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"Growing up..."

"Growing up..."

Oh dear children, juveniles,
who you head for adult miles,
and think you cannot wait for 'glee'
that comes with "adult liberty",
enjoy your time, please try await it:
Adult life is overrated...

You mope at Mom when she asks that
you clean your room -- try clean a flat!
Your pocket dough burned in a flash,
so now you'd like you Mommy's cash?
Beware.. she'd tell you: "Done, it's deal,
if off this stash you will still peel
the little lump sums, monthly load,
that keep our family afloat"...

Income tax, insurance, fees,
rent and gas, them groceries,
clothing, doc, and home appliance:
to best of pay they're hard defiance...

And, while counting, please do heed
that this list is incomplete;
you'll never know what might befall
your cash flow, once you pay it all...

Oh, well, yes, that staying up
till your party does do stop;
not for long you'll launch at six
if your sleep was naught & 'nix'...

Lastly, the "hot" theme of mating:
'cause it's truth what I am stating,
I can't give advice at all;
you may fly, or you may fall...

...Good Luck! Smile

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