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Concealed Nakedness

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This is a surreal/fantasy drawing I did without any reference. I felt christina's stripped era inspired me to create this artwork, Though in the beginning I wasn't concious about it. Smile

Poem I've written:
She was a naive being
Always carried the innocent thought
That life was always filled with vibrance and beauty
Positive feelings was all she knew

Then one day darkness and gloom rained on her
Just like how positive and negative always come together
Hurt and pain trickled through her veins
All the fears not worth her tears

Emotional roots tangle and suffocate
She sunk deep into the emotions
Scanning down to the very depth
Where she found a heaven that her beauty truely lies

She danced and swirled in the moods of darkness
Ignoring the childish spirits of others
Even when they grasp every means to taunt and slash at her
Once again the positive in her arises
Enjoying the fruits of Concealed Nakedness

General Meaning Of The Drawing:
everyone has been hurt by others, including myself. everyday we tend to think and we look at our inner selves. even so, we are self-concious on how people might look at us from the outside like judging a book by its cover.

the significance of the hair represents a problem ( an example of many problems we face daily ), a trouble, a complication thus its tied into a knot. black and white represents good and evil. i believe there is nothing in between good and evil such as half good. it attracts like how positive with negative like magnetic forces. the white hair is generally neater and pure, while the black as you can see is rather disoriented and messier than the white hair. Finally the black and white seperates, a problem, a trouble's resolved.

the background represents a lonely gloom, like clouds rotating like a giant whirl of mood she sunk herself into. its how i visualize a surreal form of how we look at ourselves from within.


Pencils: 2b, 6b
this drawing is done with no reference
Size: A4
done probably around 11hrs

Posted by ATAL

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  • Quintoia 08.02.2010

    WOW WOW WOW! Your poem speaks to me! You are an amazing talent. Keep on inspiring. Smile Wink By the way, I love how the colors of her hair contrast so beautifully in your drawing.

  • abbella 06.12.2010

    very beauitiful.. felt like a good cry

  • ATAL 05.26.2010

    thank you!

  • KekiFace 05.25.2010

    I love it!

  • ATAL 05.25.2010

    thank you! =))

  • Savage 05.24.2010

    I really like it, her hair and lips <3

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