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Umm Hi!

Umm Hi!

So I think tommorow is going to be the last day of my vacation with HERB,

So I would like to take a quick minute to thank all my sponsors...before I go SMOKE with HERB. First and formost your welcome to whomever it may concern. Thank my bike, I refer to you as my wife whom I have been neglecting for the past six years, for that I am sorry. Thank my 4 stage RO/DI unit for providing me with the best thing money can't buy. THANK my coffee sponsers, caffe d art E for hooking me up with Free coffee when my ssi cash isn't enough to make it through the month. thank the pet store, Midway Tropical Fish for hooking me up with not only the means to get the sexiest thing on the planet, but allowing me to learn how to take care of you too. i guess i need to THANK HERB TOO, for giving me the time to LIFT MY spirits in REFLECTION, I even gave him 20 singles. Thank rollies, I THINK. I mean I don't LIKE SMOKING. THANKS veggies, alBertson's pre packaged sammwITHES, DUH YOUR HEALTHY NOW! Thank vitamin water (I'm enhanced), for allowing me to achieve super sexy mode with my wife, OVER NIGHT. Thank all the workers, who actualy listen to this bum direct, I voulenteer my time at a pet store, a green eco company, espresso stand, ride for REDLINE, MODEL hats FOR a BUD, A fledgling Aquarium matinence guru.....soon to be famous, with me. I did it for free.

Thank My fishing pole, It fed several people. thank the river, COLD current water = HOT calorie burn. Thank the pavment, everyday, for letting me live just one day longer with my wife.

Just sum it all up and thank the outdoors, THE REAL HERO RIGHT HERE, yeah I'm a little c***y.

Most importantly Thank Hope, for giving the best gift you will ever recieve.

This fishermans diet Has been brought to you by.

John Paul.... from church street, and Hope.

it's my birthday today.....what Holiday is it in the world today?

Happy late birthday ME.

Don't you just love yourself now.

You ever need to get ahold of me SEND HERB. Or do the unthinkable.....and actually like talk.

I'll be around

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