2013

    Why isn't Your Body video available on I-Tunes?

  • ijamseeds 01.02.2013

    she didnt even had anything for new year's eve, like "a lotus extravaganza" to ring in 2013... and four months running, still no new video.

  • BionicFred 01.01.2013

    wheres the video for Just A Fool?

  • tracy75 12.20.2012

    I Am Sooooo Excited About Her Being Honored At PC Awards....Wonder What Song She'll Do???...Best Of Me Would Be Fitting ..Or Something Fun Like Red Hot Kinda Love...Im Sure We Will Hear About Tour Dates Soon!!!!

  • Stripped713 12.20.2012

    Yeah IKR?

    well at least she is performing at the peoples choice awards. I doubt it will do much to help her charts or sales but I am just happy watching her do her thang.

  • candeetwo 12.20.2012

    Christina has used the show, the radio has chosen not to play her music. Anyone else has their music played, not so in Christina's case. Go figure.

    When some don't immediately see a result they are used to seeing with other artists the notion is that she needs to do more, more, more, unless she is played it won't matter, but keep believing that's all it takes.

  • Stripped713 12.19.2012

    Whos agitated? I am asking you questions because I don't understand where you are getting your ideas from. Yes I agree 100% she is not promoting the album as much as she should be. But I was merely discussing your statement that she is not promoting it on the voice when frankly...its the only place she has promoted it really TBH.

  • TitaXtina 12.19.2012

    @ Stripped713. Ok, no need to get so agitated. But she is not doing any other shows. Albums are promoted when they come out, not 4 or 5 months later. That would not not make sense. People move on quick these days. Yes, she has not make any announcements about her return to the voice for Season 5 or ever.

  • Stripped713 12.19.2012

    Also I don't know what you mean due back for season 5. She has never officially given a statement as to when and if she is returning. All she and the producers have said is that she will always have an open chair for her.

  • Stripped713 12.19.2012

    How much advantage do you want her to take? She already performed 3 different songs from lotus on the show and previewed her music video and used the show to announce the release of hew CD as well. What more do you want? Do you want her to perform every show and plug her cd every chance she gets? That would not be fair to the contestants and she would get bad press because it would come across desperate as if she is making the show about herself. Do you see blake and adam and cee lo perform that many songs of their own in one season? No. she already was able to do more than enough for that particular platform. Now its time for her to move on and do some other shows.

  • TitaXtina 12.19.2012

    @Stripped713. You are right the show was not about her but why not use it to her advantage. That's why all these artists signed for this kind of show, to increase their exposure and promote their products. About the tour, I really hope it happened but in reality there is not much time left. She is due back at the Voice Season 5 sometime in September of 2013 which means the pre-recorded part starts a few months earlier. Putting a tour together takes lots of time too. Only time will tell. If not tour happen, I hope she starts working on a Spanish album which has been overdue for quite a long time.

  • krtoun 12.19.2012

    What's up with the second single? No video? No cd?

  • Stripped713 12.18.2012

    "She is not even promoting the album on the Voice"

    She has been promoting the album on the voice. In fact she has promoted it more there, than anywhere else. The Voice gave the first sneak peak of the YB video. She performed Make the World Move, Let there be Love and Just a Fool on the Voice, and Carson mentioned about the release of Lotus several times in Nov. The Voice is not about Christina Aguilera. Every show cannot revolve around Christina Aguilera. She does not even have any contestants left and even if she did...the show is about them and not her career. I am honestly thankful she was able to promote as much as she did on the show.

    As far as a tour...I have not heard anything mentioned yet but I take what Christina says at face value. She said the BREAK from the voice she planned on going back to touring. The voice season 3 has not ended yet. Also she was very clear that she wants to be ready before touring. Which means prepared and a well rehearsed and staged show. She does not want to rush into it. Give it some time. I highly doubt it would be ok with her Label to for the second album in a row, blow off a tour.

  • phantom11 12.18.2012

    Maybe she will, I guess we'll find out soon.

  • candeetwo 12.18.2012
  • TitaXtina 12.18.2012

    I think The Voice would have been the best platform to announce a tour as it has a huge wide audience that follows Blake, Cee-Loo and Adam.

