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Your Body

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  • soroushhb 04.13.2015

    you are the best

  • soroushhb 04.13.2015

    i love "your body"

  • Xtinasboytoy 03.27.2015

    With no question Christina you are the sexiest most beautiful and talented woman who has ever graced this Earth.
    I Luv You. Smile

  • AngeliqueM 02.27.2015

    Love your voice

  • EranusErhardt 02.25.2015

    Belle voix Smile

  • EranusErhardt 02.25.2015

    Beautiful voice Wink

  • EranusErhardt 02.25.2015


  • Gentleman01 02.24.2015

    Awesome album u rock better than any other singer fantastic super

  • whatthehell58 10.02.2014

    you're hot

  • mama026 09.21.2014

    * you're

  • mama026 09.21.2014

    I love this song, your my favourite artist Xtina Smile

  • Oumar fcoulibaly 08.23.2014

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  • jono pezz 07.20.2014

    You absolutely melt me Christina, you always have. Keep makin great music and you have my heart always

  • best song..

  • xxxxtina 05.31.2014

    lengendtina!!!!come to china pls.爱你

  • rickw1010 03.24.2014

    I can't play you"YOU BODY" IT can't plug in!

  • rickw1010 03.15.2014

    I love the song and Video "YOUR' BODY" I also like U'r face U'r hair U'r Breast Legs Voice everthing! Rick England

  • Your Body is just... FLAWLESS !

  • Ianomani 02.14.2014

    Eu amo essa musica muito, sempre amarei Xtina eternamente <3

  • rickw1010 02.13.2014

    I love your'e video it Christina is very beautiful and sexy Rick England

  • Es una lastima que Lotus solo contara con un solo single Sad

  • randyj 12.26.2013

    your great

  • i love this sing so much!!!!!!!!!!!!.i love Christina so much....TE AMO SIEMPRE♥ ♥ ♥

  • christina derrocha su sensualidad en su video "Your Body", luce esplendida...
    Para mi uno de sus mejores videos

  • Agus_Ayeleen 12.07.2013

    Amo tu musica!

  • gabino 11.27.2013

    is good musi ilove

  • Beautiful Doll 11.24.2013


  • maratrem 11.20.2013

    i love it!! really good song, good video.... you look beautiful and i love your new album!!

  • karenviejom 11.07.2013

    I love you christina you are the best i will never forget you ♥ *-*

  • bella nabila 11.07.2013

    i realy realy like you xtina aguilera love you

  • XtinaFan001 10.27.2013

    I love you, you are true inspiration!

  • Robbo 10.21.2013

    hi christina im craig from australia you are so beautiful

  • "your body" is a good song ,but let there be love is much better.

  • bang 09.12.2013

    please come to south africa we love u as well

  • Dimiga 09.09.2013


  • Tony A'bed 09.06.2013

    love you christina aguilera and this song makes me so lovely i hear all the songs <3

  • Jaarrred 08.29.2013

    Holy Sheikh King Jared Dean Jay of Iraq, Portagul and Guam. I ask of your travel time and settlements of reflection, I'm old and need only one huss. Recently in seperation to the United States I plan a relocate soon. Would you fare to comply with my wishes?

  • Katie_cardin 08.28.2013

    I play this song on repeat everyday. I love you so much! I listen to your music as often as I can! You have helped me through so much! Thanks for being there for us! It means so much. Thank you and we all will support you no matter what! Love you!!

  • The Lotus 07.31.2013

    I will always be a Fighter... luffs you Xtina! Never stop!

  • luismiguel 07.22.2013

    Ninguém mais poderia ser essa pessoa, tão especial tão meiga tão cativante tão doce tão carinhosa tão encantadora tão fascinante tão apaixonante como você é para mim. beijos Louis .... O Max?!

  • Beatriz Araujo 06.30.2013

    Your voice is amazing, and you are so so beautiful...I LOVE YOU!! xoxo XTINA

  • DEABASTET 06.28.2013


  • rudy ahmed 06.25.2013

    I love it so much it's beautiful and I love you Christina artist

  • francois 06.05.2013

    Christina : j'adore les deux dernieres videos que tu as faites : celle ci, et celle avec Pitbull " Feel This Moment " ; c'est un regal ..!Continue comme ça pour notre plus grande joie . Merci Christina ...! love & hugs ...! Francois <3 <3 <3

  • rman80 05.30.2013

    xtina you are my sweet dream.
    I want Spend a night with you.

  • stegpam 05.22.2013

    your music inspire people like me.I join in praying for you so that we can get the best of your music.

  • zeldaxtina64 05.13.2013

    omg i cried when i saw your music video on tv, if you ever come to the uk again i will be so happy! you have helped me get threw a lot of stuff that has been happening at the moment, you are my role model Christina please come to the uk i love you so much omg im crying now omg i love you Christina xxx

  • srxtinafan 04.28.2013

    It should be against the law to have all that sexy in one body!!!!!!

  • Rehab Benani 04.20.2013

    Christina Aguilera I love You

  • mina adel 04.02.2013

    Christina Aguilera
    i love u

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