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~The Voice~ TeamXtina

~The Voice~ TeamXtina

I can't wait until 2/5/2012. Not Because Super Bowl but because of THE VOICE. I'm So excited...... R U!

  • Summer 04.14.2015

    Kimberly, India and Rob slayed today!

  • ChristinaRocksMe 10.10.2013

    What do you all think of Christina's choice of Ed Sheerhan as her guest coach for Season 5? I thought it was a poor choice. Maybe she likes his music or likes him on a personal level, but he doesn't have much success thus far and hasn't been on the world stage very long. I think Christina tends to make off the wall choices with her guest coaches. The only one I remember really liking was Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. I really didn't like Jewel in Season 3.

    It seems that Blake tends to choose more experienced and attention-getting coaches, especially his choice for this season, Cher. I think she's a great choice. She may be past her prime, but she has a history of success since the 1960s and has had so many comebacks you can never count her out. Plus she has a great voice and vocal control - she's been performing beautifully since well before autotune turned everyone into a better singer.

    I also like Adam's choice of Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic. As a songwriter and performer he knows songs from the inside out and he's very creative and successful and has significant experience under his belt by now.

    What do you all think of Christina's choice of Ed Sheerhan? Who do you think would have best complemented Christina as her guest coach? What do you think of the guest coaches in general?


  • I Am Fighter 10.04.2013

    Woooop! Xtina is doing very well on The Voice currently Laughing out loud

  • TheRealJulie 04.23.2013
    I've been catching up again on last season's show. Not sure when the current one will be aired in the UK. Anyone know?
  • martin mystère 03.26.2013


  • ijamseeds 03.26.2013

    tweet her. not here.

  • martin mystère 03.26.2013

    if is it possible ,i'm very curious to know the opinion as a jugdge ,from christina ,for an old song of a singer that i know only for this song ,i didn't follow her for the rest of her career.this one was a great success ,and i really interested to know what is her judgement if this would be present at the voice . i'd like to know this about music ,lyrics, the message and the video. the song is unforgivable sinner and the singer is lene marlin. take this just like a funny thing not too much seriously .if will be possible this thanks in advance for the answer ,and anyway always good luck for the album

  • ijamseeds 12.03.2012

    xtina's strategies and mindset as a recording artist is very much reflected and demonstrated on The Voice. so it is really a very long shot if not impossible for team xtina to land its very first win.

  • candeetwo 12.02.2012

    I am not a fan of the show, but from what I have seen of it this season, it's as if she Christina had a fave from the start and come hell or high water that was her focus. She was doomed as soon as she started because of that, anybody that watched this season already knew Christina was gonna lose 6 singers ago. That's the tragedy.

    I think the pool of talent was different, not worse or better than last season's talent. The good singers somehow got boosted early for '"potentials", but the biggest difference was that Christina didn't seem to want someone with a VOICE, she seemed to be looking at the package because that boy she rested her entire season on was a pitiful representation of the VOICE.

  • xtinarox1113 12.01.2012

    I'm really upset Sylvia didn't make it through, Carson jinxed her!

  • Xtine 11.30.2012

    I didnt care much for xtina team this year compared to her team on the 2nd season which was the best ever and so diverse!!Many of them were like so good i'd buy their albums. have done so with chris mann, and would so with many of them. But i think the selection of singers are poorer this season on all the teams actually.

  • BlueRoseT2 11.28.2012

    Christina lost all three of her contestants in the first three weeks of live rounds. This marks her third time in a row finishing last...I don't know what to think or how to feel. It just seems like she can't get a break anywhere.

  • AllaneZ 11.24.2012

    I miss Adriana Louise tbh..
    She is my favorite Sad

  • ijamseeds 11.24.2012

    yes that's right. christina is just being christina. it even affects fans. let's have a toast on that one.

  • Xtina4ever 11.24.2012

    This is gonna be the first season I am not rooting for Team Xtina. I was rooting for Team Xtina up until Sylvia's departure. So disappointing...

  • candeetwo 11.21.2012
    As far as the voters keeping Dez, her best was already gone before the voters had much of a choice. It's like, what's to choose from? Her best was gone looong before voters got a chance. If he is still there at the end I will be shocked and not pleasantly so either. He should have been gone when he was in the ring with that girl, don't know names, but the girl blew his ass up but Xtina said she chose Dez even though he wasn't strong in that challenge because she believed in him. Or some such nonsense. If voters had been around then he would be long gone.
  • candeetwo 11.21.2012
    Me and my sister wanted to kick Carson's ass last night, he was so wrong on so many levels.
  • phantom11 11.21.2012

    You know I couldn't believe what Carson did last night with this girl. It's one thing to ask somebody how they would feel being sent home but to make them think they were saved before that, as I said on my Twitter that was dickish. It was like what? Was she the one who corrected him on his huge faux pas of caling Summer of 69 an American classic?

  • Nico10014 11.21.2012

    I agreed that she had better singers in her team than Dez. But for the last few weeks, it has been up to the viewers and the girls out there love him. They are the one keeping him around. Just like with music, the masses these days are more interested in frivolous acts than anyone with talent and substance.