  • krtoun 12.17.2012

    I think she will decide/announce after The voice ends...

  • TitaXtina 12.16.2012

    Has anyone hear anything about touring this album or doing small venues performances? I have not hear anything anywhere. She is not even promoting the album on the Voice. I actually saw one of her perfume ad during the Voice a few weeks ago but not the album. I thought the break from the Voice was to tour but the tour idea seems to be fading away more and more everyday. During Bionic she did promo in NYC, performed at Rockefeller Center and did VH1 special. With Lotus, very little promo or performances. I think that being the strong woman she is , at times, can make a person very stubborn to try different approach.

  • Xtine 12.13.2012

    I too love Shut Up just the way it is. In fact it is actually one of the songs on the record that i've listened to most frequently. Seriously addictive chorus and very different anti-bullying theme. Biggest mistake on Lotus: placing this song only on the deluxe version. I'm not that keep on Circles (which so many on here seems to love..?)Would gladly switch cirles to the deluxe version and keep shut up:)

  • Stripped713 12.11.2012

    Oh and now after reading some of the comments, I like the way shut up was recorded with the beeps. I am not sure if this will make any sense but sometimes more can be said without actually saying it. Its obvious as to what is being bleeped out so its very tongue in cheek and playful. Christina does not have to prove herself by actually using the F word in every song. We already know she can and will when she wants. I like that it was bleeped out in shut up. It just fits the song better.

  • Stripped713 12.11.2012

    Hey everyone! its been awhile since I have posted here. My schedule has been kinda hectic but I just wanted to say that I LOVE LOTUS! It is a very visual album and I love every song on it. My absolute favorite would have to be the Lotus intro. Its so ethereal, natural & mystic fused with hip hop beats and deep lyrics. Some of her best writing since stripped IMO. My other album favorites are Make the World Move, Shut up, Just a fool, Red Hot Kinda Love, Blank Page and Circles. Soon here I will order the YB fan edition box set. I have just been making sure I take care of everyone elses xmas gifts before treating myself to one lol.

  • TheRealJulie 12.08.2012
    I would be interested to hear what your ultimate fave song is on the album.
  • AllaneZ 12.06.2012

    Hmm, after I see the debut of Girl On Fire, the problem is not on RCA or Christina.
    US music industry nowadays so weir, put autotune above talents.

  • BlueRoseT2 12.06.2012

    LoL, well I hate that it was intentionally done that way. It's so annoying!

  • candeetwo 12.05.2012
    lol that was actually on purpose, those beeps were deliberately put there, she used the sound of the beeps as a coy musical instrument. lol 'Shut Up', I believe, was intended to sound like that on the record.
  • BlueRoseT2 12.05.2012

    Since I expressed my concern about Christina's future with RCA, I'd like to express another concern...

    Does it bother anyone else that "Shut Up" is edited on the explicit deluxe version? It's so annoying...what's the point of buying an explicit deluxe version if the song is just going to be edited?!

  • Epiclera 12.03.2012

    I think LOTUS is becoming my favorite Christina Aguilera album... and that's saying a lot, because all of her other studio albums are extremely excellent.

    There's something about this album.... Christina doesn't sound "pretty" in this album, she roars a lot... Christina is very care-free and also angry, introspective and nostalgic. This album is the epitome of a bad@ss pop album, Christina doesn't give a sh*t. At the end of the day, she will do what she wants, nothing more nothing less. It's that simple. Christina is not here to impress anyone except herself.
    That's all my interpretation of LOTUS.

    I'm not even upset by the lack of promo or tours or interviews and plane flights and whatnot. LOTUS remains great, lack of promo doesn't affect the actual music.

    LOTUS is a perfect pop album by a perfect vocalist.
    An album full of bad@ss dance songs and angry, scratchy, gritty, epic, GRANDIOSE singing.

    I LOVE this album too much. The lyrics, the emotion, the energy etc. I've played this album too much, and will continue to do so.

    I'm glad Christina did this. LOTUS. She can do what anybody else does but do it 37465786534756 times better, even though many people won't want to admit this fact.

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