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What songs for Bionic were recorded after Burlesque?

What songs for Bionic were recorded after Burlesque?

Not Myself Tonight obviously.
But do we know what other songs were recorded after filming the movie?
And I'm really interested if Stronger Than Ever was recorded before or after the movie. It's such a sad song and it does make me think about how things were in "casa de Aguilera" at the time.

  • candee2 02.25.2012

    boy I miss the old site where we had that list, something told me to copy that thread, ugh.

  • Xtine 02.24.2012

    In know glam was before the movie. reason why i listed up those songs that i am quite sure she did before the film , is simply because then we can take those off the list over after-film songs... i didnt think it was rocket-science to figure that tactic out...i believe its called the tactic of elimination.

  • candee2 02.20.2012

    Glam was before Burlesque, the only recording she did during was for the movie itself. She was a big part of not only all of the music for the Burlesque album, she also helped with all of the music for the movie. She wore 2 hats, basically, and once Burlesque started she was totally focused on Burlesque.

  • Stripped713 02.20.2012

    Well she had her own studio in her home so thats something none of us can ever know for sure. But one thing is for sure and glam was not recorded after burlesque.

  • VixenRose 02.20.2012

    I don't think she recorded during Burlesque, 'cause her schedule. And she had Max and Jordan too, and then she mixed Matt there too. She can't see had to time for recording during filming.

  • Stripped713 02.20.2012

    No glam was recorded before or during the movie. the fact that it was first considered as a single only solidifies that. The person is asking about songs recorded AFTER burlesque. not before/during.

  • Xtine 02.20.2012

    I cannot be completely sure, but i Think you can add Glam to the list of before-burlesque-songs. coz i think i read somewhere that it was going to be the first single, then obviously she changed her mind after recording NMT.

    I also think all the Ladytron, Sia, M.I.A and the unreleased Goldfrapp works was done prior, because she talked alot about these artists before burlesque. To me it seems like the more mainstream styles songs like Not myself tonight and woohoo came later on, after the film. (although i like those songs, id wish she'd release the album before the film- as the electronical style changed alot and became more mainstream. but thats just me )

  • VixenRose 02.11.2012

    thank you candee2 for answering! I was hoping you would answer this.

  • candee2 02.09.2012

    I believe it was woohoo, woohoo and not myself tonight were the 2 last songs recorded.

    I believe the story on Stronger Than Ever was that, Sia had begun to write something that Christina heard or read and she loved it, they finished it together, Sia, Christina, and Sam. This song was not one of the original 3, but it was done and recorded before Burlesque.

    My memory is slippery, but I do believe the record was all done until she got excited about those songs and had to record them. Sia songs were done, they had moved onto other projects when Christina invited her to write for Burlesque too. If I'm not mistaken, Sia was back home in her own country, working on her own stuff, when she was asked to do a song for Burlesque. I kind of remember her talking about working with her again for a movie, the interviewer was treating her as if she was buddy buddy with Christina and talked to her everyday. lmao Sia was like, 'well we aren't that close it's just a song for a movie." Something to that affect. lmao Sia cracks my side.

    Again, my memory slips sometimes. It's funny, all of this info was on the old website. We had a thread was like Bionic book written of every detail going down, including the songs that were being recorded, when, with who, where. Valuable info lost.

  • Chris_jc_xa 02.09.2012

    I think Sia had said 5 songs were recorded for Bionic and only three made the cut. The three are obviously All I Need, I am and You Lost Me, so I guess the other two are Stronger than ever and Bound to you, both recorded before Burlesque was filmed? Might be totally wrong though...

  • VixenRose 02.09.2012

    I'm curious and bored.

  • ijamseeds 02.09.2012

    why you wanna know

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