  • candeetwo 11.21.2012
    I don't watch the Voice, but this season I have seen bits of 6 shows, for a total of maybe 40 minutes all together and I believe her best singers were sent away in favor of that boy Dez or whatever his name is. He has the weakest everything, he is so Nick or Disney kind of talented, which may be why Christina likes him. lol I'm surprised she has anybody left, it's like she threw away home run hitters for someone who bunts well.
  • MarBarr 11.21.2012

    Sad to see Sylvia go home!!! but Dez did a pretty good jod on his performance. Team Xtina is riding on his shoulders, and that worries me. She might be out of the competition next week. Man, what happened? Her team was so solid and now it pretty much evaporated. :'(

  • phantom11 11.15.2012

    You know you can be both attractive and a good singer as well and it would no different to say "you look good so you can't be here" as it would to say "you sound good, but you're not attractive so no" it's amounts to the same thing and there have been worse I mean he's not like Erin from last season but he's yeah he's advancing it seems like only becaue he's good. Even the guys are all doey-eyed about him. He's not terrible but I wouldn't say he's the total package.

  • Xtina4ever 11.15.2012

    @phantom11 EXACTLY! And it's kinda bugging me that X keeps on saying that he's the "whole package." What is the whole package, really? The whole package to me is the VOICE. I don't care what package that voice comes out of as long as it's beautiful and Dez does not have a very good voice. I love X but she needs to open her eyes (or ears) and really listen to the beauty coming out of Sylvia. Like c'mon was I the only one that cried during her 'The One That Got Away' performance? Did X not get blown away by Sylvia's 'My Heart Will Go On' performance? X barely gives her a thumbs up but with Dez she's like in complete awe.

  • ijamseeds 11.15.2012

    mtwm is a promotional single

  • phantom11 11.14.2012

    Yeah and that really contradicts the whole idea of the Voice.

  • Xtina4ever 11.14.2012

    Am I the only one who cannot stand Dez?? I feel that he's only coasting on by because of his looks. Yeah I get it. He's very handsome but the show is called The Voice and I just wish people would vote on the talent not the looks. Idk what Christina hears in him to love him so much. Sylvia is the one with the true talent. She's the only reason why I'm still #Team Xtina

  • AllaneZ 11.14.2012

    MTWM is a song about celebration.. Xtina herself said via twitter only to celebrate the release of the album.. Just A Fool will be performed too..
    Besides, AMAs this Friday and she will get the huge promo.

  • James 11.14.2012

    I didn't like it. She should have done Your Body then Just a Fool with Blake. And I hate saying this but I didn't like what she wore. Why couldn't she just do a natural look like in the picture of her holding a Lotus on the homepage and iTunes?

  • AllaneZ 11.14.2012

    I lover her 'Make The World Move' performance while some 'fans' hating on it and says her career is over. I just can't....

  • MarBarr 09.26.2012

    I am loving her team so far!

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 09.24.2012

    Here's a video of what's coming up on tonight's episode of The Voice:
    <a href=";feature=player_embedded" title=";feature=player_embedded">;feature=player_embedded</a>

  • MarBarr 09.22.2012

    Good points guys. Thanks, its just i actually heard it in person too the whole "Christina isnt going to be on so im going to watch it next season" then again haters say she is a waste of their time yet they take their time to assess her. i dont like nay sayers.

  • VanityLuv 09.19.2012

    I'm so sad to hear that Xtina is not going to be on season 4 of The Voice but I'm going to joy watch her on this season..

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 09.19.2012

    Mark Burnett said Christina has The Voice chair for life, so I'm not worried at all.

  • xtinarox1113 09.19.2012

    Christina and Shakira absolutely need to collaborate!!! They are one of my dream collaborations!

  • ijamseeds 09.19.2012

    its funny, i had shakira run thru my mind before on who else aside3 from xtina is qualified. her voice is very distinct as well. and xtina loves her!

  • candeetwo 09.19.2012
    it's not just Christina gone it's Ceelo too, the producers of the show has made it clear that they will be back, it's not a matter of ratings, it's a matter of schedules, period. they are all a team together no matter what the ratings. the people who say they won't watch with her on there are not watching it anyway, imo they say that to be mean. I think if they get high ratings it will be because of USHER, so from that perspective Ceelo would have to worry. lol In reality I don't think anyone has to worry since the concept of the show is what makes it stand out, not just one person and adding USHER and Shakira makes them stronger, not threatened.
  • MarBarr 09.19.2012

    Sad that Xtina wont be in season four. yet im happy she will be doing what she does best, which is being herself and singing. Im kind of nervous of having Shakira as a coach on the voice because of the people that hate on Xtina. Many say they will watch the show if she is gone so if the voice gets higher ratings with Shakira and Usher will Xtina be able to come back. My friend and some family members say i should audition some day, and if i did and had chairs turn Christina would be my choice. I dont have experience singing in front of people so maybe i will wait till season five if christina is there, and if i have the courage to even audition. :/

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 09.15.2012

    It's better than nothing. And maybe we'll be told when we can see the full video!!

  • AllaneZ 09.14.2012

    Only snippet of the video.

  • Xtine 09.13.2012

    Your body video clip will premiere on the voice on monday!

  • writer_4_life 09.12.2012

    Lovin' this show so far! Love most of the singers on each team. Go, Team Blake and Team XTINA!

  • MarBarr 09.12.2012

    Loving the show! Best season so yet!!!

  • VanityLuv 09.10.2012

    The voice was crazy tonight ...! So far .. Xtina, Blake, Adam,and cee lo has great singers on their teams.. Can't wait for tomorrow and Wednesday night show ....


  • ijamseeds 09.07.2012

    live performance. but of course it was pre-taped.

  • MarBarr 09.07.2012

    Three more days!!!

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 09.06.2012

    I am almost positive that it's a performance Smile

  • Xtine 09.06.2012

    The "your body" premiere on the voice , is it going to be a stage-performance as i think it is, or a showing of her music vid? anyone know for sure?

  • TheRealJulie 09.01.2012
    Looking forward to Season 3.
  • MarBarr 08.23.2012

    oh, yeah. you got me there.

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